Should You Buy Peter Pru’s Course?


You may have recently seen Peter Pru ​​on Youtube if you're looking for eCom content like me. His ad now appears to appear quite often for his course e-commerce empire builders, which is the focus of this review. It is also called "Six Figure Funnels".

This course costs $ 997 or two payments of $ 597, $ 1194. Please never fall for these pompous 2 pays, because if you pay the full amount at $ 997 by credit card and pay the full amount, this will not be nearly the $ 200 difference. A good start 😛

Who is Peter Pru?

Peter Pru ​​is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who does not seem to be one of the "Fly by Nighter" youtubers coming and going every now and then. He seems to be legit and has even won a 2 Komma Club Award from Clickfunnels. He achieved this by selling physical products in his online fishing business.

Peter started sharing his strategies in ecom as a side project, which eventually evolved into an online teacher. His previous course is Six Figure Funnels, followed by e-commerce Empire Builders, which we discuss today and turn out to be the rebranding.

On his Youtube channel, he'll talk about why very few dropshipers are successful, things he wanted before getting started with e-commerce, email marketing strategies, clickfunnels, Facebook ads, and so on.

He does not cover every subject as this material is reserved for his course for obvious reasons.

Ecommerce Empire Builders Six Figure Funnel Review

Peter's course focuses on dropshipping, but the strategy is a bit different from that of its competitors with similar prices. He teaches dropshipping with sales funnels via clickfunnels and discusses Chop funnel,

Module 1 – Foundation

Here Peter talks to you about thinking. Mindset is a key factor in every business. I do not think that justifies an entire module, but for many, this could be useful. It's a short module, but take it for what it's worth to you.

Module 2 – Funnels

In this module, Peter takes a close look at the funnel construction. He will teach you how to create them properly and provide you with pre-made funnels that you can download to your account. Of course you need a Clickfunnels account and if you think about it, look at mine Clickfunnels rating first.

It gives a good explanation of these funnels and teaches you everything you need to create these funnels specifically for e-commerce.

Module 3 – Email Marketing

No e-commerce store should do without an e-mail marketing strategy. You will find that most e-commerce courses today have an e-mail marketing module, as this is important. If you do not collect e-mails with your ecommerce company, you are technically leaving money on the table. Just do it.

In this module, Peter will show you the exact order, the exact emails you need to send to customers, how to set them up, and so on. In addition, Focus is about emailing customers who have left the cart and communicate with them and recapture them as paying customers.

There are apps for abondoned carts, but learning the right wording and strategy is important because you do not want to "annoy" too many people. It's a good balance that you have to balance with your email campaign, and Peter can explain that pretty well.

Module 4 – Influencer Marketing

This section covers both Instagram influencers and Youtube influencers. Getting started this way is a good strategy, as it not only creates some data for your business, but also creates a list, increases awareness of your brand, and even makes sales.

This can be done before the start of your Facebook campaign. In general, the leads you purchase with this method are cheaper than Facebook. On Facebook you can scale what is already working and continue testing.

Module 5 – Facebook Advertising

A rather small module for FB advertising and nothing I've seen that sets itself apart in similar ecom courses.

Module 6 – Scaling to 7 figures

In this module, Peter shows you the steps he used to scale his business to 7 digits.

Monthly funnel hacks

Every month, Peter gets a new funnel hack for Tai Lopez and products like Lady Boss, Organifi, KinoBody and so on.

What he does here is that he goes through these high conversion funnels, downloads them, and recreates them. He will then provide you with these custom funnels that you can use for your campaigns. Just to let you know that it worked for these companies does not mean it works for your business. However, they are proven funnels, so they are most likely more successful than those that start from scratch.

You also get a record of Q & A sessions, some other bonuses and live classes.

Last thoughts on Peter Pru's six-figure funnels

Getting a course from a trusted funnel maker like Peter Pru ​​is not a bad thing. As a 2-point club winner it is clear that he knows his way around funnel building.

The question I have to ask you is whether you want to take a Grand on this course. Keep in mind that you also need clickfunnels for which the base version costs $ 97 a month. With the focus on funnel construction, he does not really go into other proven advertising methods via Facebook or Google Ads for dropshipping.

Is there an alternative to ecommerce empire builders?

If you would like to supplement the funnel construction with other ecom dropshipping strategies and do not want to miss anything, then you want to Go with eCom elites,

Franklin Hatchett is the creator of this course and also happens to be a 2-point club winner. You can read mine Review of eCom elites here to get the deeds.

Even better, the price for eCom elites is only $ 197 or $ 297, including its Sales Funnel Academy. My review explains this more. Franklin's course is not only cheaper, it also has a lot more content, much more strategies, is great for beginners, has many successful students and more. It's all you really need.

It's my honest suggestion and I do not want you to spend a grand or more on a course. This is not required if you have a course like eCom elites available.

Please like and share this article or send it to someone who is seriously considering setting up an eCom company. They will thank you later!

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