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kind: Desktop software
price: 27.00 USD
Creator: Abhi, Todd Gross and Ben Murray
VidNeos is an all-in-one (PC and Mac) software solution that lets you CREATE, RESEARCH, ANALYZE, TRACK, and RANK your videos. With VidNeos you have everything you need to not only create your videos, but also place them on YouTube and Google.

How to get your videos on the first page of YouTube and Google (and stay there)

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What is VidNeos?

VidNeos is an all-in-one (PC and Mac) software solution that lets you CREATE, RESEARCH, ANALYZE, TRACK, and RANK your videos.

With VidNeos you have everything you need to not only create your videos, but also place them on YouTube and Google.

Install the software and in minutes you can create and publish your video with the (exact) tags, keywords, and even SEO structures your competitors use.

Watch the demo video below:

Main functions of VidNeos

  • Find the right keywords and create your videos, Easily find the high volume, low competition keywords for both Youtube and Google, In Google Trends, search for the trend themes for your keyword to create a curated content video, or respond to your (new) video on the trending topic page.
  • Video creation and YouTube upload tool, Upload your slides (pictures), add text and audio (recording function for voiceover or background music) and save your project. Then export your video as mp4 and upload it to YouTube with one click.
  • competitive analysis, Simply enter your keyword and see all statistics about your competitors on YouTube (keywords used, views, likes, comments, description, transcription, Y / N, channel strength) and in Google search (authority, number of page links, juice) Links, domain, MozRank and age). All fields have colors (green, orange, red) to indicate how heavy the rating is.
  • niche analysis, Find the exact value and level of competition for each keyword (again on YouTube and Google).
  • rank tracking, Monitor your keyword ranking with this simple tool.
  • Rank Proposal and Rang Spy (with Rank Target), Enter your title, description and tags and compare them with your competitors. Use the suggestions to increase your rank and optimize your descriptive fields and tags.
  • Backlink finder, Easy search for backlinks with high PR and links to follow (search for HTML, .edu, .gov, commentluv, guest blogs and web2.0 blogs). You can automatically submit your comments / backlinks for each individual backlink. Or use the bulk backlink submitter (with spin function).

The software has a user-friendly interface with data in the colors red, yellow, orange and green, with which you can analyze data and make quick decisions.

As you can see, VidNeos offers more features than any other video marketing suite.

Are there any defects?

As with most all-in-one solutions, you are likely to find standalone tools for parts of the software with better or more advanced features (see other similar products below). However, it is not fair to compare this all-in-one solution with 6 or more stand-alone products.

This is the first time (I know) that a product combines all of these video marketing features into a complete all-in-one solution. And the developers have done a great job of implementing and adding all of the features you need today as a professional video marketer.

I haven't found any major bugs or items not working. The software is so easy to use that even a complete newbie can now start video marketing. Just follow the steps and you're good to go.

I like the Niche / Competitive Analysis (with Keyword Finder) and ranking features the most. The main reason for me to buy this software.

Most analytics and keyword software programs only display results only for YouTube or for Google Search only. With Vidneos you can analyze your competition on both platforms. So you know in advance if you can beat your competition or if you should opt for other keywords / niches.

The ranking tool is really great. Just follow the suggestions for better placements and check your placement results. Try to get the optimal score of 100%. And that's why you only have to upload your video to YouTube once and enter your parameters. Just set and forget.

The YouTube Rank Tracker is easy and useful to track your rankings. You can export your ranking as a CSV file to create Ranking Progress graphics.

The creator is an easy way to create simple videos. If you are an advanced creator, you probably want other tools like Explanation 3.0 or Easy Sketch Pro 3.0,

After all, if you want to comment on other relevant high-PR pages, the backlink creator will find the right backlinks and is better than most other comment-based backlink tools.

Overall, the product does a great job. You really do not need any other tools except maybe for the video creator (if you want to create animated videos or sketch videos).

Why should you buy VidNeos?

Because it's the only all-in-one software solution that can create and rate videos on YouTube and in search engines. Even a complete novice can now create and rate videos. But even for experienced video marketers, this is a great tool to find keywords (buyers), ideas for video content, the right title / description / tags and backlinks to rate (and monitor) your videos.

My advice is to use the software specifically for niche and competition analysis, to find easy to evaluate keywords and keywords with low competition and to use the ranking tool (correct title, description and tags) to outperform your competition.


You can buy this Single license for $ 37.00 and that Developer / V.A. license to the 67.00 USD,

>> Special discount

Since I have received the resale rights to sell VidNeos, I can give you a discount of $ 10.00.

You can purchase the single user license for only $ 27.00 Checkout Page,

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsell or OTO?

The first upsell is the opportunity to buy them VidNeos theme, With this theme, you can create an unlimited number of content-rich, self-updating and automatic video blogs in minutes without ever creating a single video.

The second upsell is Video Sales Agency ($ 37.00 lifetime access). Premium Training (by Video Authority Todd Gross), designed from the ground up to take you by the hand and teach you how to create profitable sales videos for any business.

Both upsells are not required for the frontend product. As a one-time offer, however, they are great and I can only say, give them a try!

My VidNeos bonus

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