Top Programs for Beginners in 2019


Probably my favorite affiliate marketing course and for good reason. Franklin Hatchett's strategies are excellent, offering a TON of value in a course that costs only $ 197 for the Standard Rate and $ 297 for the newly updated "Super" version.

When I got my hands on the course for the first time, I expected much less content and price-based strategies. The amount of work put into this course is crazy about what you have to pay for.

With Savage Affiliates, you'll learn how to find deals, create a website / blog, create landing pages, and other resources. Learn how to make money with Clickbank, Amazon, and other affiliate networks. You will also learn how to use SEO, free traffic, and paid traffic to drive traffic to your listings.

There is also e-mail marketing and sales training. It comes with a money back guarantee and full support, including a Facebook group. It's really a complete course and newcomers will love it. This course will help you create a passive income and, in my opinion, is the best option for someone who is new.

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# 2 – The Authority Site System – Gael Breton & Mark Webster

Last month, when I was in Thailand, I participated in this free webinar hosted by Gael Breton, the co-founder of Authority Hacker. I had some time to kill while I was on the beach, expecting to close it after a few minutes.

To my surprise, the training fascinated me. The reason? That's what I do when I create a new affiliate site. He taught strategies in a webinar that you will not hear anywhere else. I told him what he said and even took a few hints here and there.

I bought the $ 599 discounted rate, so can you Grab this deal here as long as you trade within a few days. It is not a scarcity tactic – it will actually increase!

The training is excellent and will help you to build an asset that will bring you money not only in your sleep but also in the coming years. Construction sites like these are moving in passive income I think that is the best way to make money, and that's what I do. This course is excellent in how you build it.

I suggest you take an hour and time Take a look at the webinar if you have not seen it yet.

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# 3 – Super Affiliate System 2.0 – John Crestani

The "Super Affiliate System 2.0" is an affiliate marketing course developed by John Crestani. You may have heard of his previous course – Internet Jet Set. His latest course focuses on paid traffic to lead targeted customers to your offers.

This is a 6-week intensive course where you will learn everything you need to know about paid advertising, copywriting, sales etc. The focus is on helping you build and grow a paid traffic strategy business.

The course is the most expensive with $ 997.

I can only recommend this course if you are not interested in free or organic traffic and have the budget to show ads. Paid traffic can be very profitable if done right.

As you take this course, you become a paid traffic expert.

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Final thoughts on the top affiliate marketing courses for 2019

Luckily you only have 3 options to choose from. Currently, these are the only affiliate marketing courses that I can recommend to you.

There are a lot of courses and, frankly, most are crap. Do not even let me start with push-button classes that promise you wealth overnight. I feel bad for people who invest in this garbage. If this has happened to you in the past, you can be sure that I will never recommend such trash on my blog. I only recommend courses that prepare you for success. But … they all take work and the willingness to succeed. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts here.

Affiliate marketing costs a lot of work. If you are unable to work through the materials in these courses, gather information, and put everything into practice, just forget to waste your money on a course. Those who cling to it will actually begin to see results, scale and finish their daily work.

If you can spend at least a few hours a day working on your business, you can do just fine. Surely you have days off to do other things. You do not have to be a slave to your business, but you should always plan and plan, write things down and plan ahead.

Are you just wondering where you want to be in a year? Still in the same position or something else?

Act! Until next time…

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