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You may have searched for a review in the Shopify Ninja Masterclass and have landed on this page. Whether you're new to the drop shipping industry or just looking for a course that will help you build a successful business, here's Kevin Davids Shopify Ninja Masterclass of course and decide if it is for you or not.

When this course first came out, it was over $ 2,000. Now you can pick up the rate for 997 USD or opt for the payment plan for 3 payments of 397 USD. There are cheaper dropshipping courses that you can consult with kenny at [email protected]

About the creator

Kevin David is a name you may have heard before and on which you have probably seen his videos Youtube.

He has worked in various industries including Facebook Ads, Dropship, Amazon FBA and Affiliate Marketing Courses.

I bought the course when it dropped to $ 997.00 – not a cheap rate. A course like eCom elites is a good choice for the budget-conscious.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review

Once you get access after purchase, you'll find a total of five modules and videos which are well done and fortunately all in HD – everything else would be annoying. Kevin delivers his content in an easy-to-understand way, and it's not so fast that you know you're dealing with a true professional.

Here is a screenshot of the included modules:

You will notice that there is also a bonus area that will be updated from time to time. The bonuses are fine, but if you're skilled enough, you'll find that some have affiliate links for other products. This is fine if you need them, but I must admit that I am disturbed by affiliate links in a product I have bought. But I understand it – he is a marketer!

Here are some of the bonuses you receive:

  • How to find new niches
  • Finding and recognizing new trends
  • How to start a contract business
  • Print-on-demand business
  • How to set up Clickfunnels sales funnel
  • A free sales funnel for you
  • How clickfunnels explode sales

Now let's take a closer look at the modules:

Module 1: In Search of Extremely Profitable Products – Niche Research

The module starts with Kevin at the PowerPoint and shows you everything you need to know and what you can expect from the course. It's a typical intro, both as an inspiration and as a preparation for what lies ahead.

The rest of the module consists of videos and starts with a video to select your branch niche. He also discusses the things you should avoid as a new dropshipper and saves you from some costly mistakes that new dropshipers make.

Something that you may already be aware of is discussed in the next video – Aliexpress. Here you can get all stocks in China. Most top gurus recommend this resource, so it's no wonder that Kevin does. In this video he describes everything you need to know and shows you the useful browser enhancements you should use to make things easier and less time-consuming.

Another video will explain how you can “grab” the best stores and see what they are selling so you can do the same. Here he explains to you how you can use Aliexpress to do this. For advanced users, you can use a tool called Intelligynce, which is a paid option.

More videos on how to find successful products. When I started using Shopify, this was my biggest challenge – finding award-winning products. It is worthwhile to pay attention to this section. Finding these winning products is shown on various websites and fairs. Other platforms such as Amazon, the Shopify App Store or to search for successful Shopify stores.

Towards the end of the module, you'll learn how to use free tools on Google to find weekly winning products. I am impressed with the amount of information on how these are presented.

Module 2: Dropshipping Suppliers

An issue that is avoided in most dropshipping courses is how to deal with suppliers. Ninja Masterclass goes through this with Aliexpress.

Alipay is debating how to use it properly, which is a good idea, as it can prevent you from being locked down when you start processing many orders. This happens with new dropshippers. Therefore, it is considered how you can prevent this happening to you in this module.

Included is a video on how to deal with manufacturers' pricing and how to get in touch.

A script is provided that you can use yourself to send to the suppliers. Also included is a tutorial that shows you how to get a sample from a supplier so that you can test it before you sell it to your customers – great for a Youtube video test!

Here is the example to download:

Module 3: Shopify Store Setup / Optimization

If you're new to Shopify and have never used the platform before, this module is helpful.

For a topic, you want to avoid the free themes and get a quick topic that focuses on conversions. Kenny recommends eCom Turbo. You save money on plugins with this theme because the most important elements are included in the topic. So you avoid annoying monthly fees that we all hate!

If you're interested in another topic, just watch Kevin's videos. There are 15 of them, and he does it all, from starting a trial with Shopify to setting up Google Analytics, email sign-up forms, reviews, and more.

When you become spring eCom TurboYou can avoid this section and simply follow the setup and optimization of the training provided with the topic.

Module 4: Marketing Explosion

Probably the most important module in a dropshipping course is how to direct traffic to your offer. Kevin talks to you about many details – Facebook ads that are the focus of his course.

You also get a video on Facebook. If you are unfamiliar with the terms PPE, WE, ATC, etc., you will learn everything about what these mean and why they are important.

It also tells you how to understand the right marketing goals and the lifecycle of your ad. Alignment is explained in detail and shows you how to properly target the people who are most likely to click on your ads.

Although the Facebook section uses an obsolete Facebook interface (which is constantly changing anyway), it details how advanced targeting works and how you can get social evidence to help you pay for your ads at a lower cost per click / engagement can save.

If you are a beginner you may be overwhelmed with this module as there is a lot of information to consider. Advanced people have a better understanding, but Kevin makes it easy to understand and does a good job.

Other areas for the Facebook training are:

  • retargeting
  • influencers
  • Instagram marketing
  • Blogger factors
  • Optimization for winners and losers
  • Email Marketing

I like the video where Kevin creates a full campaign that's been created from scratch so you can understand and understand the whole process. It's a great video that you can often access if you need a refresher.

Module 5: Scaling and Extension

Module 5 is about scaling and expanding your business as you see success. Some pretty good videos here with some solid marketing methods. I've never used Snapchat on eCom before, but Kevin explains how to use it. Interesting stuff!

You will also learn how to use Google Analytics to create advanced reports and how to use them to your advantage. There will also be some insights into where your customers are coming from.

Lookalike audiences are treated in the training. Learn how to use these audiences along with your FB pixel for retargeting to maximize revenue.

There's a lot more in the FB module and I do not want to bore you with anything, but I'll tell you that it's quite advanced and that it will take some time to work it through. I would recommend thinking about it at least twice and remembering that you need to take notes.

Yes, there is a Facebook mastermind

Nowadays the Facebook Mastermind is very popular in most “legal” classes. It can be used free of charge by all Shopify Ninja Masterclass students. Here you can interact with Kevin and like-minded people. It may not be for everyone, but if you think you can benefit from this kind of contact, you can get involved here. I find that these groups motivate you and that you are captivated by reading other people's success stories.

Last thoughts on the course

Although a little expensive,  Shopify Ninja Masterclass is actually quite informative, clear and with little fluff. Kevin is the absolute favorite as he enjoys great respect in the Shopify community. He knows his way around and even offers a lot of free value on his Youtube channel.

He definitely does not belong to these fly-by-night marketers and seems to be legitimate. Therefore, any training you buy from him is a good investment. However, it would be crazy to say that he is the only good marketer when it comes to learning dropshipping. There are others that are just as good and the good news is that your initial investment in ecom is cheaper because those courses cost less.

What I like about you here is that you can use the savings for your advertising. Advertising is your biggest issue in this business. So it's a lot to think about.

Besides that…

Is there an alternative to Shopify Ninja Masterclass?

If you are looking for an alternative that is not so expensive. look at my review eCom elites,

What I like about eCom elites is that there are actually more content (over 200 videos) and that they were created by well-established marketer Franklin Hatchett. You may have seen his videos on Youtube before, and he also offers great free training.

His course has two options, the standard version (only $ 197) and the ultimate version ($ 297). To see the differences between these two, see my review on the link above.

This course is aimed at beginners and advanced learners alike will get much out of this training. So, if you're new, this is perfect for you and Franklin like Kevid David, who is also a great coach and makes learning easier.

For those of you who already have a business looking for scalability and want to find winning products, I recommend Intelligynce for product research for scaling up fast.


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