Profit Canvas Review and Bonus


Profit Canvas Logoproduct: Profit Canvas
kind: Software + Training
price: 47.00 USD
Creator: Brett Rutecky

Profit Canvas is a super deal package of 4 software tools and a video training course covering all the steps and tools you need to become a successful affiliate marketer and / or product seller. Software tools include a drag and drop page builder to easily create any marketing or landing page, video software to monetize YouTube videos with call-to-actions and lead generation forms, webinar presentation software with Google Hangouts, and a pop-up Software that you can place on any URL you want. Must see package.

The ultimate package for Internet marketers

Profit canvas review and bonus

What is Profit Canvas?

Profit Canvas is a package of 4 software tools and a video training course that covers all of the steps and tools you need to become a successful affiliate marketer and / or product seller.

Background information about this product and the developers

This bundle is sold and created by 2 very successful affiliate marketers. Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas (Mike from Maine) who publish daily reviews of new products on the IM market (as I do with this blog).

Both earn decent income and can live from their review sites and their partner's income, but they also create and launch products themselves.

Brett has a background in development and Mike started as an affiliate marketer by interviewing product developers on a daily basis and sharing his opinion on new products. Mike has also recently done some great product launches as an Affiliate Marketing Manager (ie He's trying to attract as many affiliates for new product launches).

So you know what works in the IM market world (and what they sell!).

This time they created a new package of some of Brett's existing products, added some additional features and combined them into a super bundle profit canvas.

If you have already bought Brett as products SqueezeMatic or Board's circleYou recognize elements in this new bundle.

However, now you have the option to purchase 4 software tools at a price lower than what you would otherwise have to pay for just one tool!

What software tools do you get?

4 software tools:

  1. Page Builder software to easily create any desired marketing or landing page.
  2. Video software to monetize YouTube videos with call-to-action and lead generation forms.
  3. Webinar presentation software Using Google Hangouts.
  4. Popup software for use on any URL.

Page Builder features and appearance are similar to those of SqueezeMatic. So read my review here to get an idea of ​​the appearance of this page creator. (You don't need a website or hosting, you can use the pages hosted by Profit Canvas for free!)

The popup software is really cool. You can easily create great popups that you can place on your own pages or display on other URLs that you don't control via shared links. Therefore, you can take advantage of the power of authority websites and display your own popups on these pages via your outgoing links.

Both Page Builder (75) and Popup Builder (25) come with great templates, but you can create your page / popup from scratch.

The video software is an updated version of SociVids (taken off the market). I like the fact that you can create your list and integrate it into all major autoresponders. However, this is not necessary as the software also saves the login emails in a CSV file.

(Unfortunately I did not test the webinar presentation software this time.)

But that's not all. You also get a detailed video training.

Some topics you will learn:

  • How to start and become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • How to start your (first) product and get the best results.
  • How to create your email list for dirty cheap costs and monetize your list in the right way.
  • Use of all software tools.
  • Inside view of successful launches and campaigns.

This re-training is even better than Brett's previous product Board's circle (Which he sells for $ 97.00, but you can buy it from me (I have resale rights) for $ 44.00).

Therefore, training alone is worth more than the total price that Brett and Mike demand for Profit Canvas.

Are there any defects?

It is a package deal. You may already have a page or pop-up generator or you may not need the webinar software. Or you just want the software and not the training.

Maybe you find it stupid to buy something that I do not want / need. But here's the thing …

The price of this bundle is so cheap that you are likely to pay the same or even a higher amount elsewhere if you buy only one item as a standalone product.

The software tools have the same user interface (Brett's specific no-nonsense interface) and are delivered with clear and easy-to-understand learning videos. I have not found any bugs.

(Perhaps, if you read his reviews, you know that Brett is very fond of software bugs and hates programs that don't work.)

Brett also does his own support and always answers your questions.

Why should you buy Profit Canvas?

Because you get 4 great software tools that every internet marketer along with what is probably one of the best no-nonsense video training series is needed to (finally) succeed as an affiliate marketer and / or product seller (if you own your own products want to market) and use partners to promote your product).

This isn't a cheap $ 7.00 traffic guide from people who don't know what they're talking about. No, the software is proven to work and the vendors / developers are successful themselves.

This package is perfect for any internet marketer who wants to be successful and wants to get the tools and training from experts for a ridiculously low price.


You can buy this Profit Canvas Pro Version for $ 46.95.

The package contains all the functions described above for a one-time payment. No monthly fees.

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsells and OTOs

There are no upsells.

My Profit Canvas Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link, I'll give you 2 previous additional products from Brett: Click Back Rewards and Mobile Optimize Pro, (Note that this is not an unexpected standard bonus, but a bonus that you only get when you buy through my affiliate link.)

And I will give you 70 bonus points which you can change for great WP plugins, courses, and other information products Choose your bonus,

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