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SimplyViral logoproduct: SimplyViral
kind: Cloud-based software
price: 47.00 USD
Creator: Abhi Dwivedi & Rash Vin
Summary: Get the most viral content from 7 top virus sites and create, plan and publish links, images and videos for all your FB groups and fan pages from a dashboard on the autopilot.

New car FB tool for viral content

Simply Viral

What is SimplyViral?

SimplyViral is a cloud-based app Search and publish / plan the viral content of other people on your own Facebook fan and group pages on (semi) autopilot,

Why would you (re) post the content of other people?

Of course, because you can access viral content that people already like, share, and comment on.

This content is proven to be viral. Therefore, you get free traffic to your fan pages and / or groups.

How does SimplyViral work?

Step 1, Select your FanPage or group where you want to post, and enter your keywords. The application selects the viral content of your selected sources and now you can …

step 2, Select the content you want to share.

step 3, Plan and publish.

If you prefer, you can set it up once and run the software on a full autopilot (without having to first select / approve the content).

Watch the demo demo video for SimplyViral:

Which content resources are used?

You can select viral content from:

  • FB fan pages of other people (you are already following in your niche).
  • 7 top virus sites: Reddit, YouTube, BuzzFeed, Little Things, UpWorthy, ViralNova and Telegraph.
  • Google Trends & YouTube Trends (worldwide or by country).

SimplyViral automatically selects the fanpages that you already liked as fanpage administrator. Of course, if you want to add a fan page to "scratch" content from, you must first of all like this page first. Fortunately, you can do this from the dashboard.

With SimplyViral you can manage your fan page, groups and content in the application. There is also a separate Facebook poster where you can post your own link, picture or video via the dashboard. There are also additional statistics like Facebook Posts and Fanpage Insights.

Are there any defects?

I did not find any mistakes or defects. And you can start right away, but there are also clear tutorial videos.

I would start with the manual approval of the automatically generated viral content and start planning less frequently at the beginning.

If you later know how the software works and are happy with the results, you can scale and (possibly) adjust the campaigns for the full autopilot.

After all, publishing viral content from others is okay, as well as interacting with and engaging with your fans. Otherwise, they will lose their interests and go somewhere else.

Why should you buy SimplyViral?

Because it is a great tool with which you can easily find content from seven top virus sites and compile, plan and publish links, images and videos for all your Facebook groups and fan pages from a dashboard in the autopilot.

Prices & coupon code

You can get Simply Viral for a one-time fee of 47.00 USD,

And if you're lucky, you can still use it Coupon code GET7OFF Got $ 7.00 off.

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