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StopMotionCreator logo Smallproduct: Stop Motion Creator
kind: Desktop Software (PC / Mac)
price: $ 27.95 to $ 29.95
Creator: Andrew Darius – To explain

Stop Motion Creator is desktop software (for PC and Mac) that lets you turn any video into a stop motion video with just a few clicks.

New automatic stop motion video creator

Stop Motion Creator

What is Stop Motion Creator?

Stop Motion Creator is desktop software (for PC and Mac) that lets you create stop motion videos.

A stop motion video? What is Stop Motion?

Stop motion (or stop-frame animation) is an animation technique that makes any object look like it's moving on its own. The object (or a flat image or paper cutout) is moved in small increments between individual photos or frames, creating the illusion of motion when the sequence of photos or frames is rendered to the viewer.

In essence, it's a technique to create a video where the video "jumps" from scene to scene. However, if you play fast or have enough scenes, you will not see the jumps, and it looks like the object in the scene is moving naturally.

Stop Motion Creator does just that the contrary

It takes snapshots (ie, scenes) from an existing video and later renders them to a new stop-motion video or GIF.

Why would you do that?

You can achieve eye-catching, exciting and cool effects by playing with the freeze period and the density.

Specifically, if you also purchase the Pro Upgrade, which allows you to use more than one marker (a selected time frame in the video) and set the speed for both a regular video part and a specific marked stop motion part of your video. (Note that you can tailor your videos with the Pro Upgrade in the software).

Sounds complicated?

No, it's pretty easy.

How does Stop Motion Creator work?

Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload any desired video to Stop Motion Creator (just drag and drop).
  2. Choose the freeze period and density of your stop-motion video and preview your video. If you have the Pro Upgrade, you can crop your video first and set the speed for your markers (regular video part or stop motion part).
  3. Choose your export format (see below) and render and download your video.

Take a look at the two demo videos below …

Main front-end demo video:

Pro upgrade demo video:

(Note: you can only buy those Per upgrade after you bought the main frontend)

Stop exporting Motion Creator formats

Stop Motion Creator export formats

With Stop Motion Creator you can create mp4 or mov Videos or GIFs,

You can also export in the following formats:

  • Choose the sizeAspect ratio as 16: 9, 9:16, square or Facebook header format.
  • Choose resolution: 640 × 360, 854 × 480, 1280 × 720, 1920 × 1080, 2560 × 1440, 3840 × 2160.
  • Choose the frame rate, FPS.

Unsatisfied? Simply delete a marker and repeat the process by playing with the Freeze and Speed ​​settings or selecting different export formats.

And of course, after creating your new stop motion video in virtually any video editor you can upload as VideoBuilder app. Explain it. Reevio. Camtasia, Etc.

Theoretically, you can create hundreds and even thousands of stop motion videos from a video.

Why should you create stop motion videos?

First, you can turn your existing regular videos into attention-grabbing GIFs.

There are many places where you can not publish your video directly, but you can use GIFs.

Just remember to include them in your emails or social networks without video support like Tumblr.

By using GIFs, you stimulate users to click on the image and watch your video.

But most of you are likely to use the software to make stop-motion videos, as you can achieve cool eye-catching effects, as you can see in this teaser video …

Are there any defects?

This software was developed by the same developer as for Explanation 3.0 and many other video creation tools. They have a dedicated support team and are always on the lookout for new techniques and new products.

Stop Motion Creator is currently the world's first stop-motion video app in the market.

I have tested the software and it works as intended. Rendering takes less than a minute (this of course depends on how long your original video lasts).

Technically, I have found no major mistakes or defects.

However, to make the most of it, I recommend buying the front-end and pro-upgrade. By "playing" with speed and using multiple markers (periods with different freeze and / or speed options), you can turn any boring video into a high-speed, eye-catching video.

Why should you buy Stop Motion Creator?

With Stop Motion Creator, you can turn any video into video motion video with just a few clicks.


At the moment you can buy them Stop Motion Creator with the commercial license for $ 29.95.

You can install Stop Motion Creator on either a PC or a Mac that you own.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the opportunity to buy the upgrade Stop Motion Creator Pro (67.00 USD). Now you can shrink your video in the software, speed up your frames and use more than one "marker" (ie use the still and / or speed markers in different areas of your video).

As a second seller you get the Stop the Motion Creator Pro template pack (67.00 USD). Now you get 3,000 royalty-free, hand-picked marketing HD videos.

As a second seller you get the Stop the automated traffic in Motion Creator (67.00 USD). With this add-on, you can automatically publish / schedule your stop-motion videos on up to 17 social media networks at once for instant traffic.

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