SegMateApp Review and Bonus


SegMateApp logoproduct: SegMateApp
kind: Web-based software
price: 9.00 USD + p / m
Creator: Keith Gosnell & Karl Schuckert
SegMateApp is a complete bot creation and subscriber management platform for FB Messenger. Create your FB Messenger list and market it with personalized / segmented chatbot messages for your leads / customers. Easily create welcome, automatic answer, broadcast, or autoresponder FB messages with pre-set bots. One of the most advanced FB messenger tool suites on the market. Really recommended!

New full bot creation and subscriber management platform for FB Messenger

SegMateApp Review and Bonus

What is SegMateApp?

SegMateApp is currently one of the most complete chatbot FB messenger marketing platforms in the market. The perfect app to reach all your marketing goals by using advanced messenger technologies in Facebook Messenger.

What is so special about SegMateApp?

It's a complete suite for all kinds of (inter-) action, engagement and automation in FB Messenger. Therefore, no further applications are required. All functions / modules are easy to operate via a central dashboard.

So, what are these functions?

Chat Engage Bot Builder module

This is the "heart and soul" of the app. Here you can create your bots and set all your predefined messages.

You can Use all sorts of elements in your message how…

SegMateApp Chat Embed bot items

  • Text with personalization (first name, last name).
  • Pictures.
  • Map. A map is an image with a title and a subtitle and a clickable redirect URL.
  • Gallery. A gallery consists of 2 to 11 slides (ie cards), each with its own clickable redirect URL.
  • List. It's like in the gallery, but instead of scrolling horizontally, the list is displayed vertically (from top to bottom).
  • Video. Just upload your video and you can use it later in each message.
  • Files. Use this option to add a downloadable file as a PDF.
  • Audio.

And the good thing is that you can do it Combine all these elements in one message,

And even better …

SegMateApp Add Button and Quick Response

For each element (and per slide / list element) you can Add up to 3 buttons and / or a quick reply,

The buttons are always part of a separate message, while a quick response is just a new (immediate or delayed) message.

When someone clicks on a button, there are 3 possible actions …

Actions for the SegMateApp button

  • Reply with a message.
  • Open a website (URL redirection).
  • Call a phone number.

Plus for every action you can automatically trigger one or more new rules, So you can:

  • Add or remove a tag.
  • (Un) Subscribe to a sequence.
  • Add or remove a segment
  • (Un) Subscribe to users.

Therefore you can Launch other bots from a bot by clicking the button and presetting actions,

Fortunately, SegMateApp shows you exactly where you are (if you set up your various bots) Paniermehlpfad,

So you can jump back and forth and change your bot interaction settings.

What to do if you need more than 3 selection buttons?

(I think it's a Facebook request that you can only use 3 buttons in a message.)

You can choose to have the third button named "more" and start a new message with 3 new buttons and so on.

Tip: To not annoy people, end your message sequence with the unsubscribe option.

(and allow them to end the conversation with a "not interested" button).

Ad Engage module

Here you can connect your build bots with your Facebook ads. You define your actions. When someone clicks on your ad and starts the conversation, that person becomes a member of your FB Messenger list.

Post-Engage module

That is a "Commentator" bot, Here you use defined keywords to trigger a chatbot when a visitor comments on your posts (including boost posts or FB ads).

Since Facebook allows you to only send messages to people who "subscribed" to your FB Messenger list or commented on your fan page, the conversation starts and your new lead automatically becomes an FB Messenger subscriber. Of course, the bot takes over the conversation you created with Chat Engage Builder.

Module "welcome messages"

Welcome any newbie visiting your fanpage for the first time with a personalized welcome message.

In this message, you can attach a chatbot to tell them about you or your business, assisting them with support, or telling them how they can benefit from your services.

And / or you can ask them to enter a keyword, eg. "Getting Started", which triggers the default chatbot.

Persistent Menu Module

This is the menu in the FB Messenger Chatbox. Here you can add up to 3 "menu items" (called parent items), each with up to 5 "submenu items" (children).

Therefore, you can add up to 15 shortcuts to the menu that have the same functions as the buttons described above (3 types of actions and 8 triggers).

A great way to send a message to your leads / customers that you're interested in. And of course, you can use them to send people from Facebook (for example, to your website), but also to start a new bot sequence, or to segment / tag them.

Keyword module

In this module, you will define your keywords (exact match or contain) and subsequent actions for each fan page.

As actions you can choose from:

  • Choose Chat Engage Bot.
  • Start sequence.
  • Remove sequence.
  • Notify the administrator (by e-mail).

Cast module

This for sending broadcast messages. You can schedule your message and choose which segment and which tags to send your messages to.

You can also add / select your chatbot (created in Chat Engage Builder) to the messages.

With SegMateApp you can Send unlimited (scheduled) broadcast FB messages to your subscribers for all your fan pages from an easy-to-use dashboard.

And as you know, the opening rates for FB Messenger are currently much higher than the regular opening rates for emails.

Please note that the monthly fees depend on the number of current subscribers, although the price plans allow an unlimited number of messages / bots for all your fan pages.

(The baseline allows you to have up to 500 subscribers)

sequence module

There are two types of sequences: standard and reminder sequences.

The standard sequence Just work like any other auto-feedback message you set up on your email marketing platform. Therefore, the sequence starts the moment someone "logs in" (the default messages are sent after sending each (welcome) message in a certain time interval).

The memory sequence Everything is based on a date / time or event. Now you can set up and schedule your messages at specific times.

subscriber module

Your subscribers may be tagged based on their action (or you may add a tag manually) and may be a "member" of a segment and / or a sequence.

In this module you can add / remove tags, segments and / or sequences.

You can also break down and filter them according to these three criteria.

You can also filter by last interaction (24 hours) or last shipping.

(Note: especially when using Facebook ads, you should apply some FB guidelines when tracking new leads.)

Within the Subscriber module, you can first filter a specific set of Subscribers with one or more filters and then add those people to a new segment.

This brings us to …

segment module

In this module, you can see all your segments and add / remove subscribers for that particular segment.

Subscribers tools

Now there is an easy way to collect FB Messenger leads from your website using four types of login methods:

# 1 Checkbox Optin (Checkbox Plugin)

You can place this check box on any webpage like any registration form.

(Hint: You can also use a standard e-mail option and use the checkbox FB Messener below or above.)

Your lead must select the "Send to Messenger" checkbox and click a button with the text you want, for example: Click to sign up and confirm your subscription with a click of a Facebook confirmation pop-up. Therefore, the lead does not have to enter any text.

# 2 Customer Chat Plugin

With this plugin you can use FB Messenger on your website. Therefore, the chat takes place on your website. Your lead clicks the "Chat Now" button and you can now chat through FB Messenger.

# 3 Send to messenger plugin

You can use this option if you ask your lead to respond to your specific action call.

You can set 3 things to happen after the click:

  • Do nothing.
  • Redirect URL.
  • Open model.

# 4 message to me

Now, your lead clicks the "message me" button and begins the conversation with his / her question.
The lead will automatically be directed to your Facebook Messenger page and your lead will either receive your welcome message or start / continue the conversation.

All of these 4 logon methods have in common that the Facebook user allows "the conversation".

So you may send (send) FB-messages in the future.

Main features of SegMateApp

  • Very easy-to-use dashboard / interface with clear modules and chat preview.
  • Convert website visitors to Facebook Messenger subscribers using 4 different subscriber tools.
  • Create all kinds of responsive bots with (inter) actions via keywords, buttons and quick answers.
  • Use personalization and nested bots.
  • Manage, segment and tag your lists based on interactions.
  • Cast (broadcast / schedule) Facebook messages (with bots included).
  • Send sequences (autoreponders or reminder) Facebook messages.
  • Set the welcome message (with included bots) for each new visitor.
  • Insert a permanent menu into your FB Messenger chatbox.
  • Connect FB ads to your chatbots.
  • Unlimited number of fan pages and bot messages.
  • 100% approved Facebook technology and SAAS. There is no danger that an FB account will be blocked.

Watch the full demo …

In addition to the app, you will have access to several videos explaining how to use FB Messenger for marketing purposes in accordance with the Facebook Terms of Use and how to use the app for maximum results.

Are there any defects?

Currently, SegMateApp is not integrated with any e-mail service provider. Therefore, you must ask for both the email subscription and the FB Messenger subscription for new leads.

However, the developers are working on a Zapier integration module. And of course, when you're ready, you can integrate into just about any major ESP.

There is also no built-in live chat or predefined messages (saved answers to easily enter the live chat). Of course, you can also open your FB Messener simply in another browser tab.

Maybe I missed this feature, but I did not see any cloning functionality. Not a big deal for me, since you'll easily mess up your chatbots if you clone them. It's easier to have a chat bot for each type of interaction and use it in nested chatbot interactions.

All in all, apart from the (future) Zapier integration, there are no real shortcomings.

On the contrary, I really like SegMateApp.

Why should you buy SegMateApp?

I really like the fact that SegMateApp is a complete suite that contains everything without paying extra features.

As the makers explain …

The SegMate platform is set to evolve over time and will continue to provide the best marketing, sales and support platform for its users. SegMate is the next generation Messenger Messenger and Facebook Chatbot platform that combines the best features in an all-in-one experience.

So you can expect extra features in the future and never have to buy another FB Messenger tool.

Since chatbots play an important role in conversion optimization, and adopting bots for customer service, live chat, and marketing in general is key, do not miss the boat.

With SegMate users can see an opening rate of up to 80% and a click through rate of 54%. So it's just perfect for any FB marketer.


You can try SegMateApp 14 days free trial.

After that, you pay a monthly fee starting at $ 9.00 a month. With this license, you can have up to 500 subscribers and use SegMateApp for an unlimited number of fan pages. There are no restrictions on the number of messages you can send per month.

The next price levels are:

  • Up to 1,000 subscribers $ 14.00 per month.
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers $ 25.00 per month.
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers $ 45.00 per month.
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers $ 65.00 per month.
  • Up to 20,000 subscribers $ 125.00 per month.
  • More than 20,000? Contact support for pricing information.

Note: This price table is more or less comparable to ManyChat (ChatFuel starts at $ 30.00 per month).

In ManyChat, however, you can only use one fanpage. Especially if you have multiple fan pages with a relatively low (or starting) number of subscribers, ManyChat is more expensive!

The offer has one 14 Day refund. Therefore, you can test the app for 14 days for free. Thereafter, every monthly payment will not be refunded. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time and use the app until the end of the month.

If you cancel your rate, your subscriber data may be deleted after 3 months. However, the provider offers the Freeze Account option to prevent your data from being deleted.

ManyChat vs FuelChat vs SegMateApp

I found this great comparison over Many Chat vs Fuel Chat,

In my opinion, SegMateApp has all the key features that these two apps offer except for the integration of Zapier, Payments & eCommerce and Live Chat.

In fact, it is quite difficult to find differences between these three platforms.

These 3 apps all have a high standard and try to keep up with all the new messenger techniques Facebook is now allowing.

Since SegMateApp will provide the Zapier integration in the near future and the other two apps have a higher price (especially if you have multiple fan pages), SegMateApp is the real winner for me.

My SegMateApp bonus offer

Of course, if you shop via my partner link, I'll give you a bonus …

However, since you can only become a member by paying the monthly fees and it depends on the number of subscribers you have, it's hard for me to award a set of bonuses for everyone.

For example, if you test the app after one month and cancel your subscription, I'll only get a few dollars as commission. However, if you remain a member for years, I will pay a reasonable commission.

So I make my bonus sales dependent. The moment you've paid a total of $ 50.00 in monthly fees, you can choose 1 product for free on,

Thereafter, you may choose another free product for every additional $ 100 you pay to SegMate.

Just tell me which products you want when you reach the required levels.

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Choose your bonus demo

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Other related products

Take a look at my review Funnel messenger, This is associated with a one-time lifelong pricing, but (far) less advanced compared to SegMateApp.

Or check out SociBot It lets you use FB messenger bots, create an FB Messenger list, and use FB Messenger as your chat box on your default settings web site (the chatbox feature is an additional gold upgrade feature).

But if you ask me, I would definitely choose SegMateApp if you're a serious Facebook marketer. You just want the best tool for FB Messenger, as you want it for your email marketing. So start with the right platform because you can not import your subscribers to the FB Messenger list from one platform to another!


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