UpViral Review and Bonus


UpViralproduct: UpViral
kind: Software (Saas)
price: $ 49.00 per month
Creator: Wilco de Kreij – Connect.io

UpViral is a cloud-based tool (SaaS) that makes it easy to create virus competitions, freebies, and sweepstakes. People can take part in your contest / giveaway by sharing your content across all major social networks or performing one or more custom actions (e.g. joining your FB group, subscribing to Messenger / Podcast / YouTube channel, Follow Visit them on Instagram / Twitter, visit website, leaving a comment). The more people share and perform actions, the more (entry) points they get and the higher the chance of winning the competition or getting more free rewards. It's a great list builder, a great virus sharing tool, and a smart incentive tool that can inspire and reward people for making your call to action.

New cloud-based tool for easy creation of virus competitions, sweepstakes and sweepstakes

UpViral Review and Bonus

What is UpViral?

UpViral is a cloud-based tool (SaaS) that makes it easy to create virus competitions, freebies, and sweepstakes. People can take part in your contest / giveaway by sharing your content on social networks or performing one or more custom actions.

The more people share and perform your actions, the more points they get and the higher the chance of winning the competition or getting more free rewards.

For each action, you can specify the number of points they should give.

What kind of custom actions?

Well, you can be as creative as you like, but think about it … people get points when they …

  • Join your FB group.
  • Subscribe to your FB Messenger bot or join a conversation on FB Messenger.
  • Subscribe to your podcast.
  • Subscribe to your YouTube channel or watch a video.
  • Follow us on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter or like one of your posts / stories.
  • Visit a website or leave a comment.
  • Install your app.
  • Etc.

Custom UpViral actions

UpViral supports the 5 most important social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

UpViral is one of the most effective tools for creating lists. So far, over 10 million leads have been generated for their customers.

In fact, UpViral drives millions of unique visitors to its customers. Every month!

You can advertise for any desired landing page. However, to get the best ROI and a “never ending” virus loop, you want to receive new emails and build your list by setting up a lead page. So think of a webinar registration page, an early bird subscription page for a new product, a squeeze page with freebie to join your list, etc.

The goal is for people to take your action (visit a website, generate a lead, or share your page) in order to win a prize against a change or receive a reward when they reach a certain number of entry points.

How does UpViral work?

Sign in to your application and create your campaign by giving it a name:

Step 1: Appearance Settings, Create your lead and thank you pages with the integrated templates. And set your social appearance settings (which of the 5 social networks you want to use).

Step 2: reward settings, Reward Points: You can choose how many entries someone receives for sharing (competition), generating leads, or visiting certain websites. Or enter your download pages for bonuses.

Step 3: Set up your general settings, Set up your autoresponder and create your follow-up e-mail series.

Step 4: publish your competition via the embed code on every website you control. You can either publish the competition on your website or display it as a popup.

Main features of UpViral

With UpViral you get the following features and benefits:

  • Simply simple step by step raffle / reward management system, Because it's cloud-based, you do not have to upload anything and access it from any device over an Internet connection.
  • Simple dashboard for the complete management of your campaigns, You can manage every aspect of your campaigns from a single dashboard.
  • Pre-made templates for your landing and thank you pages. Just take a template and customize it with the WYSIWYG editor. Or create several and split them up.
  • Unlimited competitions and rewards,
  • Supports social sharing in all major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest). You can completely customize the sharing of text messages and images for any social network (with simple preview mode).
  • Save and export email addresses, UpViral automatically saves all e-mail addresses of the participants that you can simply export as a CSV file.
  • Autoresponder (API) integration, Supports all major email service providers.
  • Enable / disable double opt-in emails, If this option is activated, your viewers must confirm their email address before the entry counts. A great way to make sure that no "fake" emails end up in your contest.
  • Use your own SMTP mail server, Just add your own stamp or SendGrid Account in the "General Settings" section of your account.
  • One-Click Signup & Share links for your current email subscribers, Super new cool feature. Now you can send emails to your existing subscribers asking them to automatically join your contest / sweepstakes with the right links (within the email) they can share to get their rewards.
  • Add custom fields (next to Name & Email). You can collect any type of information from your target audience (e.g. location, phone number, etc.).
  • Email automation and tracking system (to encourage participants to take more action and raise awareness of additional points).
  • A / B split test, Test multiple lead magnet pages to determine the best opt-in rates. Split several thank-you pages to get the page that is shared most often. Test multiple emails at once to find the best click / open rates.
  • Fully customizable recommendation and reward system, Rewards can be URLs, downloadable files, or coupon codes. Referral points can be awarded for signups, mediated visitors, or referral leads. And of course you can award (different) points for sharing in any social network.
  • Fully mobile optimized,
  • Automated security tool, Automatic fraud detection via cookies and IP tracking with reporting.
  • Built-in tracking system & statistics, Easily track the performance of all your campaigns and manage your leads.
  • Support and complete training in the UpViral Learning Center accessible via the dashboard.
  • and more

Watch the demo video for full instructions:

Update (June 20, 2018):

This demo video above was created before you could reward people for performing custom actions (not just sharing your content).

Watch this demo video to see which smart custom actions you can use …

Are there any defects?

With the latest upgrade, which also allows you to reward people performing custom actions, there are no shortcomings.

UpViral is very easy to use and I like the styling and the templates. I haven't found any major bugs or defects.

Why should you buy UpViral?

It is a great web-based tool for easily creating and managing social competitions. You can publish these competitions / rewards anywhere as a popup or on any website you control. Therefore, you do not need anything to run your campaigns (except an autoresponder) and can access your dashboard from any device with an internet connection.

It has all the features you need to set up, manage, and publish your competitions, encourage people to share your content, and / or make your custom call to action. It is unique that it also includes an integrated split testing and email autoresponder system, as well as high quality templates that you can use to create great looking competitions.


You can get access UpViral for a monthly fee of $ 49.00.

The offer has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Upsells and OTOs

The first OTO is ConnectAudience (Link to my full review). A great cloud-based tool that lets you automatically connect your favorite auto responder to Facebook Custom Audiences. With this tool, all of your segmented lists in your autoresponder are fully automatically updated as separate custom audiences in Facebook's Ad Manager.

Stop boring downloading .csv files and updating these lists on Facebook. Huge time savings and now you can finally laser align your Facebook ads to the right list segments.

The second OTO is ConnectLeads. Read my earlier Review about ConnectLeads to see why you need this tool too.

My UpViral Bonus

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Choose your bonus demo

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