Should you buy this course from King Comm?


Here is a Youtuber with the following features. At the moment he has nearly 64,000 submarines and is growing. He is King Comm, also known as Chris Waller.

His channel is not even a year old and he has amassed all the following. Pretty impressive, like many other Youtubers I've reviewed, these numbers can not get even in a longer period of time.

For a guy who is only about 20 years old and started dropshipping at the age of 19, that's pretty impressive.

I have to wonder, though, why he came out with a course so soon. He claims to earn a lot of money in this business but still wants to share his strategies?

It's a common trend for Youtubers to do that, but one thing I can say is that it does not erode its fanbase. His course costs $ 297. When it came out, he took out $ 100, but it looks like this deal has long been over.

So let's take a look at the contents of the course to see if this is something you should pick up on, or if it seems to be a scam.

King Comm Royal Blueprint Review

KingComm's Royal Blueprint blueprint came from comparing courses from e-commerce gurus such as Sebastian Ghiorghui, Kevin David, Arie Scherson, Gabriel St-Germain and so on. He says he took all the ideas from these ecom gurus and did them better than everyone else.

Personally, I think these allegations are subjective and common sense will tell you that this is part of a sales pitch and guru bashing to make you believe he is the king of the economy – no pun intended.

One thing that is obviously different from many other courses is that he set up a store as a case study for the course. Every detail of the store's creation has been documented in a video so you can see the entire setup process, including the ads created.

Please do not buy the course right now and think that you can copy everything that he has done and be successful. The product may not sell well and is oversaturated.

Let us immerse ourselves in the modules in this sense.

The course consists of only 4 modules with about 60 videos and a bonus area with some documents. That does not seem to be much to me. I hope the content in each video makes up for it.

Module 1 – Overview from A to Z

After a brief introduction to the course, Chris becomes familiar with its basics from A to Z. It's about starting your business from scratch when you think about a product you want to sell.

He seems to favor individual product businesses and recommends that your domain name match your product. With this method, you probably need to create lots of deals before you find a winner.

Other videos include topics like setting up your backend, creating compelling ad copy, creating videos, setting up your Facebook page, setting up your ad and testing new creatives, shutting down or scaling, and so on.

Other videos deal with statistical analysis and how to make sure you stay profitable.

Module 2 – Fill in gaps

This section does not seem to go in any direction. It has the feel of a Youtube channel with a whole range of videos ranging from topics like getting a free logo, getting Stripe as a payment processor, a video about whether dropshipping is dying or not, to apps you Save on your computer, choose your color scheme and so on.

Getting into product research makes it a bit more linear. Here you will find his “blueprint” for product selection. It's definitely “borrowed” from the other guys, as it's all too familiar. AliExpress product research, the Product + Shopify research methodology, Ecom Hunt product research and Alishark are all discussed.

With the exception of product research methods, this module is a collection of very diverse topics, all of which are grouped together in one module. I suppose that's the reason for the generic title. Finally, you will receive videos on topics such as the time you should receive an LLC, customer service information, full order processing, and pricing of your products.

Module 3 – Case Study

The module you have been waiting for. This is the much-cited case study of how he opened a business and made sales out of it.

As I've said in many of my blog posts, never buy a course just because a guru will reveal a product that he uses to make a lot of money. Nobody in his right mind would do that if he still makes money. When it is revealed, it is already dead. Remember.

The module starts by showing it on AliExpress, looking for a product, then picking the niche, finding a free logo, building the shop and key pages, followed by some apps. All the basic things that you can find on Youtube for free. These videos cover a good deal of the case study you came for.

You'll have to wait a few videos for the goods later. In a video he shows you how he has scaled to 14K in one day.

This module is useful if you are opening a business and want to show what is possible. Newcomers will definitely benefit if you've always wondered how to set up your own store on Shopify.

Module 4 – Bonuses

Module 4 includes some course benefits that could be useful for your dropshipping business. They include:

  • An ePacket country list
  • Return on Ad Spend case study
  • $ 1 M ad Spend 4x ROAS
  • Automatic commenting moderation

Last thoughts on the Royal Blueprint

I think Chris aka KingComm is a brilliant salesman and really knows how to get in touch with his audience. His arguments on his channel convince and make a great contribution to the sale of his brand.

The fact that he has so many subscribers in such a short time is proof of that. He knows how he can address his audience with convincing content and lectures. I only wish he would give up the bashing of his competition as I think that will hurt him in the long run.

As for his course, the hype he's selling makes you think you'll get a killer course. I would not say it sucks, quite the contrary. It's great for newcomers who want to get started in ecom, and especially if you have ADHD, you'll appreciate the random mix of videos in the course. Some intermediates can benefit from a few tidbits here and there.

Refund warranty

There is a refund policy, but you have to be careful. You can only view less than 20% of the content (drip-fed) or request a refund within 24 hours. No 30-day warranty, so you need to act fast if you want a refund.

What's missing in the course

Here is what you will not In this course you will find:

  • Instagram marketing
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Ads
  • Chat bots
  • SEO
  • Social Marketing

Overall, $ 297 is not a bad price for the KingComms course. But if you want to learn what he teaches, and also the strategies that he does not teach, you're better off picking up Franklin Hatchett's eCom elites.

For the same price (or $ 100 less for the standard version) you can learn what Chris teaches plus all these additional strategies.

In terms of content, eCom Elites has over 175 instructional videos, compared to 60 for Chris & # 39; Course. In e-commerce, you need every possible strategy to be successful and not just focus on Facebook ads.

Whether you are a freshman or a medium dropshipper, I strongly recommend at least taking a look at my eCom Elite review. In my opinion, it's the best eCom class I've seen in a long time and I've bought many in the past. I still think it's better than a mammoth course I bought for $ 2,495. You can recognize this price.

Anyway, this concludes my review. Take it for what you want. In the end it is your decision, I will gladly give you my thoughts and my highly recommended alternative.


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