ReplyTap Review and Bonus


Replytap logo smallproduct: ReplyTap
kind: Cloud-based software
price: 197.00 USD
Creator: Karthik Ramani
New live customer support and chat platform with text, video and audio chat functions, video welcome message, screen sharing, video calls, co-browsing, (email) lead generation, push messages, canned ( Hashtag) answers and knowledge base.

Chat with your website visitors the way you want: text, audio or video!

ReplyTap Review and Bonus

What is ReplyTap?

ReplyTap is a cloud-based application for customer service management and live support via chat boxes on your website. It has built-in text, video and audio chat functions, video welcome messages, screen sharing, video calls, co-browsing, (email) lead generation, push messages, potted (hashtag) answers, knowledge Base functions and more …

ReplyTap offers everything from customer acquisition to conversion and customer support through a single dashboard that you can manage with any number of support or virtual assistants (with different levels of access).

You can even integrate ReplyTap into your existing apps by sharing your customer data.

How does ReplyTap work?

In your cloud-based application, enter and select all the details of your chat functions. Once you've given your campaign a name, follow these 6 basic setup steps:

  1. General Settings, Choose the size of your business, the country and the time zone.
  2. Chat settings, Set the welcome message, delay the welcome message, activate video chat Y / N (otherwise only text chat), embed the welcome video (intro video), set the video welcome message, embed the video outro.
  3. Appearance settings, Choose your chat icon.
  4. (Optional) Custom field settings, Add required fields to your chat field that your customers must enter before they can chat as email address, name, etc.
  5. Manage team, Enter the name of the team members and grant the permissions.
  6. Generate and install script on your website (s).

After that you can communicate with the visitors of your website and have the following additional options:

  • Manage your conversations from a central dashboard, View all statistics about the chats (including visitor data such as location, active time, and IP address) and support team activities.
  • Audio and / or video calls, Your visitors can press the audio or video button and start an audio / video conversation.
  • Create your e-mail list of all visitors who have left their data.
  • Send e-mail messages to all your "subscribers" or part of your list.
  • Send browser push notifications to all current website visitors.
  • Share your screen during the chat,
  • Co-browsing, Take control of your visitor's screen and do the job for them.
  • Searchable knowledge base, Complete and complete your knowledge base with all sorts of questions and answers to minimize the workload for your support team.
  • Hashtag-based and stored answers, Save regular replies and easily add them to your chat conversations with a hashtag keyword.

Main features of ReplyTap:

  • 1,000 chats per month on a maximum of 1,000 websites,
  • 100% customizable With just a few clicks, no matter which market or language.
  • Start and stop video templates,
  • Chat Skins / Templates for customization and branding,
  • Tap, This feature lets you see what your prospect is typing before clicking on the submit button for even faster responses.
  • Surveys at the end of chats,
  • Ready for the cell phone, ReplyTap is 100% compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Software as a service (SaaS), Thus, you can reach your dashboard from any browser and device. Nothing to install and super easy to use.

Watch the demo video:

How can you use ReplyTap?

As you probably know, large websites use live chat to drive sales and improve usability and engagement. With ReplyTap you can do the same on your own website and sales pages. ReplyTap goes one step further. You can now chat on all pages that your visitors refer to. Such as:

  • sales pages (They call themselves partners). Help your visitors make the right choice by asking if you can help.
  • Instruction, Terms of Use, Legal or FAQ pages, Just offer to answer any questions that your visitors may need to remove roadblocks from.
  • Bonus pages, Ask your visitors if they like the bonuses or if they want something different.
  • members pages, Help your members with their questions.
  • On every other side Where it makes sense to stay in touch with your visitors.

What happens when you are not online?

As with most chat systems, your visitor will be noticed and can leave a message in the form field, and the support team will be notified about the application.

Are there any defects?

If you want a simple side-wide chat system, other and cheaper products are available.

ReplyTap's services, however, include extended additional functions such as audio and video telephony, screen sharing and co-browsing, which you can use to help your visitors immediately – not only with text, but also with audio and video and taking over your customer's browser and computer ,

I have not identified any major flaws except that there are some restrictions / restrictions on the number of conversations (1,000 per month), agents (5), etc. – see sales pages.

Overall, however, these numbers are not a real obstacle for most entrepreneurs and small businesses. And you can upgrade to that Pro version if you want with significantly less restrictions (see below).

Why should you buy ReplyTap?

ReplyTap is the only all-in-one customer support application that lets you chat over text, audio and video. In addition, there are many additional features you can use to impress your prospects / customers and help them more quickly and easily with Typing, Screen sharing, shared browsing, saved answers, knowledge base and more …

A great application for any business owner who wants to provide world class support. Especially if you have the unique and small …


During the special launch, the price for ReplyTap is $ 37.00 a month. But for a better deal, choose the one-time lifetime option for 197.00 USD,

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility of an upgrade to ReplyTap Pro ($ 147.00 per year). With ReplyTap Pro you can remove most of the usage restrictions. You can use UNLIMITED chats, calls, and co-browsing sessions by increasing the number of sites supported, the number of video chat templates, the number of chat templates, and the number of agents.

As the second and last upselling, you get that ReplyTap Agency / Reseller Rights ($ 1,997.00).

Now you can sell ReplyTap to your own customers (maximum of 20 licenses), charge any amount and keep 100% of the profit yourself. Your customers receive their own subscription link and the exact same application as ReplyTap Pro buyers.

My ReplyTap bonus

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