VIDELLO Review and Bonus


product: VIDELLO
kind: Video player
price: $ 16.60 – $ 21.60 a month
Creator: Josh Ratta
Summary: VIDELLO is an advanced cloud-based platform for professional video hosting and marketing that was developed specifically for the marketing community. You can add many additional features to your videos, such as video frames and skins, lower thirds and animations, unique marketing CTAs as voucher codes, video behavior controls, A / B video split tests, monetization and lead generation (social share / lead gate) ) play. Advanced analysis and more …

New video hosting & marketing platform

VIDELLO Review and Bonus

What is VIDELLO?

VIDELLO is a video hosting and marketing platform developed by and for video marketers with super fast and instant video streaming (no loading time). It has some built-in additional features that you can add after you have animated your video as animation for the bottom third and the note field, A / B split tests and prompts (such as vouchers, email forms, text links, buy now) have uploaded CTA & # 39; s).

VIDELLO is a cloud-based software tool that lets you easily update your video with additional features by using a video player that makes your video one intelligent video that you can embed on any website you control.

Main features of VIDELLO:

  • Free hosting (up to maximum bandwidth). Just upload your videos and no longer worry about hosting.
  • Video skins & frames, Choose from a number of video skins and frames.
  • Animation in the lower third and in the note field, Add animated lower thirds or notes at any time.
  • Set player elements, Keep full control over how the video player controls are displayed to the visitor.
  • Time-controlled lead gate (opt-in overlay) within a video (works with any autoresponder).
  • Time-controlled call-to-action buttons / slides / information fields, Direct your viewers exactly where they want with a clickable call to action (text links, note fields, slides and buttons) embedded in your video.
  • Timed coupon codes, Show professional and highly converting vouchers as an overlay for your video at any time.
  • Timed share gate, Make a viral buzz about your video by asking the visitor to share your video on Facebook to watch the video or continue watching.
  • Embed anywhere, Simply copy the embed code and paste it on any website.
  • Split-Testing, Simply run an A / B split test between two videos. VIDELLO automatically rotates your videos and, after a set period of time, declares a winner for the video that surpasses the other and only then displays the winner.
  • Video Insights / Analytics, Measure what matters. Monitor how many people watch your videos, measure engagement, and track conversions in a concise dashboard.
  • Instant video streaming (no loading time),
  • Unlimited number of videos, Simply select your bandwidth capacity and you can play as many videos as you want (as long as you stay within the maximum bandwidth).
  • Very affordable prices compared to Vimeo and Wistia for example.

You can add these great features to any video you want. Just upload the video and choose your settings.

Once you've selected your “add-ons,” you can save your work and embed the video player by adding a single line of code to each webpage you control.

And the good thing is that all features have been integrated into the video and can not be changed by the viewer.

The unique selling points of VIDELLO are:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Instant video streaming (no loading time) with Server.
  • Add-ons for post production as animations in the lower third, coupons and CTAs (buttons and slides).
  • Built-in A / B split test.

Are there any defects of VIDELLO?

Well, all built-in features are fantastic and professional. But maybe you miss some "gimmicks" that other video players have for adding video ads (VidSkippy), Dynamic videos (PressPlay 2.0), Sticky Videos (StikiVid) or to add personalization (Smart video).

So it depends on what you are looking for. However, if you "only" need a reliable and fast video player (with all the features you need), VIDELLO is probably the best option.

VIDELLO is a SaaS solution. You must therefore be able to rely on the fact that the manufacturers / sellers keep their services running.

And it's a new service …

VIDELLO uses however, a truly reliable, secure and fast hosting and video streaming platform.

Josh Ratta has also launched products (such as his very successful VideoMotion product) and he knows what he's doing.

As far as I know Josh has a good reputation and is reliable and trustworthy.

Why should you buy VIDELLO?

Because it is currently one of the fastest "video hosting and marketing platforms" in the market offering very low monthly fees. The integrated "overlay" functions such as animated lower thirds, CTAs and release / selection gates can be set up with just a few clicks.

VIDELLO has no branding (on the contrary, you can add your own logo to your videos) and the player looks very professional, with many options for skins and frames.

Just the thing for your sales, bonus, tutorial or demo videos.

And for membership videos that are hosted on a secure platform that others can't find and watch without paying (like YouTube).

In addition, using VIDELLO is more professional than using YouTube (and you no longer lose YouTube visitors).


During this special launch, you can access VIDELLO starter for a monthly fee of $ 16.60 (maximum 100 GB bandwidth) or VIDELLO standard to the $ 21.60 (200 GB bandwidth). With both licenses, you can upload an unlimited number of videos (as long as you don't exceed the bandwidth).

The start ends on June 19 at midnight EST.

So don't wait any longer and secure your discount now.

Compare this to Wistia …

The Wistias standard plan costs $ 99.00 per month with 200GB and only 10 upload videos. You also have to pay 25 cents for each additional video you use.

My VIDELLO bonus

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