Revamply Review and Bonus


Revisedproduct: Revised
kind: Software (SaaS)
price: 197.00 USD
Creator: Sam Bakker
New app for easy and fast editing, improving, sharing tests and saving all the websites you manage. No matter which page builder, which e-commerce platform or which software you are currently using. Super advanced drag and drop editor with over 50 elements that you can add to improve your pages and conversions in seconds. No technical knowledge required. Finally, you can start your web designer and change your pages exactly how you want them.

Next generation website editing

Revamply review and bonus

What is Revamply?

Revamply is a new app (SaaS) for easy and fast editing, improving, sharing tests and saving all the websites you manage in a central dashboard. No matter which page builder, which e-commerce platform or which software you use to create your pages. By adding 3 lines of code to your website once, you can now edit your page with Revamply at will.

Revamply comes with a super advanced Drag and drop editor with more than 50 elements You can add that to improve your pages and conversions in seconds. No technical knowledge required. Finally, you can start your web designer and change your pages exactly how you want them.

But that's not all…

because All changes and steps you have taken to change the page are saved,

With just a few clicks, you can reset your page to its original or previous status.

Therefore, you can use Revamply as yours ultimate backup system to save all of your (marketing) pages that were created with other page builders or content management systems.

You can also Split test Split any number of elements on your page or entire test pages!

Revised Track all your statistics and shows you which element or page converts best.

In summary, it's the ultimate app that lets you easily customize existing (marketing) web pages, shared test items, or entire pages, track your changes, and easily repeat and back up all your current (and previous) pages (versions) outside Your current page builder!

How does Revamply work?

Revamply 3-step process

Step 1: Simply log in to your app and select a page you want to edit. This can be any page you manage.

Step 2: Edit and customize the page using the drag and drop editor. You can add or remove elements (text, images, buttons, videos, registration forms, countdown timers, FB comments, and more) and change the appearance of the page by changing colors (headings, text, element background), adding animations, and / or resize (expand or crop) any element. In this step you can too Add variationsdivided test elements or whole pages.

Step 3: Preview your changes and click "Publish" when you're satisfied. Your page will be updated immediately.
(And yes, these sites are completely mobile and look great on all devices.)

How is that possible?

By adding just three lines of code to your page, the script connects to the Revamply server and uploads all of your changes while your page is uploading.

As simple as that.

Of course, you can change your page later. However, you do not have to insert the lines of code on your page again. This code remains unchanged, and each time a page is refreshed (by clicking Publish in your Revamply app), the page is adjusted immediately.

Main features of Revamply:

  • Saas application, Access from any device with web browser.
  • Built on every platformIn real time – no programming or design skills required.
  • Drag and drop editor, Advanced editor to change any element according to your needs (easy change of colors, fonts, text sizes, resizing of elements etc.)
  • 50+ elements, Text (fonts and sizes), images, buttons, videos, registration forms, countdown timers, social media buttons, FB comments, geo-location and more …
    Revised elements
  • Add animations to elements, Choose a template to grab the attention of your visitors.
  • Integration with all important applications, As autoresponders (AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConstantContact, iContact, Sendlane, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft), webinar software (GoToWebinar), payment processors (Stripe, PayPal), WordPress (a simple plugin to add your 3 lines of code to each page), and YouZign Integration.
  • Built-in video player,
  • Dynamic split testing and tracking, Split test (also called variations) only elements or entire pages. Revamply records all your changes and shows all statistics per (changed) element. Revamply also has a simple undo and redo button. Or you can just delete changes in your dashboard.
  • Step by step video training to take full advantage of the software.

Watch the full demo video below:

How can you use Revamply?

There are so many possibilities.

But if you already have your own marketing pages (sales, squeeze, thank you, webinar registration, bonus page, etc.), it probably took you some time to create and customize the look and feel until it was "more or less". just as you want them.

With Revamply, you can now quickly and easily change these pages without adjusting the CSS code or changing the HTML code.

And everyone can do the ("designer") work and quickly add variations and perform split tests.

Previously, you had to create different (marketing) pages and use split-testing software. Very time consuming.

Now you can Split test and changes during operationAll from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

All elements are integrated into the software that you can think about and that you can easily use by drag & drop. No additional plugins required (eg for countdown timer).

So you can "copy", test and optimize successful marketing pages from others and use the right elements in your own campaigns.

You are not limited to templates or borders that other page builders have.

If you can imagine it, you can create it now.

But there are other uses …

As an example, I use Revamply as a partner and Just change the standard bonus pages I get from the sellers. Now I can add my own bonuses and customize the appearance to my personal style within a few minutes.

And I'll just use Revamply change my white label or PLR product sales pages!

Finally, you can use Revamply to offer design or split test services to local customers.

And if you buy the first upsell, you can create any website and download it as an HTML page.

A great way to get a "kick in the door" and show local customers what their new website might look like (by simply copying their website and adjusting it with Revamply in minutes).

Or you can clone / copy any successful marketing page / campaign from others and "create your own".

If you are a partner (or CPA marketer), change the sales page and add your own hook (or create a "bridge page" on the page).

(Of course, you can only change a sales page after asking the seller for permission, and consider copyright issues as you clone someone else's work.)

Are there any defects?

Not really. You can customize / edit any type of page the way you want without the need for graphical or technical experience.

But remember, this is one page Editor, No website editor.

So you can only customize one page, not multiple pages at the same time.

Therefore, you cannot change the appearance of a complete website without adjusting the individual pages.

So it's a great solution for customizing / editing (individual) marketing pages or your homepage, but Revamply isn't recommended for customizing your WordPress theme (in which case you want to view all of your blog posts the same way – in In this case you have to adapt all pages individually).

In addition, you can use the main front-end license only for pages that you can manage (that is, your own pages or the ones you manage for your customers).

You cannot customize another person's page.

Of course you would say because you don't have it.

As you'll see below, with the first upgrade, the Pro version, you can clone / copy Web pages from across the Web and use them as your own URLs that you can manage yourself.

The main frontend also has some restrictions:

You can "only" add and edit up to 500 pages. And you get 25,000 views every month.

If you do not have much traffic and less than 500 pages, this is no big deal.

When you reach this level, your pages will no longer appear and you will need to upgrade to the Pro version.


You can get access Revised for $ 37.00 a month or $ 147.00 a year.

Or, for a limited time, you get lifetime access for $ 197.00.

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is Revamply Pro ($ 197.00 per year). Now you have no more restrictions on the number of pages and views. You will also receive 5 templates every month.

However, the most important extra is that you can clone / copy any Web page on the Web and "make it your own" (after adjusting the page with Revamply). Because with the Pro version, you can download this new page (ie The source code) and upload it to your own server (or those of your customers).

Think about the possibilities!

Take a close look at the work of others and create your own up-converting pages in minutes. And / or charge high fees for your customers.

Note: Of course, for copyright reasons, you cannot just copy other people's pages. However, you can take items out, test them and optimize them for your own benefit.

The second upsell is Revamply Agency (67.00 USD). With the agency license, you can outsource everything and add team members or virtual assistants to your account. A great service to perform split tests or redesign campaigns for your customers and let your team do the work.

My revamply bonus

If you buy through my partner link (just click on one of the links on this page), you can select 3 products for free (if you buy the lifetime license).

When you buy the first upsell, you can choose 3 additional products from GeorgesDeals.

You will also receive this standard bonuses from the seller.

Finally, I will give you 150 bonus points (plus an additional 200 points if you buy OTO1 and an additional 70 points if you buy OTO2), which you can exchange for great WP plugins, courses, and other informational products Choose your bonus,

Choose your bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily, I add new bonuses. You can redeem your bonus points at any time. They will be precious forever. So you do not have to hurry to turn them into bonuses. Unused points will be stored in your account (until used).

To receive your bonus (points), simply send your receipt (Email protected) (Tell me what free products you want on and I'll send your bonuses and activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

Buy Revamply ====>GetAccessNow

Other comparable products

So far, most Internet marketers use either Optimize Press 2.0, ClickFunnelsor LeadPages to create marketing pages.

Optimize Press is an all-in-one solution for around $ 297. It creates really nicely designed pages, but the page editor is a bit cumbersome to use.

LeadPages and ClickFunnels provide high-converting page templates. However, you have to pay a monthly fee (from $ 37 to $ 97) to use them. If you stop using them, your lead pages will disappear.

Another excellent SaaS Page Builder is WishLoop (Click on the links to read my review).

Other well-used page builders are WP Profit Builder 2.0. InstaBuilder 2.0, and Successful architect (Click on the links to read my reviews).

You can continue to use these page builders and combine them with Revamply. The good part is that they all come with templates.

Revamply (standard) comes without templates. Yes, Revamply allows you to create pages from scratch (using only a blank page). This way, however, you will not use the templates and you still have to do “the design work”.

The main advantage of Revamply (in addition to the additional functions and the functions for splitting tests) is that you can use your own existing pages. Or if you have the Pro version, copy / clone any website you want.


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