Reevio Video Maker 2.0 Review and Bonus


Logo of reevio video maker 2.0product: Reevio Video Maker 2.0
kind: Cloud-based software
price: $ 67.00- $ 97.00
Creator: Don Maynard
Easily create short, exciting, and high-converting videos and video ads for social media and promotional purposes. Just pick your video from more than 100 templates. You can choose from logos, promos, movement text, live mockups, slideshows, whiteboard or explanation scenes. Create / rearrange your scene to your liking, add text, video, image (s) / logo, audio track, and click Render.

Produce high-converting, traffic-generating videos or video ads in minutes

Reevio Video Creator 2.0 review and bonus

Update: Reevio is waiting with a new version,

The links on this page lead to the main homepage of Reevio, where you can sign up for the waiting list.

In addition, the links on this page are no longer affiliate links. Therefore, I can not offer you any bonuses.

Reevio Video Maker 2.0 is a web based software that lets you easily create and convert short, eye-catching videos for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

It comes with a huge media library of video elements with over 100 templates. You can choose from logos, promos, movement text, live mockups, slideshows, whiteboard or explanation scenes.

All you have to do is rearrange your scenes (over 6000 digital assets) to your liking and select / add your own elements like logo / watermarks, images, video and text.

How does Reevio work?

  1. Choose a template, Choose one of over 100 templates (over 500 scenes). There are templates for different niches.
  2. Edit your timeline and video, Select or rearrange your scene (s). For each scene, select your image and / or video from the media library (or upload your own), and then change or enter the text boxes.
  3. Select your audio and click Render,

Just wait for the rendering, and you'll get your HD video in minutes.

Other features of Reevio:

  • Web based (SaaS). Thus, it can be accessed by any browser or device you want.
  • Flexible drag-and-drop editor with a simple modular approach to determining the length and order of your video.
  • Modular scene control (Fushion). Drag and drop scenes, reorder them, and clone them in the timeline to create your story. Trim the length of scenes dynamically, add transitions and music.
  • Over 250 templates (for various purposes and niches) with preview function and duration, number of images used and text boxes.
  • Huge media library with over 2000 video clips, thousands of images / icons and a collection of audio tracks.
  • Live mockups. Upload your logo or content, select your live mockup scene and press the button.
  • Whiteboard scenes. Easily create high-quality, engaging whiteboard videos.
  • Explanatory and infographic scenes. Reevio contains dozens of interchangeable scenes to choose from. All you have to do is add your text.
  • Animation & movement text.
  • Upload your own media and use them as pictures, videos, logos and watermarks.
  • Full integration with YouZign 2.0,
  • Translation. Convert your text instantly into 6 different languages.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Unlimited rendering.
  • Easily share on social networks on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other media platform.

Watch this demo to see what kind of videos you can create with Reevio.

Are there any defects?

Compared to sales pages of other apps for video creation, the provider has somehow missed the boat in my opinion. I miss a clear demo video with all the features (and the presentation of all media elements).

That said, what you get into your app was far more than I expected.

Some things to keep in mind …

For best results, upload high quality logos and images (at least Full HD 1080) and close to the logo. The app adjusts the size automatically. Anything smaller could look pixelated!

It is cloud-based. Therefore, you are reliable and have to wait for the video rendering and hosting of the provider. During peak hours, it may take some time for the videos to render.

Of course, you can always leave the software to render and perform another task simply by opening a different browser tab. So not a real problem, just be prepared.

And the good thing about it: There are no restrictions on rendering!

Compared to Dropmock Kinetic and Viddictive, Reevio has many more features …

Create your story and set the length of your video by selecting multiple scenes and transitions.

There are also other functions such as styling (whiteboard, explanatory function), placements (drag & drop editor) and animations.

That's a big advantage.

On the other hand, because you have to choose these options first and there are so many options …

You will probably spend more time choosing your settings.

Therefore, the actual "build process" of your videos is longer compared to the other two tools.

But that is a luxury problem.

In addition, Reevio can not compete with a truly advanced video authoring tool like Camtasia. However, it is much easier to learn and use. With the huge media library, you can quickly and easily create professional videos in all styles.

Finally, you can access Reevio Users' Facebook group, where you can ask questions about the software or contribute new ideas. I found the support of the administrator Joel May to the point and helpful.

Why should you buy Reevio?

Because with Reevio you can easily create professional, highly interesting and highly converting videos for social media and promotional purposes. The media library with templates, video clips (logos, promos, movement text, live mockups, slideshows, whiteboard or explanation scenes), pictures, audio tracks and more is all worth your investment.

The actual video artist is easy to use by drag and drop and has a short training period.

I really like this app.

And if you purchase the commercial license, you can sell those videos to your local customers for a great deal of money or to anyone interested in high-quality, eye-catching videos (if you purchase the commercial front-end license).


Last chance to get Reevio for a one-time price. From the 8th of May only over monthly fees achievable!

For a limited time, you can access the Internet Reevio with commercial use and unlimited video renderings for a one-time payment of only 97.00 USD, Or purchase the Personal Use License for only $ 67.00 (but limited to 20 video renderings per month).

Do not wait too long … Get your one-time price before it's over forever.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the ability to upgrade to Reevio's VIP Template Club ($ 37.00 per month). Now you get monthly access to 50 new professional templates.

My Reevio bonus

As the provider no longer uses the PayKickStart partner platform, the links on this page are no longer partner links. Therefore, I can not offer you any bonuses.

Buy Reevio Video Maker 2.0 ====> nowGetAccessNow

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