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Youtuber Travis Marziani advises on his Youtube channel to open his own shop at Shopify. He also covers other topics such as Amazon FBA, how to set virtual assistants, business tips, WordPress tutorials, and more.

Who is Travis Marziani?

Travis is an entrepreneur who quit his business job 6 years ago. Good for him. Since then he has been working online and even created his own brand called "Performance Butter". He prefers that you also create your own brand around a passion product.

His current subscriber base is close to 30,000 and according to Socialblade he receives an average of 56 subscribers per day – not bad. His traffic looks normal and does not seem to buy traffic from incomplete sources.


On his youtube channel, if you're up for itFree Ecommerce Success Pack"You will receive an e – mail that will give you a" Gateway "website named" Effective Ecommerce "when you click the button.

Here, he offers free advice on ecommerce issues such as building an online ecommerce business, avoiding mistakes, tutorials, and more. He promotes his Shopify link heavily and offers a 30-minute consultation when signing up with Shopify via his link. The link I just deleted is mine – see what I've just done there, lol.

He also has some videos on his website that cover topics such as store design, merchant services, snapchat and mobile marketing, tax tips, and more. These videos are from the year 2016, ie from the Ecom world eons ago. Some are still relevant.

Paid courses

In addition to Travis' free content on his YT channel and website, you can also purchase paid courses.

These courses are:

  • Google Adwords Product Listing Course – $ 147
  • Facebook Ads Beginner Course – 197 US dollars
  • 25K Ecommerce Winning Plan – 197 US dollars
  • Passion Product Course – 497 dollars

Google "Adwords" course

The first Google Adwords course I can tell you is outdated, as Google has just renamed it Google Ads. In this lesson, he'll show you how to set up AdWords (the new UI, by the way, is completely different – I'm not sure if he'll update this), including conversion keywords, negative keywords, product lists, remarketing display ads, and find more.

In total, there are 7 modules with more than 5 hours content. Bonuses include a one-year membership with his private thinker, access to a premium checklist, and a free 30-minute coaching session – if you were one of the top 100 buyers.

Since Google Ads has been updated, most of this information is available free of charge. Google has some good tutorials that you can also find on Youtube.

Price – $ 147

Beginners Facebook course

The training here is decent enough with over 5 hours of content. Buyers also receive personal advice from Travis, provided they are one of the first 25 buyers. You will not know if you qualify unless you buy the course, it seems.

There are 7 modules in topics of:

  • Setup – FB page, pixels, booking calendar
  • Build your target group – branding, target groups, tips and tricks
  • Facebook Ads – best type of ads, including lead, video, conversion, remarketing
  • Tips to Create a Powerful Facebook Ad Power Editor & Split Test, Engagement
  • Review – Metrics, Columns, Overview

It's hard to say how old this class is, but the FB surface in the videos looks pretty new. Regardless of how often Facebook changes the user interface, the learned information should still be accurate.

The modules are quite typical of what you would find in other paid Facebook training sessions, so nothing really stood out here.

Price – 197 US dollars

25K ecommerce profit plan

This course is an example of how Travis made his own website from scratch to over $ 25,000 within a year. Well, that does not seem to be much of what you've seen from the other Youtube ecom gurus, but it shows you how to scale it.

The course covers how he did it, how to set up "Adwords" SEO and other e-commerce strategies. The course includes 10 modules with 10 hours of lessons.

The included modules are:

  • introduction
  • Set up your business
  • Onpage SEO and SEO Basics
  • Extended store setup
  • Social media
  • Off-page SEO, backlinks, press releases
  • content marketing
  • AdWords (Google ads)
  • Product List Ads (now known as Google Shopping)
  • conversions

He has put some excerpts from his course on the site, so you can view some of the content to get a sense of his teaching style.

Travis' teaching style is good and teaches in a matter that is friendly to newbies. However, I have not found any groundbreaking strategies that would separate this course from other similar ones that can be found online. The exception is that he shows one of his own stores, which most guru's do not thank him.

Price – 197 US dollars

Passion product course

This product is currently shown as closed and in beta. However, if you try to buy it, you will be taken to a checkout page. So you're not sure what it's about. It is with 497 US dollars the most expensive course in the world.

The course is for those who want to sell their own product on Amazon or on a Shopify website. Strategies include how to create a successful product idea, test your idea, work with manufacturers, get crowdfunding, set up your product, and so on.

If you would like to get your own product ready for the market, this course might be for you, but I would probably contact Travis directly to see what happens when the course is completed.

Last thoughts on Travis Marziani's courses

If you've been expecting an "all-learn" course where you can learn Facebook and Google ads, product research, Instagram training, SEO, sales funnels, chatbot training, and more, you may be a little disappointed with what he offers.

You would need to buy the Facebook training separately, as well as the Google Ads training and the 25K Ecommerce profit plan, to get a full course. At least something complete and you will spend $ 541 for all that.


If you would like to learn all the topics in these 3 courses as well as additional sales funnel, email marketing, chatbot training, and much more, I would recommend choosing Ecom Elites instead. It is much cheaper and covers everything you need to learn.

Ecom Elites was developed by Franklin Hatchett, a highly successful marketer and 2-point club winner of Clickfunnels. So you know he's proven to make money online. I'm sure you would rather learn from someone like that, right?

With all the competitors in Ecom you need the best possible training if you want to take over e-commerce. Without them you will end up like many others with failed businesses. Do not let that happen to you!

Check out my review of Ecom Elites now and see why this is my # 1 recommended dropshipping course.

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