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So I am in the email list of this guy called Devon Brown and he send me some emails that I checked out and saw about this thing called 12-minutes affiliates.

After signing up I decided I should share about what I found inside this 12 minutes affiliate system.

It costs only 9.95USD to start and anyone can just start without excuses like no money.

Devon is a very funny and lovable character, talks fast and his presentation to me appears to be full of hype. Ofcourse, since he is a highly sought after Emcee for Anthony Robbins and other big celebrities.

So, what is 12 minutes system and how does it work?

This is a simple system if you :

  • Want to make money online
  • Would like daily commissions
  • Are not that tech-savvy
  • A company creates sales funnels and does all the writing for youvideo: 12-minute affiliate

The System Is Stupidly Simple

Devon Brown claims the system is for people who have no clue how to make money online and are struggling to make it. He claims the system is “as easy as everyone else has promised you it would be.”

I'm pretty technical when it comes to computer and internet and I can tell you the material he teaches, I can throw it at my mother and it will work for her, yes, his system is THAT stupidly simple.

Brown generated over $115,000 in commissions for one program in less than six months.

You'll need to join JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, or Clickbank to access all products. He suggests you start with just one affiliate network. Clickbank gives almost instant approval for products and has more products in more niches available than other networks.

With Brown’s technique, you never have to buy traffic and send a product offer directly. Instead, send traffic to an opt-in page, where you will collect their email address.

He makes the point that research shows that a customer has to see an offer around seven times before he will be interested in buying. Therefore, he’s set up an autoresponder system that will allow you to send messages offering different products in the same niche.

He says that if you get someone excited about the product’s benefits, they will then buy. Brown uses the bridge pages to “butter them up,” getting them excited about what is on the next page. To move the client forward, you can send out professionally-written follow-up messages.Checklist of items needed

Here is the 12-minute method:

  1. Find products you want to promote
  2. Enter links
  3. Add “done for you” traffic based on your budget

The three niches he uses are weight loss, personal development, and making money online, these are competitive niches but also means more money to be made.

The system has pre-selected products for you. Traffic is automated. You order how much traffic you need, depending on how much you want to pay. (You never learn what the charges are for his “done for you” traffic. Also, you have to pay a monthly fee for the autoresponder, but he doesn’t say how much

You receive fully-done sale funnels, depending on your niche. You will have access to the Funnel Wizard, which allows you to create on-demand custom affiliate funnels.

You can join his private Facebook group where you can access other members and get your questions asked.

It’s An Easy Start-Up

I watched a promo video on the website and a long “webinar” video. In these videos, I’m promised that the system will automatically promote your affiliate links for months on autopilot. You are given all the hard pieces of the setup so you won’t have to do them yourself.

You get predesigned pages complete with opt-in forms. You just drive traffic to the lead capture page.3 steps to take in business

In order to get started, you have to do three things

  1. Personalize the system (Add your links; set up email responder and other aspects of the sales funnel.
  2. Add done-for-you traffic
  3. Keep your affiliate commissions

It’s just $9.95 for the first 14 days. Then you pay $47 to $97 per month, depending on the number of niches you take, or $397 to $797 for lifetime membership.

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What Do I Think Of This System?


  • It is definitely a legitimate affiliate marketing model
  • Tools are offered to make the task easier; can be set up quickly
  • Facebook group for support
  • Low cost for just first 14 days
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Misleading: Hard to determine the exact price since quite a few upsells as you dive in
  • There is no ongoing training
  • Some of his upsells are costly
  • There are extra costs, such as traffic
  • There is no guarantee that paid traffic will be people interested in your niche
  • No tech support

I give this app a rating of 3 out of 5

My Opinion:

I am sorry, but when a presenter sounds like a carnival barker, I am immediately mistrustful. Why all the hype if this is a legitimate offer? Also, I do not like the idea that you start out not knowing what you are doing, and you never learn what you are doing. You're practically spoonfed and just follow an automated system and likely never learn anything.

What happens if something stops working because of a technical problem? Who will fix it? How long will you wait before it is fixed?

List of company upsells
Upsells for company

It is hard to tell the exact cost of this system. You have a monthly fee. You have upsells. You have paid traffic. You have the autoresponder. If you decide to add any extra advertising to try to improve your traffic, that will cost you. I think the hidden costs in this program are what really bother me.

Yes, you can save time, but will you make money in doing so? For one thing, I would not want to sell products that were unfamiliar to me like weight loss because I'm completely clueless in these areas. If I am going to sell something, I want to know as much as I can about what I am selling.

It might work, but then again, it might not. I toyed with the idea of paying the $9.95 to see what I could do in two weeks. All in all, I think there are too many unanswered questions for me to wish to join.

I am the type of person that likes to have some sort of control over the way I make my living. I want to know how my choice of earning works. I love the idea of building my own website like this from scratch, learning the whole process from experts, selecting my own niche and products. Though some people don’t like to write, I love that part, too, so perhaps I’m lucky there.

If you are like me and like to understand what you are doing, and not completely spoonfed; if you enjoy learning something new; if you want to try to build a structure that will last you for a lifetime, check out the choice I made by clicking this link to check out Wealthy Affiliate, in my humble opinion the best affiliate support group.

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