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product: Vidmonial
kind: Cloud-based app
price: 31.00 USD +
CreatorRadu Hahaianu & Ben Murray
Simple system for collecting video testimonials from your customers. With smart features that encourage buyers to give feedback and reward them with an auto-added bonus (email), integrated cloud video recording technology (no download available to your customers), star rating, easy display / embedding of testimonial Boxing and sharing functionality and commercial sales rights for customers.

Easily collect video testimonials


UPDATE: This review was written in April 2018 and refers to the first release of Vidmonial. I have not tested the improved and updated version 2.0 (with new features). I just changed the links to the new sales pages for version 2.0!

Vidmonial is a new cloud-based app that lets you easily Collect video testimonials from your customers,

The process is as easy as possible. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Create a bonus that your buyers receive after completing their exam

This first step is optional, but is recommended for more reviews. Simply select a "bribe" that you would like to give to reward people who create a video testimonial and enter all the details in this module as a bonus image, description and download link.

Step 2 Create your campaign

Give your campaign a name, enter the "Instruction title" and set up the email message for your reviewers with the download link or the description of how to get the bonus, coupon, or bribe that you receive want to give.

After saving your campaign, you can do different things …

Edit or delete your campaign, but above all, you have now created a public link (URL).

Step 3 Share your public testimonial page with your buyers and collect testimonials

As an example, I have created that public URL,

Try Vidmonial yourself and see how it works …

As you can see, the buyer goes through three steps:

  1. He gives his personal data as name, e-mail and picture.
  2. He enters his Text comment / review With Rating in stars,
  3. He either selects a pre-recorded YouTube video or starts recording immediately with the button integrated cloud-based webcam recording with pause / reboot and "restart" recording function (until your buyer is satisfied).

Once your buyer has completed his / her rating, he or she will receive your bribe by e-mail.

And now you can see the new rating in your Received Testimonials module …

Got Vidmonial Testimonials(Click to enlarge)

So it's time for …

Step 4 Publish, share or download your video testimonial

You can Embed the video testimonial in every web page you manage (via the HTML embed code) Only as a stand-alone video or with the buyer's name / image, text review / comments, and star rating.

Plus you can Post your video directly to YouTube at the push of a button (after adding your video title, description and tags).

Or you can Post your video testimonial on your FB fan page,

Finally you can Download your video to your PC / Mac in WebM format.

If you need the video in mp4 format, you will need to convert it from WebM to mp4 right now (it can be done for free from several video conversion apps, only from Google, and find your preferred converter).

Or you can download the mp4 from YouTube (after first uploading to YouTube).

Fortunately, in the near future, developers will add an extra feature that can be downloaded directly in mp4 format.

Watch the demo videos for embedding and sharing your video testimonials …

So, here you have it, an easy-to-use app to collect (video) testimonials.

Are there any defects?

This is the first release, and some things can be improved …

For example, I tried to embed the video in WebM format in this blog post, but WordPress did not recognize this format. Therefore, you must first upload the video to YouTube or first download your video in WebM format and then convert it to mp4.

(As mentioned above, developers will add the direct mp4 download in the near future.)

The testimonial page (where buyers go to the steps to submit their testimonial) is hosted on a domain owned by the provider. However, there is no way to host this page on your own server / domain.

In addition, you can not change or edit the layout of the test report page.

In addition, the "thank you" email comes from a provider's server, and buyers can not respond directly to your email.
(Thankfully, this is clearly indicated in the thank-you email.)

Finally, Vidmonial has no features that allow you to syndicate your testimonial videos to other social media or video sharing platforms (except Facebook and YouTube). Not a big deal for me, as there are many other tools that allow you to syndicate your videos.

So there are some "shortcomings" that you need to know in advance, but for me, no real deal breakers, as this app is super easy to use.

I found that the app works very fast (but like all SaaS tools, the speed depends on hosting / bandwidth usage by other members)

Note: These deficiencies refer to the first version. I have not tested version 2.0!

Why should you buy Vidmonial?

Because it's a very simple but useful app that lets you collect and publish your customers' video testimonials. Once set up, all you need to do is share a hosted testimonial page where buyers can leave their personal information, written reviews, and video testimonials.

With built-in video recording technology, anyone can use a webcam to record their video experiences without having to download or use an external app. (This is the really clever and unique feature of Vidmonial that I have not seen anywhere else.)

I also like the automatic bonus advertising feature, which rewards customers when they submit a rating that definitely increases the number of testimonials they receive.

Therefore, yes, I really like this tool. Especially if you consider that …


For a limited time, you can access the Internet Vidmonial with commercial rights for a one-time payment of only 31.00 USD +,

The plus sign means that the prices are in advance and increase with time.

After this brief introduction, the price will increase significantly. Do not wait too long.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility of an upgrade to Vidmonial 2.0 Diamond (49.00 USD). This upgrade includes features for power users, such as Google's Star Ratings Scheme, capturing additional video testimonials, capturing 4K-quality videos, merging multiple networks with unlimited time, custom domain mapping, and exclusive Diamond Level bonuses and some other extras.

As a second sale you can get Vidmonial 2.0 Enterprise (69.00 USD). This is the ultimate version with the ability to run unlimited surveys and questionnaires for customers, an agency portal with VA / Team Member integration, a full funnel reseller rights program for 100% profit, access to the Vidmonial 2.0 API, the Vidmonial 2.0 Autopilot Agency Training Suite, Unlimited Campaigning and Corporate Bonuses.

As a third Upselling you can buy one of the Vidmonial White Label licenses (97.00 USD +). Now you can sell Vidmonial with your own branding. No complicated installation is required, and the Vidmonial team offers free support and upgrades to their customers.

As the fourth and last Upseller you can access Vid Lead Pages ($ 24.00). A new app that creates video lead pages that help local customers earn more leads and sales. With drag-and-drop technology for page creation and domain publishing.

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