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Social Video Spark Georges Dealsproduct: Social Video Spark
kind: Web-based software
price: 47.00 USD
Creator: Andrew Darius – Explanation

Social Video Spark is a web-based Facebook video marketing software tool that uses Facebook's inline video player! Not only for creating and publishing / scheduling videos, but also for monetizing with intro videos, outro videos, custom branding and calling actions.

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Social video sparks

What is Social Video Spark?

Social Video Spark is web-based Facebook video marketing software tool that uses the Facebook video player to the maximum. It is a (Intro / Outro) video creation tool. Car Facebook video sharing tool, and Tool to monetize your videos with custom branding and call for action.

Main features of Social Video Spark

  • Create intro and outro videos, With the Video Studio you can create super-fast intros or outros. First choose your video background (image, video or slide). You can use the … built-in video library or add / use your own videos / pictures. Now you can add text captions using the drag and drop editor. You can add up to 2 background sounds from the library or your own. And / or add your own voice message with one click voice recorder,
  • Find and download (viral) YouTube, Twitter and Periscope videos, Easily search for Creative Common videos and download them from these three sources.
  • Add custom branding (Pro feature). Add your own logo, watermark or image to each video.
  • Add call to actions, Just add a CTA slide with the button at the end of your video (redirect to any URL).
  • Publish and schedule your videos, Post / schedule your videos automatically with just one click for multiple groups, pages and profiles on Facebook.

With this software, no matter how experienced you are, anyone can now make money with viral videos, create intro and outro videos and publish them on Facebook in a few minutes.

Watch the demo video to see all the features in action:

How does Social Vido Spark work?

Well, you can see Social Video Spark as your database of intro, outro and main videos.

Whenever you want to publish or schedule a new video, simply select your main video and (optional) intro and / or outro video and add your CTA to the end of the video.

When you are finished with your selection, the software renders your new video and publishes / schedules your videos in your preset group of Facebook profiles, fan pages or groups.

It's that simple. And you can do everything online. You do not need to download and / or upload videos to your own device (PC, laptop, cloud server, etc.).

You don't need hosting, a website, or even your own videos.

Of course, you can use your own videos, but you can use the built-in search feature to find videos on YouTube, Twitter, and Periscope.

And with Video Studio, you can create intro and outro videos that you can use over and over again in seconds.

Therefore, you can use the same settings (intro, outro and CTA) for as many videos as you want.

Social Video Spark offers the following additional functions:

  • Web-based software, You don't have to leave Facebook! Nothing to install and accessible from any device.
  • Simple dashboard interface and source library, Now even a complete novice can easily create professional videos.
  • Complete statistics and tracking, See how many likes, shares, comments and clicks your videos receive.
  • Facebook TOS compliant,

However, the main benefit of Social Video Spark is that you save a lot of time.

Instead of doing these steps manually:

  1. Find a video on YouTube, Periscope or Twitter.
  2. Download your video from YouTube (or other platform) to your PC.
  3. Create your own intro and outro video.
  4. Combine and render your main video with intro and outro to a new video.
  5. Upload your new video to Facebook (Native Video Player).
  6. Add CTA to your video.
  7. Post or schedule your video in just one or more profiles, fan pages and groups.
  8. Share your new video posts in other profiles, fanpages, and groups.

Now you can do all these steps faster from a dashboard than if you did it manually

And with Social Video Spark, you can record all of your intros, outros, CTAs, and settings that can be used over and over again.

Why should you use Facebook Native Video Player?

If you use the Facebook Native Video Player instead of videos released by YouTube, Vimeo or another external video player platform, you will get a better visibility of the Facebook timeline.

In other words, Facebook prefers its own hosted videos and shows them to more people.

Other videos posted on Facebook are also not played on mobile devices.

Only videos uploaded to Facebook Native Video Player are displayed on mobile devices and played automatically!

And with 65% of Facebook users seeing their news feed on mobile, you'll lose all those viewers if you continue to use YouTube videos.

In addition, Social Video Spark lets you instantly share any video with your profile page and all other fan pages and groups.

Social Video Spark does not upload your video to every single FB page, but automatically shares the video (from a post on a "dummy" page).

This means that each video has as many shares as you decide / pick from the beginning.

Hence a better change of virality.

And since March of this year you can embed the native videos of Facebook as well as YouTube videos in your blog posts and websites.

Are there any defects?

This software was developed by the same developer as for Explanation 3.0, the best video creation tool on the market for animation and sketch videos.

Of course, this built-in video authoring tool is not as advanced as Explaindio, but I really like the simple and fast build capabilities.

I have tested the software and it works as intended. Technically, I have found no major mistakes or defects.

One feature I miss is the ability to add CTA or release buttons while the video is playing.

You can currently only use the CTA at the end of the video.

I would also like to have a registration form as a call for action.

Of course, you can redirect your viewers at the end of the video and send them to any URL (your viewer clicks the CTA button and is sent to a squeeze page), but it would be nice to get this feature overlayed on the video itself ,

But overall this is great software.

Why should you buy Social Video Spark?

With Social Video Spark, you can monetize any (viral) video and publish it in Facebook in multiple groups, pages, and profiles with just one click. You can easily add intros, branding, outros and call-to-actions to your videos. And you use Facebook's in-line video player, which allows more views and interactions than publishing videos directly from other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.


This product is currently on the market, but I have received the white label rights.

So you can buy them Lifetime license for Social Video Spark for a one-time payment of $ 47.00. (Original price: $ 17.00 monthly fee or $ 47.00 annual fee).

This offer is only available via the links on this page.

Do not hesitate and secure your copy for a one-time special price.

Like all my offers, this offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

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