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Smart Ads Builderproduct: Smart Ads Builder
kind: Cloud-based software
price: 47.00 USD
Creator: Jai Sharma, Misan Morrison and Shubham Kumar
Smart Ads Builder is a new web-based software tool that allows you to quickly create highly effective and relevant Facebook ads. It has built-in templates and a layered image editor, a database for converting caption / text combinations, and a laser-based generator for audience interests. It is the perfect tool to create successful advertising campaigns and improve the ROI of your Facebook advertising in any desired niche.

New Facebook Ads Creator app

Review and bonus for Smart Ads Builder

What is Smart Ads Builder?

Smart Ads Builder is a Web-based software application for quickly creating highly effective and relevant Facebook ads in every niche you want.

As you probably know, the more relevant and effective your ads are, the lower the ad costs and the higher the conversions.

Facebook even arranges and gives all of your ads Relevance score,

But what exactly is a highly effective and relevant add?

Typically, a successful ad consists of the following three elements:

  • Eye-catching picture.
  • Conversion-stimulating headline and text (your message and CTA).
  • Laser target group to be advertised for.

Smart Ads Builder is the first app that combines these three “building blocks” in one application and enables you to create the “perfect display”.

How does Smart Ads Builder work?

Smart Ads Builder 3 easy steps

Step 1. Select one of the 1,000 ad image templates (based on your niche) and edit / change your image with layers in the built-in image editor. You can add / remove any image you want and use thousands of free images, backgrounds, shapes and stickers. Of course you can also change fonts, font sizes and colors.

Step 2. Select one of the 1,000 headline / text samples (based on your niche) and customize the text and headings according to your ad target. The library of proven converting headings / texts is a great resource to inspire you. (Note: Sometimes it is easier to start with the text / heading (or your landing page) and adjust the image later to match the ad text, image and landing page.)

Step 3. Select your audience based on the keyword you entered and the Facebook pages and interests found that match your audience.

Step 4. Export your advertising campaign automatically to your Facebook page with one click and copy the generated interests into your advertising campaign.

Main functions of Smart Ads Builder

  • Intuitive live editor to preview your full ad prospects in real time.
  • Built-in advanced image editor with overlay system.
  • Over 1,000 ad image templates.
  • Thousands of royalty-free images, backgrounds, shapes and stickers.
  • Real-time text in the image rating tool.
  • Over 1,000 powerful ad content (headlines / text).
  • Advanced audience interests generator.
  • Audience espionage. Click Audience to see all of your current posts.
  • One-click auto export campaign on Facebook page.
  • Download campaign data with one click (headline, article text, ad image, generated interests).
  • Conduct step-by-step video training and tutorials.
  • Completely cloud-based and entry-friendly.

Watch the short demo video below:

Are there any defects?

Well, this new app combines three main functions that are otherwise separate, independent software tools: the image editor, the text creation module (heading / text) and the target tool for interests.

With a major advantage, of course, you will save time if you only use one tool.

How good are these tools when you compare them to stand-alone alternatives?

The image editor itself is easy to use and the built-in library of templates, free images, backgrounds, shapes and stickers is large enough to create professional images, even if you have no experience or knowledge of designing. I do not currently have a better Facebook Image Ad Creator on the market that can compete with this all-in-one solution and its price is below the current offering. So you can only buy Smart Ads Builder for the Image Ad Creator.

Although I like the added feature of having an additional headlines / text database for your ads, it's too time-consuming to search them until you find "a good one." (You must first select your niche and choose one at a time). But at least if you use this feature, start with some text and maybe it will give you enough inspiration.

The Interest Alignment Tool is easy to use. Simply enter your keyword (select "Scope": "Interests" or "Pages") and drill down based on the results provided (filter by name and / or audience size). And with one click you can see the latest (trend) articles.

But to be honest, Targeting Inspector 2.0. Audience Analyzer or Audience drill are all advanced interest targeting apps. (But the most advanced and best tool for FB Interest Targeting, therefore a little more expensive, is ConnectExplore)

Overall, the developers did a great job combining all of these functions in one app.

But if you really want to lure your target audience for interests and find some "hidden" interests, I would advise you to use one of the alternatives above.

Fortunately, you found this page and I want you to be successful with your ads.

So if you buy through my links on this page, I'm giving you Targeting Inspector 2.0 as a bonus!

Why Should You Buy Smart Ads Builder?

Because it's the perfect all-in-one Facebook ad creation tool that allows you to create extremely effective and relevant ads. It lets you tweak the three main ad creation elements: an eye-catching image, a converting headline / text, and a laser-focused audience.

This is the perfect tool to create successful advertising campaigns and improve your ROI in Facebook advertising.


The regular sale price is $ 67.00, as you can see here official sales page,

However, since I have agency / developer rights, I can grant you access to Smart Ads Builder for a one time payment of only $ 47.00 by purchasing through my special offer page,

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions. You will receive a license for your home PC / Mac and an additional one for your laptop!

Upsell or OTO?

You can buy this as the first upsell Per edition (47.00 USD). Now you get access to:

  • 3,000+ handpicked premium and proven, powerful Facebook ads.
  • 500 best performing ads (every month).
  • VIP Faceook Mastermind Group.
  • In the "AD Image Template Club" you can request custom templates and access premium ad image templates.

You can buy this upselling directly from me at a discount of $ 20.00 (the regular retail price for this OTO is $ 67.00).

If you want to sell Smart Ads Builder yourself (Front-End and Pro), you can buy it Agency / developer license (197.00 USD). Now you can sell Smart Ads Builder, calculate any price and keep all the money yourself.

My Smart Ads Builder Bonus

If you buy the main frontend product through my link, you will get Targeting Inspector 2.0 as a bonus.

If you buy the Pro Upgrade (or the developer license) you can choose a product for free on my own deal page:,

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Choose your bonus demo

To receive your bonus points, simply send your receipt (Email protected) and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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