The Realistic Entrepreneur Course Review


Youtuber Adam Thomas is someone you might follow if you're a fan of e-commerce. You've probably noticed that he has gone dark for a few months and for good reason. He has been busy with many things, such as opening his retail store, building his new course, managing his e-commerce sales, and creating software. That sounds like a handful, especially for a man who is only 20 years old. Most 20-year-old men are probably much more interested in chasing girls than building a business!

He has also cuddled with people like Kevin David, Dan Dasilva and Dan Lok. These guys are pretty big names in the industry, so I imagine he has some good networking tips with these guys.

If you ask yourself, he will return to Youtube shortly. He claims that the quality with a new production setup is also much better.

A former course called the Dropshipping Accelerator Training Program is now obsolete and will no longer be sold.

The Dropship CEO Executive Membership & Free Course Overview

I subscribed to his e-mail list some time ago and he is promoting a free course that is a gateway to his paid course. In the e-mails you receive, he has a completely different strategy to set up his paid course. He invites you to a free one-on-one interview with him, but here's his paid course – The executive membership of Dropship CEO.

The course costs $ 1297 or 3 monthly installments of $ 497. Remember that this is not mentioned in the emails. Everything is revealed in the call with him, so you decide to take this path.

The free program is just a preview of the paid program. I have not gone down this rabbit hole yet, but maybe out of curiosity.

However, today's focus is on his free course, which I'll tell you about. If you decide to, you will have to wait until the modules are unlocked to continue. But do not worry, I've been through it all so I can give you a little taste without waiting.

Here is a screenshot of the course overview:

Day 1 – The basics

In this video, Adam treats some different topics. The first point that is discussed is how you can achieve results with this free program. He introduces some of his students who claim to have earned money with ecom after completing their paid course. Immediately in the first module of free training, you are convinced that you MUST pay for the full course to be successful.

This is useful if you say you get what you pay for.

On the first day, you will be asked to download a cheatsheet entitled "Dropshipping for Beginners" that covers all the basics.

Day 2 – Search for award winning products

We all know you need to find successful products to earn money with Ecom. This video is a basic guide on how to get started. Here, Adam exposes the myths about finding products, explains how to catch the next tidal wave and its system for finding products. He advertises a tool to find the best products, but if you try to get the free trial, you'll be put on a waiting list.

You'll also learn how to find the best rivals and steal their winners, as well as a bonus section on the 125 best dropshippers.

Here you can download cheat sheets to find winning products, top competitors and promotional items.

Day 3 – Build Your Superstar Store

Here are more downloadable instructions, including a guide to creating a business, a checklist for setting up a business, successful policies for doing business (how a successful business works, etc.), and action items.

Day 4 – First Free Sales

In this lesson, Adam talks about the first mistake Shopify deals make before they even go online. He talks about another strategy that's not often heard, and that's the concept of making sales for you free of charge with affiliates – it's not exactly free, because both parties have to somehow benefit.

Basically, this entire module sets up a partner program for others to promote your shop. In this module, there are more cheatsheets that you can download to explain the whole process.

Day 5 – Reach the next level

This is the conclusion of the mini-course and here Adam will give you the idea to work with him 1-to-1. It is linked to a course called Dropshipping Accelerator Bootcamp 2.0.

However, if you click on the link, there is a sales page but no links to buy. Is this also closed?

Why did I check this free material?

Since you can already view all these things for free, I've still decided to do a review so you do not have to wait for A) to get the content unlocked to see what you're getting, and B) emphasize that always gives a hook to a free giveaway.

Now I will praise Adam on this free course for which he has spent much time and effort. For a newcomer who knows nothing about Ecom, it's a great introduction.

However, if you want to be successful in this business, you have to take your competitors apart. The only way to do that is to make sure you have the best possible training.

If you have trained and failed in the past, it is not your fault. If you have not tried it honestly and given it up after a while, then you know that you alone are to blame. But if you tried and failed, training may have failed.

You could schedule a call to Adam and see what his pitch is, expect a prize, or you could invest in my recommended ecommerce course # 1, which is Ecom Elites.

This course was created by Franklin Hatchett, who specializes in Ecom. He has his own shops and goes for a walk. He has MANY successful students who have participated in his program. You can also be one of them if you actually invest time and get the job done.

The best, You do not have to spend over a grand on the way to the ecom rockstar. This course costs only $ 197 or $ 297 for the upgrade package and comes with a money-back guarantee. With over 170 videos in Facebook and Google Ads training, chat bot, SEO, funnel training and more, this is a complete course.

I'd like to encourage you to read my review here to find out why this is right for you.


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