Split Test Monkey Review and Bonus


Split test monkeys logoproduct: Shared test monkey
kind: Web-based software
price: 37.00 USD
Creator: Promotelabs
Split Test Monkey is a web-based conversion optimization tool that can be used to split different pages (URLs) and dynamic elements into pages. It's the perfect app to test and optimize your sales pages, landing pages, blogs, widget sections, banners, and other important web features.

Best split test tool for marketers?

Split Test Monkey Review and Bonus

What is Split Test Monkey?

Split Test Monkey is new web-based conversion optimization tool for dividing different pages (URLs) and dynamic elements into pages,

It's the perfect app to test and optimize your sales pages, landing pages, blogs, widget sections, banners, and other important web features.

What makes Split Test Monkey so unique?

Most split testing scripts and platforms are either part of other software (eg page builders) or expensive (monthly fees!) Or difficult to set up and configure (or both).

With Split Test Monkey, you do not have to install any software yourself or pay recurring fees.

You simply log in to your web-based app and can immediately start testing and optimizing your marketing pages.

Split Test Monkey is also easy to use. You can set up your campaigns very quickly and keep control of all your campaigns from a central dashboard.

You can even set rules when to stop the split test (number of days, views, or conversions!), And from that moment on, show only the winning element or winning page to all future visitors.

What types of tests can you do?

You can run either full split URL / website tests or dynamic A / B snippet tests.

As the name suggests, with the Share URL / website You have split test-full websites (eg different URLs).

You can split the test into 2 to 6 individual websites. Simply add your various URLs and the software creates a special rotator link.

Now every new visitor sees only one of the shared test websites (all pages have the same chance of being called up).

Of course, each time the visitor returns, the same website is displayed to ensure consistency (using browser cookies).

With A / B Dynamic Snippet Testing, You only tested a single item on your website. In this test, all visitors will see the same URL and the item will be rotated dynamically and directly on your webpage.

Dynamic testing is great for testing page elements such as headlines, warranties, images, videos, buttons, banners, ads, calls to action, or even entire blocks on your page.

Again, you can test two (and up to six) individual variations of each element in a test, with each variant displayed equally on all visits.

Key features of Split Test Monkey:

  • Web-based app, Therefore it works on Mac and PC as well as on any device with internet connection.
  • Easy to use and highly effective user interface, This software is super easy to use, no previous knowledge required.
  • Unlimited tests on unlimited domains, There are no restrictions on the number of tests or the number of URLs used.
  • Shared URL / website tests, Test between 2 and 6 different websites.
  • A / B Dynamic Snippet Testing, Try different elements (snippet codes) on one page.
  • 3 alternative test options:

    • Auto Optimizer. Simply select your "rules", e.g. For example, how long the test is run, how many conversions are required at least before a winner can be called, and the confidence requirements.
    • Conversion race. Simply choose how many conversions the winning element / page should achieve so that it is declared the winner.
    • Manual mode. Don't set rules in advance, choose them later based on all the data.
  • Intuitive analysis Information about access, conversions and other helpful campaign data (campaign settings: test type, start date, trust requirement, etc.)

Watch the demo / sales video (from 4:56 pm demo):

Are there any defects?

The software is easy to use and comes with clear video tutorials.

Even if you don't know anything about code snippets or HTML codes, you will learn how to split test elements and use the right code for your pages.

In addition, all your shared test pages (or dynamic elements) will be displayed the same. You cannot set the percentage. For example, show one page in 25% of cases and the other in 75%.

Of course, the idea of ​​split testing is to display pages equally, but there are situations where you may want to use different percentages.

Perhaps the most important fact to consider is that, as with all web-based solutions, you rely on the seller's servers (uptime and bandwidth) for your rotator links.

If your servers are not available, your pages will not be displayed.

Fortunately, the makers / sellers of Promotelabs are familiar with many other web-based "Monkey" products on the market.

PromoteLabs is one of the best sellers on JVZoo with a range of products (see Upsells!) And low reimbursement rates.

As far as I know, they are reliable and you can rely on the availability of your server.

Why should you buy Split Test Monkey?

Because this is the only standalone web-based app on the market that lets you easily split test pages and page elements without paying recurring (monthly) fees.

So this software fills a gap in the market.

And you can get this tool now for an incredible price …


For a limited time you can get Shared test Monkey Lifetime Pro Level access for a one-time fee of only 37.00 USD,

This license grants full access for a one-time payment. No monthly fee.

You can use Split Test Monkey for unlimited split test campaigns and you can use unlimited URLs.

The offer has one 60 = days no questions asked money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs


You can buy this as the first upsell Headlin-O-Matic add-on ($ 27.00 to $ 47.00). With this add-on you can create converting headlines for your sales pages, landing pages, blogs and emails. It comes with proven heading formulas. Simply enter your keyword and select one of the built-in headings.

As a second sale, you have the option of Monkey tools bundle (67.00 USD). Now you can save a bundle with 3 other products from the same seller with a huge discount: Countdown Monkey, Popup Monkey and Catcha Monkey (outbox and notification bar).

Commission Gorilla

As a third Upselling you can buy that Provision Gorilla – Lifetime Bundle Offer with a discount ($ 97.00 – regular price $ 211.00). This bundle consists of the add-ons "Commission Gorilla" and "The Review Block" as well as "The Sales Page By-Pass". The perfect page maker for promotions (bonuses) in the market.

As a fourth upsell, you can buy that Monkey Playr Bundle (67.00 USD). Now you get the Monkey Playr Pro version with the MailGate addon and a discount of 35%. The Monkey Playr is an advanced video player with many options for monetization and engagement.

As a fifth upsell, you can buy that Landing Page Monkey Bundle (47.00 USD). Now you get the Landing Page Monkey Pro version with additional bonuses for a 40% discount. Landing Page Monkey is the best-selling landing page builder on JVZoo ever!

As the sixth and final upsell, you can buy one Exclusive Video Licensing offer (67.00 USD). Now you get 5 video courses with full trademark rights that you can sell as your own products.

My Split Test Monkey Bonus

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So if you already have one, you probably do not need a split-test monkey.

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