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As a video marketer, you probably have one or more of the following video creation tools: Easy Sketch Pro. VideoMakerFX. Explain it and others like …

Brands of Video Creation Software

All great solutions. But everyone has a big disadvantage. You need attractive and up-converting vector graphics for your videos.

And as you probably know, vector graphics are expensive. A single quality vector image on popular image websites can cost at least $ 50.00.

That's why I've selected some great "image" packages from different vendors.

(If you buy through my links, you will of course receive some bonuses.)

Looking for animations, characters, backgrounds, movements and effects as well as royalty-free audio and music?
look at that Summary page with the latest package deals.

Whiteboard Video Packages 1 + 2

Whiteboard video packets

The first publication Whiteboard Video Packs 1.0 is sold for $ 37.00 (60 bonus points).

You can buy this as the first upsell Whiteboard Video Packs Deluxe + Mega Bonuses for $ 67.00 (80 bonus points). Now there are more videos, developer licenses and some great mega bonuses. Definitely worth a visit.

The second upsell is the Ultimate Graphics Licensing Deal ($ 97.00 and 100 bonus points). Also a great, temporary deal that you can benefit from.

Additional bonus: If you buy one of the upsells, you can choose a product for free,

Whiteboard Video Packages 2.0

The Whiteboard Video Packages 2.0 ($ 47.00) is a massive pack of 30 Emotion Video Packs consisting of over 500 professionally hand-drawn characters, expressive poses and elements. Each package contains 3 art styles: contour, black and white and full color. Add real emotion to your presentations for better conversions! (70 bonus points)

Whiteboard Video Packs 2.0 Deluxe + Mega Bonuses ($ 67.00) (80 bonus points)
Whiteboard Video Packs 2.0 Deluxe ($ 37.00) (60 bonus points)
10 premium graphics products ($ 47.00) (70 bonus points).

Additional bonus: For each product you buy in the funnel, you can choose a product for free,

Doodle Whiteboard Vectors Set

Doodle WhiteBoard vectors set
Doodle Whiteboard Vectors Set ($ 19.95) is a huge set of hand-drawn doodle icons. New and elegant scalable vectors for multiple niches (15 different categories). Icons are available in a variety of formats and sizes, and can be easily edited, repainted, and redesigned.

As an Upseller, you can buy them Ultimate Edition Upgrade ($ 29.00) or you can even buy the full one Trademark rights sell the front-end and sell it as your own product ($ 47.00).

If you buy through my affiliate links, you will receive them special bonuses plus 60/70/80 bonus points (Frontend, Upsell 1/2).

SVG Galaxy – graphics package for whiteboards

SVG Galaxy - graphics package for whiteboards
The SVG Galaxy package ($ 27.00) consists of over 800 SVG whiteboard items created from over 350 unique and stunning artworks. Available in color, black & white with shadows and line art. (60 bonus points)

As an Upseller, you can buy them Extended Edition upgrade ($ 37.00) (70 bonus points) or buy the White Label Rights ($ 47.00) (75 bonus points).

SVG Galaxy v2

SVG Galaxy v2

The second release of SVG Galaxy comes with complete storytelling structure. Now you get SVGs to help you visualize your videos from the customer issue to the business solution.

SVG Galaxy v2 – Local whiteboard power supply (37,00 USD)
Whiteboard Profit Academy (67,00 USD)
SVG Galaxy v2 – Custom Service (247,00 USD)

Bonus: Special bonus page +60/70/80/120 bonus points. In addition, you can choose 1 product for each Upsell you buy

Whiteboard Super Bundle

Whiteboard Super Bundle

Whiteboard Super Bundle ($ 17.00, 50 bonus points) is another great package. I love the animals, cartoons and vintage look pictures. Along with "strip style" balloons, you can now create "funny" storytelling videos in minutes.

Vector ninja

Vector ninja
Vector ninja ($ 27.00, 60 bonus points) is a stunning all-in-one vector graphics solution. It's packed with over 1,000 high-quality vector graphics in two file formats: PNG and SVG.

Choose from 3 types of vector graphics: objects, characters and backgrounds organized in 48 modules covering different markets!

Vector graphics Monster

Vector graphics Monster
Vector graphics Monster ($ 15.00 +, 50 bonus points) is a collection of more than 1,600 vector graphics in various formats (AI, EPS, SVG, PPT, CDR, PNG), sizes and categories. Handmade characters, symbols and backgrounds for various uses.

Easy Sketch Pro Monthly Image Club

Easy Sketch Pro Monthly Image Club

Become a member of Easy Sketch Pro Monthly Image Club ($ 29.00 per month) and receive 1,500 high quality vector graphics every month. Great source from the creators of Easy Sketch Pro.

Bonus: If you are a member for at least 2 months, you can choose a product for free and you get 80 bonus points.

Versatile pictures

Versatile pictures
Use Coupon Code "big40off" for 40% discount

Versatile pictures ($ 37.00) consists of 4,000+ Royalty Free PNG All images with transparent background. Therefore no vector images. But it's a huge collection of all kinds of objects and objects that you can use alongside graphics, videos, presentations, and anything else you can imagine.

Versatile images OTO1 (8,000 additional PNG images) (37,00 USD)
Versatile Images OTO2 – 2 Past Packages (57,00 USD)

Bonus: Special bonus page + 60/80/100 bonus points. You can also choose any Upsell you buy 1 product for free on

DealFuel Graphics

DealFuel Graphics

A good source for offers and packages is DealFuel, There are hundreds of offers and you will definitely find some vector image packages with all the required items!

Click on the link to go directly to DealFuel, or check out the latest offers …

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Looking for animations, characters, backgrounds, movements and effects as well as royalty-free audio and music?
look at that Summary page with the latest package deals.


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