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New version logo smallproduct: Recast
kind: Cloud-based software
price: 37.00 USD
Creator: Sam Bakker & Rohit Shah
Easily add video captions or natural voice-over effects in ANY language to your videos in one click (colorful and customizable). With a simple upload function to publish your video on YouTube or Facebook and option to resize your video and add colored borders to your video with your CTAs. Huge Conversion Booster that every video marketer really needs.

Add video subtitles and / or voice-over in any language to all your videos

Review and bonus recomposed

new version is a web based software that lets you easily Add subtitles and voiceovers in any language to your videos for your video advertising and (social media) marketing campaigns.

The app allows you Automatically generate subtitles with an accuracy of over 90% Simply select / upload your video wherever you can Preview and edit each subtitle sequentially and choose if you want to display it word by word or line for line (with one or two lines) and choose your favorite font (type, color, size, color) and background color.

As you edit / design subtitles, you can resize your video and add 1 or 2 borders of any color you want to your video. Then paste your text within these margins for even more attention.

Plus you can Add your own watermark and choose from 10 subtitle templates to give your video its own style.

As audio you can only use the audio recorded in the video, but you can also use that Voice Generator,

This feature allows you to take advantage of it Amazon Polly, a text-to-speech service in 47 voices and 24 languages.

Now you can convert and translate your (English) videos Talk to natural-sounding human voices and accents with clients in their own language,

Via the app you can upload your optimized videos to YouTube or Facebook, export the video to Vidello or send the download link by e-mail.

How does Recastly work?

Just follow these simple 5 steps …

Recastly Steps

  1. Choose your video source, Enter either your YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo URL. Or upload your video from your computer. And choose your subtitle source and target languages. Click "Save & Next Step" and the application will automatically generate the video subtitles for you (in the target language).
  2. Edit your subtitles, You can preview the video per timestamp and see how the subtitles are displayed. If you are not satisfied, change the text line by line as needed and select the desired fonts (size, color, B / I / U).
  3. Design the styling of your subtitles and the video environment, Choose one of the 12 styling templates. Or choose your own font settings (type, size, color, B / I / U) and background and opacity settings. In this step, you can also add a watermark, resize your video, and insert 1 or 2 margins around your video in any color and paste your text within those margins.
  4. Add a voicover with the Voice Generator, Just select your Polly Text To Speech language model and adjust pitch, volume and speed.
  5. Export your video, When you're done editing / optimizing, you can export your new video and either:

    • Upload a video to YouTube.
    • Upload Videos to Facebook (Personal Page, Fanpage, Group you Manage)
    • Receive an e-mail with your download link.
    • Export to Vidello.

Watch this full demo video …

What makes Recastly so special?

As far as I know, Recastly is the first video subtitle creator app that combines all these amazing features in one application.

Are there alternatives?

Although you can add subtitles to YouTube videos, YouTube's features are not great compared to Recastly.

Recastly has a much higher accuracy to punctually display the words (or lines).

In addition, it is very easy to customize a single timestamp (word by word) and to use / select the desired font and color styling settings. And then Highlight the subtitles in the video,

In short, Recastly outperforms the built-in YouTube subtitle features and is much easier, more flexible, faster and more accurate.

The YouTube subtitles can only be used on YouTube itself. Or you may need to download the subtitle file and upload it along with your main video, for example: on Facebook. This results in a less smooth video / audio integration.

Of course you want your videos to be subtitled on social media, and Facebook in particular, where over 80% of users have muted the sound by default.

And with the text bars above / below the video you can attract more attention.

With Recastly you get optimized videos that you can use anywhere.

Are there any defects?

First, there are some limitations to the main front-end product Recastly Premium.

If you buy only the main front-end, your video will get the recastly branding, which means H. A short line added as a subtitle at the end of the video and reads: "Subtitles Created by"

Also, do not upload videos longer than 10 minutes.

Also, your newly rendered videos will be HQ, but not in the highest 4K resolution.

The only way to eliminate these 3 limitations is to purchase the Pro Version Upgrade (see below).

Because it's a cloud-based solution, the video's rendering time also depends on the overall utilization of the provider's hosting capacity and the number of active users at the time of rendering.

During my test, rendering stopped quickly, but I do not know how the app works for many users.

Nevertheless, Sam Bakker has launched many SaaS applications and knows what he is doing. So in the long term I do not expect any real problems (maybe occasionally and temporarily hiccups at the beginning, as I expect many people to use this offer).

After all, you have a lot of options regarding polly voices in the languages ​​and the M / F accents, but you will always hear that these are computer voices.

Also note that there are 4 separate (sequential) automated actions:

  1. Talk to text in the original language.
  2. (Optional) Text translation from the original language to a new language.
  3. Showing text at the right time of speech in the video.
  4. (Optional) Voice-over of text in original language or in translated language.

Of course the software is not perfect. Therefore, the software will make some "mistakes" each step.

For example, in step 1, the app may not hear the voice properly, or it may not find the right words, and instead use a "sound-like" word. (Note: you can customize / edit the text)

In step 2, the translation may fail due to the context or the different meaning of words. (Again you can adapt / edit the text afterwards)

In step 3, a text in translated language (by definition) has a different length than in the original language. Therefore, the appearance of show sentences / lines or words may be somewhat less smooth. (Note: You can adjust the pitch and speak levels.)

If in step 4 the words in the previous steps were wrong (and you did not edit them), the spoken sentence has less meaning (or is complete nonsense).

So do not expect each step to be 100% accurate. The more steps you perform, the less accurate the result (without manual editing). Overall, however, Recastly uses the best translation (Google) and text-to-speech (Amazon) features currently available on the market.

Why should you buy Recastly?

Because it's the only application I know with these amazing features.

Not only does it allow you to add video subtitles and natural voice-over in ANY language with a click of a button to your videos. You can also tag your video in color with your CTAs and upload to YouTube or Facebook with just one click. That's why Recastly is a huge conversion booster that every video marketer really needs.

I really like this app.

And if you buy the Agency license, you can sell high-definition subtitles videos to your local customers or anyone interested in eye-catching captions. Or you can grant access to the application as your own service!

Probably the best agency license I have seen in recent years!


For a limited time, you can access the Internet Recastly Premium for a price of $ 37.00.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

Redesigned upsells

The first upsell is the possibility of an upgrade to Recastly Pro ($ 27.00 per month or $ 97.00 per year).

Pro offers all the premium features as well as the ability to upload videos that last longer than 10 minutes, 5 additional templates per month, disable the recastly branding and export videos in resolution (including 4KB) and much more …

As a second sale you can get Agency recast ($ 197.00), which allows you to create recastly accounts under your agency. Agency users can also upload their own logo and use their own domain name to sell Recastly and retain 100% of the profits.

As the third and last upselling, you get that Really Video Player ($ 27.00 per month or $ 97.00 per year). This is a video player that is not required to view your recastly videos. Check out the features on the sales page and see for yourself if you can use this player.

My recastly bonus

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