Robby Blanchard’s Clickbank Course Scam or Not?


So you want to make money with Clickbank? Do you think Robby Blanchard's course will help Commission Hero? Before you put a grand on this course, read my review to see if you should dive or not.

Commission Hero – The claims

Robby claims that if you buy his course and use his 3-step system, you should earn about $ 1,000 a day. Hey says you can make those affiliate commissions without a website, a product, or even an email list.

All this without having experience in affiliate marketing.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby is not someone who has just entered the affiliate scene with outrageous claims. In fact, he is the world's leading Clickbank company. That may sound impressive to you, and your first reaction might be, "I have to learn from THIS guy," but wait a moment.

Of course he has proven himself 30, maybe 40K a day In some cases, but how much of it is the actual profit? He does not tell you the advertising costs in his sales department. Profit is what really counts here. Of course, since he teaches to get paid traffic on Facebook, that's not all profit.

Do not be fooled by the numbers. Just because he shows "proof" that he made 30K in one day, I do not think that's his win. His advertising costs could be 80% of it. This significantly reduces the actual numbers.

He does not tell you this part.

To make the transition easier, you have to

The sales page is doing well with many video testimonials (possibly paid actors) saying they are "on the way to making 1K a day", a great eye-opener, etc. Even if you read this, they are on the go Way to make 1K a day – it's such a general statement.

Nevertheless, the leading Clickbank partner has decided to set his own course on how he does it. The question is, should you buy this?

To make the transition easier, you have toLet's jump into the content of the course first, or if you want to know it now, just scroll down.

What's in Commission Hero?

There are 12 modules in Commission Hero. In total, there are about 40 videos with instructions. This pales in comparison to Wild participants that has over 100 videos and costs a lot less. For a course that costs $ 997, I would expect much more.

Module 1 – Getting Started

As you would expect with any affiliate marketing course, you get the usual introduction about who the creator is and what affiliate marketing is. You will get an overview of Clickfunnels, Clickbank and get several ad accounts on Facebook.

Module 2 – Select offers

In this module you will learn how to choose the right offers for your promotions. Choosing the right offers is important, considering that you throw money at them so you do not want to invest in duds.

Module 3 – Ad Pictures

Here. You will understand how important ad images are. Robby shows you how to find the right images for maximum click through rates.

Module 4 – Landing Pages

In this module, you will learn how to set up landing pages that will enable your potential customers to pre-sell. If you're dealing with Facebook, it's a bad move to send people directly from an ad to a bid. Most people on FB are not usually in the mood to buy, so it's your job to "warm them up", so to speak.

Note that you must register for this course Clickfunnels, Robby provides you with his templates that he uses. Clickfunnels start at $ 99 a month.

Module 5 and 6 – Facebook

Learn how to set up your Facebook campaigns. You can create ad sets, ads, custom audiences, and more.

Module 6 is about setting up your Facebook pixel.

Module 7 – Track Your Campaign

If you do not track on Facebook, you do not know where your sales are coming from. In this module you will learn where your customers come from and how you use other techniques.

Module 8 – Scaling

When you find a winner, you want to start scaling. However, there is a right and a wrong way, and this module will tell you how to scale your Facebook ad campaigns properly.

Module 9 – Ninja tactic

This is a continuation of the previous scaling module. It's about optimizing your campaigns with Robby's Ninja tactics.

Modules 10-12

These modules will give you bonuses, including the Million Dollar Ad Copy Swipe File and more. Robby also offers coaching calls to help you with your Facebook ads.

How does a guy who spends a million dollars a month on Facebook advertising have the time? It's a bit strange and something does not fit together.

Final thoughts

Robby's course is very linear as he teaches you to sell Clickbank products via Facebook. You will not learn any other strategies on how to get free traffic, SEO, content marketing, etc.

If your only goal is to sell Clickbank products through Facebook, you may appreciate his training. But let's be honest – you are here to make money.

One of the things he does not mention is Clickbank's high refund rate. In some cases it can be up to 50%. Even if you fall below the break even point of a campaign, there is a risk that you will be in the red due to your ad spending when these refunds are received.

The true gains he makes will never betray you. So if you look at his numbers in the screenshots, do not let them impress you. It is not a profit.

My suggestion to you

Since I know you're here to make money online with Affiliate Marketing, I'll keep you informed about a gem of a course. You may have noticed that I punched it earlier.

That is the reason Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett.

What Commission Hero lacks – Savage Affiliates stands out.

You will also learn how to create Facebook ads in combination with landing pages to sell offers, including through Clickbank and other platforms.

You will also learn how to create funnels, SEO, high Amazon commissions, free traffic methods, and more.

As you can see, this is a complete course with over 100 videos, Dwarf Commission Hero. And if that does not convince you, it is only $ 197. That's why I love Savage Affiliates – it's a real monster with a low price.

If you still wish to pick up Commission Hero, you do so at your own risk. By the way, you have to wait one year to apply for a refund. With Savage Affiliates, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. The course is so good and Franklin supports him.

An update for Savage Affiliates is also coming soon, so I would probably pick it up soon before the price goes up.

I am also a student of Franklin and have the course. I make a full review on Savage Affiliates and a video copy.

I urge you to check this before putting money into another course.

Thank you for reading! Please like and share this with anyone who might find this interesting.


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