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Social Page Analyzer logoproduct: Social Page Analyzer
kind: Web-based software
price: 67.00 USD
Creator: Dave Guindon
Social Page Analyzer is a desktop tool (PC / Mac) for analyzing Facebook fan pages, posts, and comments / answers. It includes built-in tools that help you discover all the secrets behind a successful fan page or post in just a few clicks. Otherwise you would need hours to find them manually.

New Facebook Fanpages research software

Social Page Analyzer rating

What is Social Page Analyzer?

Social Page Analyzer is on Desktop search tool either for PC or Mac Simple analysis of FB fan pages, posts and comments, The software consists of 4 main modules:

  • Fanpages module These extract 27 metrics via the Facebook API (see below) and come with 3 sub-modules:

    1. Check the FB interests (for your advertising campaigns) with a simple copy / page for export.
    2. Calculate page rating, i.
    3. Page report. A detailed PDF report analyzing and optimizing fanpages.
  • Contributions module, Preview the (top) posts in a nice preview layout for the post layout.
  • Comment module, Extract thousands of comments from a selected number of fan page posts in seconds! Great to find ideas and commonly used sentences or questions.
  • Word Analyzer module, Instantly discover all common word combinations from thousands of user comments or page posts.

Social Page Analyzer dashboard

The fanpages module

There are two ways to analyze fanpages:

  1. Keyword search, Simply enter one or more search terms and the app will find all relevant fanpages. With the function (right-click) to attach letters you will find even more fan pages!
  2. Manual insertion by entering one or more fanpage URLs.

What type of fan page data do you receive?

You will get it 27 different data metrics for every fan page:

  • Name of the fan page (with clickable link to open this page).
  • Username.
  • Audience size.
  • Fan Count.
  • Speaking of number (ie number of people who have liked, commented or shared in the last 7 days).
  • Fan Ratio (ie number of calls divided by the number of fans).
  • Star rating, rating, rating.
  • Category.
  • Description.
  • Over.
  • Company Overview.
  • Mission.
  • Products.
  • Email-address. (Now you can contact the page owners directly.)
  • Website URL.
  • Phone, city, country. State, street, postal code.
  • Can post (ie you can post on Fanpage Y / N).
  • verified
  • Start date (the fanpage).
  • Page score. Calculated score using 50 engagement measurements.

And for each data column, you can drill down and sort by number.

Or you can use the built-in lightning-fast filters (or your own custom filters) to get the data you really need.

I really like the page report generator. With only one click I have created that Page report for DigitalMarketer,

Yes, you can also create these (HTML) reports for your customers and provide related services to improve their social presence.

Social Page Analyzer Posts Module

The posts module

For each fan page, you can drill down and analyze all posts. Just like in the Fanpage module you get a complete overview of all posts with the following metrics:

  • Name of fan page, number of fans.
  • Entry ID
  • Number of shares, comments, likes.
  • Engagement Scale, Engagement Ratio.
  • Added.
  • URL link to the item (clickable).
  • Art.
  • History.
  • Message, title, description, caption.

Again, you can drill down and filter for numbers.

Plus with one click you can preview All posts (or a selection) in a nice, easy-to-scroll layout, as you can see in this example below …

Social Page Analyzer Preview Posts

The preview page will open in your browser tab. I really like this feature. No more scrolling through a newsfeed!

And a huge time savings without distraction.

Comment module

By post you can analyze all comments (also with or without commentary responses) with the following values:

  • Number of comment responses.
  • Number of comment likes.
  • Time, creation moment.
  • Direct clickable link to the individual comment.
  • From D. H. Facebook user who left a comment.
  • Is answer J / N.
  • Parent message (ie The original comment that was answered)
  • (Comment) message.

Word Analyzer

Here you can choose whether the words should either be published for messages or analyzed for comment messages.

Just select the number of posts or messages you want to include, and within a second, you'll see the following stats:

  • Word combination.
  • Number of words.
  • Number of occurrences.
  • Parent type (posts or comments)

Both the comment and word analysis tools are great for finding out which common words are used by your target audience, or to find specific answers / comments.

Watch the demo video showing all 4 modules:

Update (April 7, 2018)

You may have heard about all the important changes Facebook is making to the data and the API. As a result, thousands of Facebook apps have been affected, and features are shutting down.

Facebook therefore no longer offers the possibility to search the API for fanpages.

However, apps can still extract fan page data when you enter fan page links or fan page IDs.

For this reason, Social Post Analyzer has integrated a new search function in the latest version (version

In the "keyword search" section, you can now search for the software first Bing Search Engine Find hundreds of fanpage URLs …

Through this workaround, all data for each fan page URL can still be extracted from the Facebook API system.

The results are very impressive and, above all, the results are even more meaningful!

Because now you get all data from the most wanted fanpages of the Bing search engine!

In addition, the Social Page Analyzer may be one of the few software currently available online that can still provide research data for Fanpage.

How can you use Social Page Analyzer?

Of course, you can use this tool to find new (authorized) fan pages in every niche you want to explore.

Since you get all the relevant data for a page, you can use it for any purpose.

Think about:

  • Find pages with the highest engagement ratings and learn from them. Not only by analyzing the full page report, but also by analyzing individual posts.
  • Search for pages that you can access in your Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Search for new pages where you can post.
  • Find and contact Fanpage owners.
  • Use the page reports to help local businesses bid for social media services.

The Post, Comments and Word Analyzer modules can also be used for many purposes. For example:

  • Find the most viral or hippest topics.
  • Find influencers and people who often comment.
  • Find words and phrases that are commonly used by your target audience. (To find ideas for your print-on-demand products)
  • Scroll through all comments without having to click on "Show more" in the FB-Newsfeed!

Sum up. Just be creative. This is a fantastic tool that you can use for many purposes.

PC or Mac – and which versions?

After purchase, you can install 2 separate applications. An Adobe Air application for Windows. You can also choose a completely native Mac application that is not based on the Adobe AIR platform.

Both Social Page Analyzer and Social Ad Creator work on Mac OS X 10.8 or later and Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.

You may install on a total of 3 PCs that you own. This applies to both Mac and PC versions.

You can also remove installations for each computer in your account using an included Installation Manager tool. This is useful if you need to purchase a new computer and remove an older computer installation from your account.

Are there any defects?

You can use the software immediately. Just connect your Facebook account with 2 clicks and you're set.

You do not need any tutorials if you have seen the main demo video above (but there are 12 tutorial videos).

I like the fact that it is a desktop tool. Maybe that's why the software is very fast.

You can install the software on 3 desktops (PC or Mac). If that's not enough, you'll get the Outsource license (see below) that will allow you to install another 10 applications.

The sub-tool that can be used to check if fanpages can be used to target FB interests is convenient, but you probably want an advanced FB-Interests tool Audience Analyzer or ConnectExplore,

Overall, I like this application very well and I have now found flaws or inadequacies.

Why should you buy Social Page Analyzer?

Because it's the perfect app for analyzing fanpages, posts, and comments. Learn from others, get new ideas, and improve your Facebook marketing with engaging content. Give your fans exactly what they want and like.

This is especially important on Facebook's new threshold for Pages' (organic) news feed content.

This software also saves a lot of time. Easily find engaging content and spy on your competitors like never before without having to scroll down on all the Facebook news feeds.

In addition, the Page Report Generator and Social Ad Bonus Creator are great additional tools that you can add to your arsenal.

And you can now get Social Page Analyzer for an incredible price …


The regular price for Social Page Analyzer is $ 147.00.

For a limited time, however, you can withdraw and receive $ 80.00 Social Page Analyzer for a one-time payment of $ 67.00.

With the license, you can install on a total of 3 PCs / Macs that you own.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells or one-time offers?

The first upselling will be the Outsource License ($ 37.00 only), which allows you to install the software on 10 additional PCs (for your own use or for team use, not for sale).

As a second sale, you get access to a package of 2 of Dave's products: Audience Analyzer and Social Post Browser plus Fresh Title & Title Analyzer for a price of $ 67.00.

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