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Survay logo smallproduct: Survay
kind: Cloud-based software
price: 67.00 USD p / m
Creator: Chad Nice
New integrated platform for surveys / applications and appointments. Easily qualify your leads with an application form (survey) and let them make an appointment on the calendar (or send unqualified leads to any URL you want). Huge time savings (and pre-qualification) for any company that offers mid-to-high ticket class coaching webinars or (private) consulting services.

New integrated platform for surveys / questionnaires / applications and appointments

Survay Review and Bonus

What is Survay?

Survay is a cloud-based application with two main modules:

  1. Surveys and questionnaires (eg for subscriptions or applications).
  2. personal organizer,

And the best…

You can integrate these 2 together (i.e. link) and only show the organizer for qualified leads based on the answers in the survey / application form (and send all unqualified leads to any URL).

You can score points for each answer, and to qualify for the lead, you should receive a fixed number of points.

What makes Survay so special?

As far as I know, it's the first application that combines surveys with a scheduler based on given answers.

Survay is great for Prequalify leads and for Sales of coaching webinars or (private) advisory services in the medium to high ticket class,

After a single setup everything was fully automatic,

You can even do it automatically Send unlimited email reminders to your applicants.

Steps to set up your survey:

  1. Ask your questions (see below).
  2. Optionally, you can reorder the questions. Note: You can choose a different order for each survey type (App / Site / Web).
  3. Add custom titles, description, and footer customizations and select Survey colors and Background image. Plus you can add a video between the title / description and before the questions!
  4. Add 1 automated actions. For example, send qualified leads to the appointment page. Or send unqualified leads to the default URL or lead capture page. (You can add more automated actions with Pro Upgrade.)
  5. Share and publish.

3 publication types:

Survay automatically creates 3 types of surveys, each with a different layout (however, you only need to create the questionnaire once):

  • Application overview. This is just a simple black / white / gray shape without all of the complacency as you can see this example,
  • Website Survey. This is a one-page form where you can choose your colors and background image ugly example).
  • Web survey. Here you can also choose your colors and background, but the viewer must use the arrows to see each question separately from left to right (see example).

You can also use the as a publishing option Poll widget, The widget consists of a few clickable icons that you can place on any website you control. You can add your survey, registration form, email subscription and the Call Now icon to the widget.

What kind of questions can you ask?

There are several types of questions you can ask:

  • Closed 2 Answer questions (as J / N questions).
  • Questions with multiple answers.
  • Open questions with text field answers.
  • Date questions (e.g. birthday).
  • Questions about the star rating.
  • Questions about personal information (name, email address, telephone, etc.)

You can set the following for each question:

  • Activate qualification criteria
  • Mandatory?
  • Multiple choice?
  • Points for each different answer.

Steps to set up your appointment page:

  1. Date basis: name, description, type of instructions, description instructions. And optional if you upgrade to PRO: Fee for appointment Y / N.
  2. Available options: appointment length, start / end date, (maximum) number of participants, availability (define time blocks or use standard settings as in the advanced settings).
  3. Advanced settings: date buffer (before / after), advance / limit bookings (minimum days in advance and maximum days in the future), Busy look (Fill time blocks), allow changes Y / N.
  4. Form fields and reminders. Required form fields (such as name, email, address, location, phone). Use email reminders Y / N and choose standard or specific reminder settings.
  5. Add automated actions. For example, send qualified leads to the appointment page. Or send unqualified leads to the default URL or lead capture page.
  6. Add adjustments as logo, profile picture, display of social symbols Y / N, activate videos (add videos to the appointment page), set the URL redirection after the scheduled appointment. Plus optional (Pro Upgrade) Show similar events J / N.
  7. Share and publish. Publish on the page hosted by Survay, embed it on your own website, or use the script code to display it as a widget.

There is an easy-to-use plug-in that lets you view all your surveys and appointments that have been linked together (as automated actions).

Watch the full webinar from Chad Nicely, the provider, and show all the details:

Main features of Survay:

  • Unlimited number of surveys and appointments, Yes, you can create multiple appointments and use them with the same calendar.
  • 3 types of surveys: Application survey, web survey and site survey.
  • Time window, Use standard or specific time slots, select your time zone, "Busy" settings, buffer zones, and Google Calendar integration.
  • Customization & branding For surveys and appointment pages.
  • language settings, Use Survay in any language you want.
  • GotoMeeting & Zoom integration, Other key integration features with key ESPs, marketing / webinar / meeting software, and payment providers will be added soon.
  • mobile-friendly, Survay is 100% compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Statistics & Reporting, Easy-to-use dashboard with general and specific details per survey / appointment with all conversion statistics with CSV file export function.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and all pages are hosted for you, Thus, you can reach your dashboard from any browser and device. Nothing to install and super easy to use.
  • Training videos & support, Although Survay is easy to use, you can always read the tutorial tutorials or contact support.
  • Additional bonus: High Ticket Masterclass,

How can you use Survay?

Of course, you can use Survay as a stand-alone application to create survey and / or organizer pages.

However, the real strength lies in the integration of these two modules.

Now you can have your subscribers fill in any questions you have and then make an appointment (if qualified).

So be creative and think about the new possibilities.

Some examples:

  • Use the scheduler for your next (paid) webinar and ask not only for the personal data, but also for the topics that your participants would like to discuss.
  • Automate your scheduling with the complete autopilot. It does not matter if you are a consultant, dentist or other person using appointments with their clients. You can use Survay to ask your customers all sorts of questions they want to know before they attend your appointment (on-site or online).
  • Qualify leads in advance in different segments and offer different solutions (e.g. different appointments based on knowledge, different price levels, different CTAs – send them to different sales or websites).

Are there any defects?

If you only need a survey tool or just an application planning tool, there are other and cheaper solutions. If you want to combine these two tools, Survay is the only application known to me that has linked these two separate tools together in one application.

The software itself is easy to use, just follow the steps (as described above) and it works smoothly.

Although you can customize multiple settings and choose from several styles, there's no drag and drop editor that lets you customize your pages inch by inch.

That said, you probably won't need this kind of detailed style adjustment. At least the pages are mobile and look professional to me.

(Note: In my opinion, the examples of website and web surveys in the demo video look very ugly, but you choose your own colors and background image to match your style.)

In addition, I would have expected greater integration with at least the major autoresponders and payment providers (but the providers have indicated on the sales side that they will add them soon).

However, after you go to the sales page of the Survay ProI now understand what the sellers have done …

You have generously added these features not in the main front-end product, but in the Pro Upgrade.

To get the most out of Survay, you will likely need to upgrade (see below).

Why should you buy Survay?

Survay is the only application I know of that can combine surveys and scheduling into one application. It's perfect to qualify leads with a survey and only send qualified leads to your appointment page (and send unqualified visitors to a URL you want). Especially for consultants or others who sell mid to high ticket class coaching webinars or (private) consulting services.

Or use it as an automated scheduling system where you can ask your participants to fill out your survey form in advance (ideal for dentists, doctors, etc.).

A great application for any company that uses appointments and wants to know more about their leads / customers before the actual appointment takes place.

Price & vouchers

You can get access Survay for $ 67.00 a month.

(Note: Although there is a lifetime price on the sales page, this lifetime offer has been closed and you can only opt for monthly membership.)

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility of an upgrade to Survay Pro ($ 197.00 per year). Survay Pro gives you the following additional features:

  • Lead gates and exits. Instead of asking visitors to enter their email address in the survey form, you now have more powerful options. Either use a lead gate before the survey can be completed, or ask for completion of the survey or even after qualification. Plus with Pro you can finish
  • Automated actions. As far as I know, you can use several automated actions with Pro and combine them into a "campaign" (or use Exit Lead Gates as additional automated actions).
  • Show related dates.
  • Costs for appointments.
  • 60 templates for your surveys.
  • Additional widget functions, such as those triggered when the window was exited and / or when the page was loaded.
  • Integration of payment providers with Stripe and PayPal.
  • Infusionsoft Integration. Assign triggers and tags to specific actions (send, (dis) qualify).

As the second and last upselling, you get that Survay Agency / Reseller Rights ($ 1,997.00).

Now you can sell Survay to your own customers (unlimited licenses) and bill for any amount and withhold 100% of the profits yourself. Your customers will receive their own subscription link and exactly the same application as the one Survay Pro Buyers. Fully rebrandable with your own logo and your brand name!

My survay bonus

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