SEO Commander 2.0 Review and Bonus

SEO Commander 2.0 Logo Smallproduct: SEO Commander 2.0
kind: Desktop software
price: $ 27.00 to $ 47.00
Creator: Chris Hitman and Jane Williams
SEO Commander 2.0 is a keyword research tool (Windows Desktop) that automates the search for long-tail keywords by using the “suggested keywords” from 15 major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, etc.) be collected (collected). , It also includes 2 additional tools: Rank Tracker to monitor your search engine rankings in the 3 main search engines and Social Tracker to track your social indicators on the main social platforms.


Search 15 top rated sites for keywords and track your SERP rankings and social signals

SEO Commander 2.0 review and bonus

What is SEO Commander 2.0?

SEO Commander is a super fast Windows desktop software that has 3 tools in one application.

The first tool is that Keyword suggestion tool to find targeted keywords on 15 top-level sites, using simple, alphabetic and Multi-threaded Search.

SEO Commander asks them Suggest search Function that is created to return data immediately, rather than using the APIs that most other keyword tools use. The API can be slow and designed to throttle heavy users. Therefore, SEO Commander is faster than most SEO keyword tools.

The second tool is a Rank Tracker to monitor your search engine rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

And the last tool is Social tracker to check your social metrics / signals on the main social platforms.

Key features of SEO Commander 2.0?

  • 15 keywords for government agency proposals:
    • Bing search
    • Google search
    • Yahoo search
    • Youtube
    • Google Play
    • ebay
    • ask
    • Etsy
    • DuckDuckGo
    • Snapdeal
    • BestBuy
    • Google trends
  • Rank Tracker, Check your Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings and record your performance over time. You can also set up daily ranking email notifications.
  • Social tracker, Track the performance of your social messages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Stumble Upon, and track your social performance over time.

In the members area you will find detailed tutorials, After watching the demo video, you probably won't need them anymore. The software is so easy to use.

What makes SEO Commander 2.0 so special?

Most keyword tools focus on only one or only the three main search engines. SEO Commander shows the results of 15 search engines.

This package also includes a free rank and social tracker that allows you to monitor your performance over time. And as you probably know, these leaderboards can be very expensive if you have to buy them separately.

In addition, you will receive your keyword suggestion results sorted alphabetically and without duplication.

The best thing for me, however, is the opportunity to purchase SEM rush credits at very low agency prices as part of the PRO version (see below).

How can you use SEO Commander 2.0?

Some examples of what you can do:

  • Quickly and easily grab an extensive list of the most effective (long-tail) keywords.
  • Generate popular ideas for content creation.
  • Keep track of the hottest keywords.
  • Find the most popular product types for affiliate labeling and e-commerce.
  • Discover deep niche keywords that PPC ad planners completely ignore.

I am sure you will find other great ideas to get the most out of this software.

Are there any defects?

Not really, it's a simple, quick, and great tool for finding (and scraping) long-tail keyword phrases across all major search engines. Therefore proven phrases that people are actually looking for.

Note, however, that this tool does not display the number of monthly searches or keyword contests. For this type of information, you can use Google's (free) Keyword Planner or a better upgrade to the PRO version (see below).

Query functionality is also not as advanced as Keyword Ignition for example. For that I added an extra bonus, Easy Keyword Pro. Now you can use substitutions, easily add all U.S. states and cities, add parentheses and quotes, add prefixes, and add additional words and misspellings to further improve your keyword lists.

Why should you buy SEO Commander 2.0?

Because there is no other keyword harvester tool that can capture keyword phrases from 15 major search engines (within one application). It is the perfect tool for finding (long-tail) keywords.

For me, the real strength is the ability to update to the PRO version (upsell see below) and the search engine and social signals tracker it contains.

Finally, the software is easy to install, very easy to use and shows the results quickly.

A great tool to expand your arsenal.


The price for SEO Commander 2.0 3 PC license is now 47.00 USD, (Or buy the one-site license for $ 27.00)

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsell or OTO?

There's only one upsell, but one great one: that SEO Commander 2.0 PRO Version ($ 48.60). Now you get 4 additional powerful SEO tools such as SERP Insights, Site Spy, Keyword Spy and Exact Match Domain Checker. You can also access SEM Rush keyword research data with affordable trading credit. An enormous savings compared to the monthly payment of fees to SEM Rush (about 80 USD per month).

Watch the video to see how these additional tools work. Recommended!

My SEO Commander 2.0 bonus

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