Seth Smith’s Shopify eCom Course


If you know Seth Smith from his Youtube channel, you probably know his course – Advance Ecommerce Academy. I will introduce you to the course so you can take a closer look. So let's start with this review.

For one thing, Seth is new to the game at the moment, as his videos have only been around for a year. He is shy of 1,500 subscribers on his channel, which is not much. Is he taking part in the Kurstpiel just to earn money fast, or is it legitimate?

One thing I can say is that he is very good at the camera, able to capture your attention and also gives some good advice. It's not something I have not heard from other Youtubers before. Maybe you like his style.

The course will be marketed for beginners for the price of 1997 USD. WTF. I only paid a little bit more for it Ecom Success Academy but that was from Adrian Morrison, who has been around much longer and has a massive following.

Anyway, let's get started in this review and see what it's all about.

The course has content for 9 weeks. Whether this is updated, remains to be seen.

It starts with a welcome video, an overview of the course, and you can learn more about Seth himself. Kind.

Week 1 – Product Research

A small module with only 3 videos, in which general and niche-like businesses are discussed. Subsequently, the product research for both is examined.

He talks about some free and paid tools like & Dropship Spy,

Week 2 – Build Your Business

Week 2 has much more content, so you should probably take a few notes. He's pressing a tool called "Rocketmessage" and you've probably seen him wearing the same name on his channel. I am not sure if he owns this service, but I will investigate it. At the moment it is irrelevant for the purposes of this review.

Use of this service is at your own risk as some Facebook barriers have been reported to use this software.

As I mentioned, there are a lot of videos in this section, most of which I'll summarize below, so you can get a picture.

  • Shopify – set up, shipping, choosing a plan, shipping information
  • Logos – make it cheap
  • Domains – Registration
  • Install and set up Rocketmessage
  • Google Analytics setup
  • E-mail setup
  • pricing
  • Oberlo automation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Add ratings
  • Set up the package tracking
  • Image editing & optimization

Week 3 – Facebook Ads

In this area are about 25 videos in Facebook ads. That may seem like a lot, but it is not as comprehensive as others I recommend dropshipping courses,

Here's more on Facebook pixels, insights into the audience, targeting, creating different stakeholders, and much more:

  • American organization
  • Effective testing
  • Flex-Targeting
  • Improve tracking data
  • Create and start ads
  • Video audiences and retargeting methods
  • Fanpage strategies
  • Engagement audiences
  • Look-a-like audiences
  • Analysis & 20% Scaling Method

Week 4 – Email Marketing

Not to be missed at ecom is the email marketing that accompanies its training. You will learn the basics and how to build relationships, develop email marketing strategies to sell more, collect emails and so on. You'll also learn how to set up Klaviyo.

Klaviyo is a good platform and you can start with a free plan when you are new, but expect this price to skyrocket as you gain more subscribers. For ecom, I prefer Mailchimp, but check the prices between these two platforms before committing to one.

There are a few videos about setting up Klaviyo. So if you want to use this service, you can skip these videos.

Week 5 – Instagram Influencer Strategy

Here you will learn the basics of Instagram influencers in terms of posting, hashtags, engagement and scheduling.

You will also learn:

  • How To Identify Instagram Influencer
  • Check influencing factors
  • Contacting influencers
  • How much do i have to pay?
  • Tracking results and scaling

Week 6 – Instagram Ads

Here comes Seth in the actual ads. It's a short module, but you'll get an introduction to Insta ads, start your first ad, create video stories, and launch Insta-Stories ads.

Week 7 – Scaling to 10K

Do not you wish you had this problem? Anyway, this week, you'll learn how to get your business going beyond 10K. I will summarize the following modules:

  • Advanced Conversion Optimization – What if they are not added to the cart?
  • Scaling to 10K
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Scale to new countries
  • Scaling through target group and target group optimization
  • Magic Pixel Scaling
  • Rising AOV (average order value)
  • Manual bids for FB ads
  • Power of the UGC

Week 8 – Outsourcing & Automation

Just a few simple videos on how to outsource your customer care and fulfillment. The end.

Week 9 – Branding & Growth

In eCom branding is so important and obviously growth. This week, you will learn how to brand your favorite articles, set up fulfillment, print on demand, work with influencers, build relationships and awareness, and, if you like, sell your store for much Moula.

Week 10 – Bonus

Seth throws you a bonus here if you want to sell some high-ticket items. He provides a list of dropshipers that you can use if you so desire.

My thoughts on the Advanced Ecommerce Academy

The big question is, is this rate worth $ 1997? Based on my previous rating (if you read everything) you will probably guess that I say no.

If this course were significantly limited, I would probably say that you choose, but even then I still think you would be at a disadvantage compared to mine Number 1 recommendation that is eCom elites.

Seth's course does not include a section on Google ads, chat bots, organic traffic via SEO, or social media. Obviously, eCom makes elites and you can Look at my review here.

If you want to get started in ecom, you need to know that you need to spend some money.

I would prefer if you invest in a course that does not break your bank, so you do not have the conscience of the buyers. Also, the money you save can be used for Facebook / Google Ads. You need to invest in paid traffic for eCom. If this model appeals to you, pass on my recommendation instead. That's all I have to say!

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