Should You Buy Chris Blair’s Ecom Course Ecom Vantage?


Welcome to my review of Ecom Vantage, a course by Chris Blair. If you want to engage in drop shipping or e-commerce, this course may be for you, but we'll take another look at it.

First of all, the price of an e-commerce course is in the upper range. At $ 2000 it is not cheap. It gets even more expensive if you choose the 5 payments of $ 500.00.

On his Youtube channel you will find his personal blog and a series of Talking Head videos. You'll soon find out that he has a past with internet marketing so he's not new to the game, but at the same time, some people have called him a cheater.

However, I will stay open and see what this course is about, share my thoughts and pass it on to you, ignoring the negativity.

When you buy the course you will notice that there are 6 modules in total.

  1. Basics – choosing a niche, domain name, shopify registration, etc.
  2. Important Basics – Site Optimization, Shopify Apps, etc.
  3. Products – Product Development Idea Research Procurement, Price Strategies, etc.
  4. Facebook ads – targeting, lookalike audiences, etc.
  5. Other Marketing Traffic Methods – Pinterest Marketing, Email Marketing, Christmas Tactics, etc.
  6. resources

Let's take a closer look at what the modules look like.


In this section you will find 7 videos. Listed in the order in which you select a niche, domain names, market champions (collect images, view contest, etc.), create a fan page, FP engagement strategies, Shopify signup, and shipping.

Chris's style is slightly different when he uses a test for a Word document and guides you through the lessons. I'm not a big fan of this style, but maybe it works for you.

If you're already in the ecommerce game, you might just want to gloss over this section, and it's pretty basic stuff. The good news is that the videos are at most 10 minutes long and therefore should be hummed pretty fast here.

Important basics

Here you find 8 videos in this category. It starts with website optimization, Shopify apps, looking for a good designer, a $ 297 conversion video, reintegrating the site moderation (with your customers), customer support, and finally a video Disputes, claims and chargebacks. It is another compact module that you can quickly familiarize yourself with.


In this section you will find 13 videos. Here. Learn about product development and idea research, creating products in apps, and loading drop shipping products.

There are 2 videos on pricing strategies, a few videos on managing products in your store, videos on “Crushing It” strategies, and a product analysis workshop on the web.

It is a fairly large section, so this takes much longer than the previous two modules combined.

Facebook ads

The Facebook ad section is a rather “beefy” module and contains 31 videos that you can digest.

It's too much to list, but you'll learn all the basics and things like types of posts to use, FB ad product tests, basic retargeting ads, advanced targeting, scaling, testing different interests, parsing PPE ads, custom audiences and Ad Management.

It's a good module and better than a lot of what I've seen from other guru's, so you definitely have an edge in FB, with what he teaches here.

More marketing traffic methods

Many videos in this area seem to be very different and offer alternative methods for your shop. In this section, you have a lot of scratching on the head, as it is much to think about and confusion causes.

This section contains videos on email marketing, Pinterest, Christmas tactics, Valentine's and holiday tactics, SEO 101 with James Brown, Instagram basics, and using Twitter and Youtube ads.


No videos here, just informative PDFs containing the 4 apps he uses in his shop, Funnel Buildr funnel instructions (a paid product), his recommended email tool, and a few other things. Not too much info, but just enough.


You have 7 days to decide if you want to keep the course or not. As far as I'm told, there are no problems getting refunds, but if you're not ready to invest the 2K, why bother? The refund is there if you need it.

Facebook Mastermind

Chris definitely picks up his FB group, but it does seem a bit exciting as he often does live streams daily and answers questions.

My thoughts on Ecom Vantage

I will not beat that course, but I do not think it's worth the price of $ 2000 (especially the extra $ 500 to pay monthly!). It's not a bad course, it's just that you can find a course that is just as good (if not better). Would not you rather spend the money you save on FB ads? My $ 197 solution is down and she bangs her ass.

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