Video Titan X Review and Bonus

Video Titan X logoproduct: Video Titan X
kind: Software + Training
price: $ 7.00- $ 25.00
Creator: MemePlex – Chris X
(Video Marketing Package Deal) Video Titan X consists of 7 software tools combined with a PDF document and training videos to dramatically improve your video marketing campaigns. You get these tools: a browser video research tool to easily find the best videos on YouTube (Tube Titan), 1-click video creators with built-in stunning animations, 1-click landing page creator for the highest conversions , a tool for adding clickable images / annotations to a video (Tube Traffic), tool for adding text or subtitles to a video (Video Dynamite), Tool for finding YouTube URLs for promotional purposes (Tube Loophole) and finally WordPress Theme specifically designed to show your videos optimally.

7 Amazing Video Marketing Software Tools

Video Titan X Review and Bonus

What is Video Titan X?

Video Titan X is the new version of Video Titan. Since I'm really looking forward to the first and second version, the third version goes even further. It consists of 6 software tools and new training to get the most out of your video marketing campaigns.

What are the 7 software tools?

# 1 tube of titanium

Browser tool for (re) searching videos. Easily find the best performing YouTube videos. Great for stealing ideas and creating similar video campaigns. Or, easily export video URLs and / or keywords that you can use to target your YouTube ads.

Video Titanium - Tube Titanium

# 2 1-Click Animated Video Creator

Desktop software (Adobe Air – PC / Mac) for easy and fast creation of animated videos.

Start over or use one of the 30 built-in, easily customizable templates (you can change background, font, MP3 audio, etc.).

Then select the number of slides you want to use and add text / picture / video to your slides. Preview the slide, select your animation style, and set the animation time.

When you click Create, the software automatically renders your video very fast.

Video Titan - 1 Click Animated Video Creator

# 3 1-Click Video Page Creator

A web browser tool for easily creating landing pages (also called squeeze pages).

The software comes with 10 built-in templates. All you need to do is insert your videos, headlines, texts and the registration form code. Do not worry about design. These templates are demonstrably convertible!

This tool even includes pre-installed “Done For You Partner Campaigns” for over a dozen JVZoo and ClickBank products.

Video Titan - 1 Click Video Page Creator

# 4 tube traffic

Desktop software for adding clickable “annotations” (ie images, videos, buttons, etc.) to any video you can download and import. Perfect to increase engagement and promote products directly in your video.

Video Titan - Tube Traffic

# 5 Video Dynamite

With this desktop tool, you can add text (or subtitles) to any video. Just import your video and add text (subtitles) to your video.

Video Titan - Video Dynamite

# 6 Titan Theme

This WordPress theme is designed to show your videos in the best visual way to enhance your reputation and conversation.

Video Titanium - Titanium theme

(New) # 7 Tube Loophole

With Tube Loophole, you can quickly create a list of YouTube URLs to target with YouTube placement ads.

Note: You will only receive this 7th tool in the first two days after the launch of Video Titan X (starting June 11 at 11:00 am EST, 2018).

YouTube gap

So what about the functionality of these software tools?

I have tried these tools myself and they are all very easy to use. I like the simplicity and the fact that with any tool you can quickly do a (basic) task.

Just start the tool you need and do exactly what you want to do …

So, if you prefer simple tools to more complex tools with many extra features that you're unlikely to use, and are difficult to learn and get started with, this package is for you.

On the other hand, if you already have advanced video authoring tools like Camtasia, VideoMaker FX. Explain it or EasySketch Pro If you know how to use them correctly, you probably do not need the 3 Video Titan video creation tools numbered 2, 4 and 5.

A similar consideration can be made with tools 1, 3, 6 and 7.

If you have a software tool like Video exerciseYou do not need a # 1 Tube Titanium and no # 7 Tube Loophole.

Or if you already have a great squeeze page builder WP Profit Builder. Thrive architect or InstaBuilder, then you do not need a 1-Click Video Page Creator.

And yes, if you already have a great WordPress theme, you probably do not need the Titan Theme.

However, if you are just starting video marketing, this package may be a good first start.

Especially because (if you buy Video Titan X) you also get this extra …

Training videos and PDFs

  • 5 complete systems to take advantage of video marketing with Facebook Video Ads, YouTube and more …
  • A quick guide that shows you how to get started within minutes.
  • Over 100 pages of PDF training on video marketing.
  • Training videos – how to use the software and benefit from video marketing today.
  • Future upgrades and training videos.

And maybe the best: As a bonus: You get T-Shirt Titan 1.0 for free,

What do you get with T-Shirt Titan 1.0?

4 software tools and 8 hours of training to kill with T-shirt sales:

  • The tea searcher Here you will find proven t-shirt designs on eBay. Zazzle, Facebook and many others.
  • The idea generator The car generates over 100 proven design ideas in every niche in less than 60 seconds.
  • The car designer This will automatically create uploadable PNG design images in seconds.
  • The car model tool That way, you can automatically create Facebook ad images that have unbeatable clicks.
  • About 8 hours training videos, Niche selection, search for designs and management of Facebook ads.
  • ON Quick Start Guide It shows you how to get started within minutes.

The software tools are web-based. This is how you can access it via your browser. Thus, the software works on both Mac and PC as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Watch the demo video below for a complete understanding of all features of Titan 1.0:

I particularly like the Facebook Ad Creator tool, which lets you choose “real models” to showcase your designs with professional and beautiful-looking backgrounds.

In summary, Video Titan X 7 gives you great software tools and great training on how to end it with Video Marketing. As an added bonus, you get T-Shirt Titan 1.0 for free.

Are there any defects?

Well, it's a complete package. Now you have everything you need to become a successful video marketer at a very attractive price.

I think it's more of an advantage that you get 6 separate software tools. Others, however, will argue that you need to switch between them for different tasks (some are desktop-based and others are browser-based).

I'm sure all the tools and tutorials will help you achieve your goals.

As described above, some of the 6 software tools have more advanced stand-alone tools on the market. These are often much more expensive.

With Video Titan X you get a complete package with all the necessary software tools. It also gives you access to high quality training videos and instructions on how to take the right path without incurring unnecessary costs by trying them yourself.

Why should you buy Video Titan X?

Watching the training videos and reading the PDF will give you some useful tips and best practices on video marketing. And you get all the software tools you need. It's a complete package so you do not need any other software or tools.

And you can get these amazing software tools and training for an incredible price …


During this special launch, Video titan x costs only $ 7.00.

But after this start is over, it is temporarily raised to $ 25.00, with the price likely to rise to $ 147.00 thereafter!

You will receive access to the training and software tools for a one-time payment. No monthly fee.

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsells and OTOs

The first OTO is Video Titan PRO ($ 27.00 per month with $ 1.00 trial).

Video Titan PRO is an additional service with additional training and software features. You get all these extras:

  • 1-Click Video Creator Software PRO. Now you get 30 additional animations every month.
  • Ready for you video niches. Every month you get 30 niches and keywords that are both profitable and easy to create.
  • 1-Click Video Page Designer PRO. Every month you get 10 new design templates.
  • Advanced video training. Every week, you'll receive bonus videos on the most profitable topics, such as YouTube, Google, JVZoo, Affiliate Marketing, Smartphones, and more. Chris uses the power of the video and some of the secrets he has learned over the years with video marketing.

This upsell is not required for the standard version software tools to work properly. It's for those who want to take their knowledge of their video marketing campaigns to the next level and get really good insider information and additional animations and templates.

Then you can buy 3 more Titanium products with a discount:

Buy Video Titan X ====> nowGetAccessNow

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