Sell The Trend : The best tool to find winning products?


Kenny here and today is looking at Sell The Trend, a tool that helps you find successful products for your dropshipping business.

I currently have a subscription so you do not need to rip screenshots like other users in this review, but get a glimpse of the product. And – I will actually use it and show you examples.

That way I can show you around, tell you what it does and how it can benefit you. I'll say it now, so I suspect I'm spoiling it – it's a very good piece of online software. It's a great tool.

If you're excited and want instant gratification (and have already taken my word!), You can download your free 7-day trial here.

For those who like to read – let's move on!

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When you sign up for SellTheTrend, it will split into several different “discoverers”.

When I logged in when I was creating this post, there were over 3.2 million active products in the database, including 45,280 new ones. This changes daily.

These “discoverers” are research tools that you can use for various platforms, and I'll go through all of them and their functions.

Here is the list of available explorers:

  • The nexus
  • AliExpress Explorer
  • Amazon Explorer
  • Shopify Explorer
  • Facebook Explorer

The Nexus Explorer

Sell ​​The Trend sees this tool as the “holy grail” of successful product discovery.

I now sign up for this tool and find an item that sells well, and show you what data you can research to see if it suits your business or not.

Just in time for winter, as I write this article in November, this is a seasonal product that seems to be very popular. Luckily I do not need to worry about snow right now because I'm in it south East Asia, but my daily driver in Canada stays out and in winter it's no fun to clean the windshield of ice and snow.

So this product is perfect and in fact I only have ordered it for me on AliExpress and probably sells this product on one of my stores.

Let's break that down …

You can see that it is Sold in 43 popular shops as you can read above. This means that 43 different Shopify stores sell exactly this product. I have also seen variations of this product being sold, so this item is in vogue.

If I click on Saves trend As seen in the upper right of the second image, this diagram is displayed. This shows you the timeline where genuine Shopify stores added exactly this article.

You see the exact stores they've added, and when you go to their store, you can even see what they are selling for even more product research!

This is great and all the stores have recently added this item, but is it still selling?

When I click the button product research I receive some important information about the sale of this product. You can see that sales picked up immediately after Halloween and received 413 orders for this product just two weeks later.

Total revenue is $ 8093.00 so far. Their cost for Aliexpress is $ 5.38, and you can sell it for about $ 19.60, yielding a profit of $ 14.22.

Another useful tool gives you the ability to see ads on Facebook for just that product. This information will inspire you to create your own ads for this product. You can get this by clicking on the Facebook image below.

AliExpress Explorer

With this tool you can determine daily which products become viral in the sale. If you use AliExpress for your dropshipping business (and you should!), This tool saves you time and allows you to retrieve data at the push of a button.

Look at the graphic below for the following product.

It went from 131,130 sales to 196,884 sales in about a week. That's 65,754 sales. That's pretty crazy.

Imagine only part of these sales.

It was really easy to find this because the graphics are on the right when you open the explorer, so you can see the peaks as follows:

I love this tool because you can Easily recognize products who sell like crazy and act immediately by adding them to your business. That's powerful stuff!

There are other tools in AliExpress Explorer that I really liked and that allow you to compete with competitors. I found these two very helpful and allowed myself to find some products that I will definitely test. They are:

  • New Stars – “Hidden Gems”, identified by the software as products that are becoming increasingly popular
  • Favorites – This tool allows you to track an AliExpress article that for some reason is not included in the SellTheTrend library. Just enter the URL and the software starts to track it for you.

If you're a dropshipper on Shopify and you rely a lot on AliExpress, I do not know why you do not want that data. Seriously, it's so good.

Amazon Explorer

The Amazon Explorer works much like the AliExpress Explorer, but is more product-related than the products sold.

To illustrate how this works and how you can use Amazon data to find products for your Shopify store, go to Amazon Explorer and search for a product.

So I found an interesting product that I never knew existed. As an audiophile I was fascinated by this product. However, I do not have a tape recorder in any of my cars, so I can not really use it. I'm sure some will do that and the proof is in the sale!

If you're wondering what the hell it is, when you put the cassette in your car's tape recorder, you can plug the cable into your smartphone or tablet and play music through the car's audio system.

Let's see why this product is so popular.

If we look at the chart, the lower the number, the better. Remember that this is ranked. So if it's in first place, that's way better than 99 and so on.

How can you use this data for your own business? If you look at the second image from up here, you will see AMAZON on the left and then ALIEXPRESS. When you click on AliExpress, AliExpress displays many different options for the same product.

This sells for only $ 1.19 + .68 cents shipping to the US.

You can easily sell this for $ 15 in your store and win $ 13.13 each.

Or compare the price on Amazon and make with each sold a profit of around 10 USD.

There was a lot of it on AliExpress and this particular sold 1695 units so far.

In addition, the Amazon Explorer, like the AliExpress tool, offers more options. In the section “New Stars” you will find all the products that have gained momentum.

I also like the “Hidden Gems” report, which shows you products that are not necessarily the highest rank, but that show the first signs of success. If you bet early on one of these products, this may be your next winner.

If you start to notice that this tool has some real advantages over the lack, I agree with you.

Sell ​​the trend

To make the transition easier, you have to

Shopify Explorer

As a dropshipper you will want to know what your competitors are doing. The Shopify Explorer is a fantastic tool that can ethically “spy on” your competition.

There are a few tools in this tool that I like. First is the “Product Explorer”. With this tool, you only need to enter a niche and then be able to see all the products sold in Shopify stores in this niche. It's a great way to find product ideas.

Or you can enter a product like a “bracelet” and even narrow it down to “lion's bracelet” or something similar. You will get an overview of the products in this category and the shops in which they are offered.

The next tool in Shopify Explorer is this Store Explorer.

With this tool you can view thousands of stores and see which products they add daily. I apologize for the little text, it was difficult to blow up!

You can add any of these stores to your “Favorites” and SellTheTrend will email you every time a new product is added to the store. Another great way to find products.

With this information, you can use the tools of SellTheTrend to research this new product by checking it on Amazon or on AliExpress. Or, even better, add the product to the Nexus tool to see if other stores are also selling this product, and also to retrieve data.

This automation is a great way to bet early on trends that have a big edge over your competition if you do not have SellTheTrend.

Facebook Explorer

With this tool, you can display ads in both images and videos that are currently displayed on Facebook, and it provides valuable data to start.

For each ad, you can see:

  • Most views
  • Most comments
  • Most reactions
  • Most stocks
  • Most clicks

If you've already researched Facebook, you'll probably remember how many hours you spent analyzing all of this data. So you can see how much time you save for the search.

You can use this tool to search each niche or product to retrieve that data. Use it as a source of inspiration for ads and to get solid data about advertised products and their performance. You also get access to how many clicks an ad received.

Other tools that come with the sale of the trend

The above tools are your most important, but the tools do not stop there. With your subscription you also get the following tools:

Facebook Audience Builder

This tool will give you some ideas for creating audiences in Facebook for your targeting. Choose one of the preselected categories and continue from there. You can also enter your niche to get some ideas. However, I suggest that you understand how to approach the audience in the right way with some Good eCom training first.

Video Creator

Another tool for Facebook, with which you can create videos from pictures. You can retrieve these images from a URL or manually. Then select the music from the library and some other options available to create a custom video for use in Facebook ads.

I've created a video for you and girls (or whatever you identify as lol) that uses this tool as a test to see what it looks like. It is not bad at all. Facebook also has one, but this one is easy and quick to use.

It took less than a minute, so of course you need a bit more time to make it look better, but it was super easy.

Engagement rating calculator

This tool looks at influencers to see if they are a good fit for promoting your products or not. Metrics for Instagram and Twitter are considered.

I'll use Instagram as an example of how this tool works. When you find an influencer you want to work with, you need to know if there is a relationship between the number of followers and the engagement.

If not, you probably should not work with them. Look at the corresponding pages and estimate the number of average likes (choose 6 pictures) and the average number of comments.

Then enter these numbers along with the total number of sub-counters in the tool to get an idea of ​​whether their followers are very committed or not.

In this case, the Instagram Influencer has 50,000 subs and I averaged the average of likes from 9 posts to about 400 posts with comments averaging 5. When I clicked on “Get Engagement Rating”, this was the result:

So right off the bat, you can see that this is a poor engagement score and it's probably not an influencer you want to work with. There may be quite a few fake accounts that follow. You can better judge this with this tool.

You can also do this manually by looking at the engagement yourself without using the tool, but it does provide a visual perspective.

discovery machine

I think this tool was “thrown in” to fill that category, but when I think about it, it's easy to find and enjoy some interesting products.

Connect Shopify Store

This tool simply connects your Shopify shop with Sell The Trend so you can use all the features.

success Academy

The Success Academy is basically a mini-course on dropshipping. Topics include a brief introduction to Dropshipping, Store & Business Setup, Adding Products, Fullfilment, Influencer Marketing and Facebook Marketing.

If you have never completed dropshipping training, I recommend that you take a look at mine Review of this dropshipping course That's cheap and one of the best there is right now.

Facebook Group

As a member of the service you will get access to the Facebook group. Currently there are about 1400 members and growing. It's a great place to answer some questions and get help.

You can also contact Sell The Trend directly if you need help outside the Facebook group.


There are many training courses on Sell The Trend within the course and everything is based on videos. The training is clear and easy to follow.

How much does the sale of the trend cost?

If you want it now – You can get it for free with a 7-day trial.

After that, it's $ 39.97 a month, or $ 32.97 a month, if you buy it for the entire year in advance. I would just go with the month so you can quit anytime it does not work for you.

And if not – maybe you are not using it properly. So be active in the Facebook group if you need help!

Should you buy to sell the trend?

To be honest, most of the features of this tool can be done manually. However, this will take a lot of time. The tool essentially saves time.

Remember, this time savings is invaluable. As you spend less time searching for products and analyzing data, you're less stressed, less time spent on other things, and more interesting.

The tool is fun and it's amazing how fast you can find the products you want to test. Before this tool came out, I spent HOURS searching. This shortens my research time by at least 80%.

If any, Sign up for the free trial to check it because you have nothing to lose.

Any questions? Answer below or send me an e-mail.


To make the transition easier, you have to

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