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kind: Browser extension
price: 47.00 USD
Creator: Shaun Spellman
Social Sleuth is a Google Chrome browser extension that lets you find the latest Facebook posts (sponsored) and ads (including dark posts) in real time. Just enter a domain (URL) and a keyword. Choose what kind of posts you want (text, photo or video) and all relevant posts and ads will appear in your timeline. Perfect tool for creating espionage and campaign ideas. Must have a tool for Facebook marketers and advertisers (especially for TeeSpring sellers).

Spy other Facebook advertising campaigns

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What is social sleuth?

Social Sleuth is a Google Chrome browser extension pull Real time the newest Facebook (sponsored) posts and Show (including Dark posts).

How does social sleuth work?

Log in to your Facebook account and click the Social Sleuth browser extension button. Just enter a domain (URL) and a keyword or niche. Choose what kind of posts you want (text, photo, or video) and choose whether you prefer Live, All posts, or just page mail.

The software now automatically shows all relevant posts and ads sorted by the most viral and mixed with the latest posts. And because it's real-time, you'll see posts uploaded a few seconds or minutes ago!

The software is 100% compatible with Facebook TOS and full white hat. No scratching, chopping or skulls.

How can you use social sleuth?

Some examples of what you can do:

  • Discover profitable advertising campaigns on Facebook from platforms like Teespring, ViralStyle and Fabrily.
  • Get new ideas for campaigns that are hidden from search engines and / or other spy software.
  • Look for content (such as sweepstakes and freebies) that is at risk of massive viruses.
  • Reverse engineering CPA campaigns that destroy it on Facebook.
  • Get a real-time boost to what's happening NOW and get a huge market edge.

Watch the demo video below:

Are there any other shortcomings?

Well, you have to use Chrome as your browser. You cannot use it with Internet Explorer.

Your selection begins with a domain URL. So you will only find (dark) posts and ads with links to this domain. Ideal for T-shirt sales platforms (as TeeSpring) or other e-commerce platforms (as Amazon), where you know the domain URL. If you do not know the domain, you will miss those posts.

Many posts also use URL shortcuts (like or Although you can find everything you are looking for, you always have to do the search using a URL shortener (or other domain URL).

This is not a big deal. Note, however, that you will not find all relevant posts if you enter only one keyword. You must enter a URL.

Why Should You Buy Social Sleuth?

Because there is no other cost-effective way to find real-time posts and ads on Facebook. It's the perfect espionage and brainstorming tool to improve your ROI on Facebook advertising.

Especially if you consider the one-off and low (introductory discount) …


You can get access Social Sleuth for a one-time payment of 47.00 USD,

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsell or OTO?

Yes, only one. It is Social Sleuth Advanced Espionage, A complete set of training and case studies along with the Social Sleuth Niche Navigator software, which allows you to search Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, News Feed and Twitter for up-to-date articles. For $ 97.00, you'll get proven additional tips and tricks to get the most from Social Sleuth. If you don't want the Niche Navigator software, you can purchase the training and case studies for $ 47.00.


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