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Video Drill is a cloud-based tool (SaaS) that makes video advertising on YouTube easier and more profitable. It's the perfect tool to find and scrap the best videos or channel URLs for targeting. You can store your video URLs in audiences for further use and create your advertising campaign through the software without having to manually enter each video URL into your video placement field in your AdWords account. A huge time saver and a great tool to better target your audience, resulting in higher click-through rates and lower ad costs.

Increase your ROI for YouTube video advertising

Video drill review and bonus

What is video drill?

Video Drill is a cloud-based tool (SaaS) that makes video advertising on YouTube easier and more profitable.

It is the perfect tool for Find the best videos or channels to target – the video ad placements, You know the video / channel URLs under which your video ad should appear before playing (as an in-stream video ad) or around this video (as an in-display video ad).

After you've broken down (selected and filtered) the best video URLs, starting with a keyword and / or related keywords, you can save these video URLs in groups on your main dashboard.

Why would you do that?

As you probably know, you need to use AdWords to create your video ad campaigns. You can't choose video URLs (keywords only) to target in AdWords. You'll need to enter your video URLs in the Video Placement field in your AdWords account.

You can do this manually, but with Video Drill you can automate this process.

How does video drill work?

Video Drill has 3 main modules:

target drill
Video drill target drill

This is the main module where you search for the best videos / channels. Just start typing your main keyword and use one of the 4 filters:

  • Excluding keywords.
  • Including key words.
  • Minimal visibility counts.
  • Minimum number of views (video) or minimum number of subscribers (channel).

The software also shows / finds the most related keywords. For each related keyword, you can view and sort the following totals (of the top 20 videos):

Number of views, likes, dislikes and the average like / dislike ratio.

You can drill down by using one of your related keywords as the new main keyword.

Or you can search for more videos or channels.

Video Drill Target Drill Search for videos

As you can see in the picture above, you can preview any video or click the channel URL. Again, you can sort your videos (now also for comments).

When you're done with your search, just select which videos / channels you want to add to your (existing or new) audience. The software saves these URLs for you in your …

Video drill dashboard

The dashboard consists of 2 parts:

1) All your saved groups of video URLs only or
2) All of your saved groups of channels.

The groups have two different names: the main keyword and the name of the target group.

With just one click, you can export all video / channel URLs to your clipboard. Now you can enter them with one click in the video placement field in your AdWords account.

Or you can use …

Ad drill
Video Drill Ad Drill

With the Ad Drill module, you can easily create a new video ad campaign. Simply enter the details (campaign name, display URL, video URL, daily budget and maximum cost per view) and select your target groups from the dashboard.

When you save your campaign, it’s automatically exported to a CSV file that you can click to bulk upload in your AdWords account.

Watch the demo video:

Sum up…

With Video Drill, you can easily find and retrieve the best video and channel URLs for your AdWords video campaign. It also automates the process of setting up your video advertising campaigns with just a few clicks, without having to manually enter lists of video URLs into the placement field.

Another big benefit of Video Drill is that you use the YouTube API, not the Google Search API.

In AdWords, you can use the Google Display Planner. However, GDP reports the results for the Google search engine and not for searching on YouTube, a completely different search engine. Video Drill uses the YouTube API. As a result, you can find videos by selecting keywords that people are actually looking for on YouTube.

So if you find the best-targeted video and channel URLs, you'll definitely …

Get higher clickthrough rates, lower advertising costs and a higher return on investment (more sales, leads and profits).

Are there any defects?

Although you can easily add all videos from a channel in your target audience, you can only add 20 videos at a time using video search (the top 20 for that particular keyword).

If a keyword contains thousands of videos, you want them to be added as target videos with one click (provided all videos are relevant). Of course, you can select this keyword in your AdWords campaign settings. However, these are not filtered.

A great additional feature would be the option to choose how many videos you'd like to save (instead of just repeating the top 20 and the process for the next 20).

Of course, you can use SEO tools (like Tuberank Jeet 3) that will also help you find the videos with the highest rank for certain keywords. Most of these SEO tools have filter functions and export functions (where you can export the video URL to a CSV file).

However, these SEO tools do not have the specific filter and drilldown features found in Video Drill. And most importantly, it lacks the easy-to-use feature of storing your video URLs in audiences (which you can use whenever you want and add new video / channel URLs).

Why Should You Buy Video Drill?

Because Video Drill is a great tool for getting laser-targeted video URLs for your YouTube video advertising campaigns. VideoDrill is easy to use and you can search through a central web-based portal that you can access from any device. You don't have to download anything and can save your results (target groups) in the cloud and use them again and again.

Not only does it save a lot of time, it also improves click-through rates by better targeting (or finding "secret" video URLs), which reduces your ad costs and improves the ROI of your campaigns.

Your purchase also includes access to special video training on using the software and YouTube’s video advertising platform (AdWords) in general to get the best results.

Price & discount

Now that the launch is over, you cannot buy Video Drill from the original seller.

However, since I have purchased the White Label rights, you can buy the Unlimited Personal Rights License (with my support) for a huge discount.

Go directly to my Checkout Page and buy Video Drill for only 29.95 USD.

Although it is a SaaS tool, you can get lifetime access for a one-time payment only.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

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