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Viral content benefits from a small logoproduct: Profits from viral content
kind: WordPress plugin
price: 97.00 USD
Creator: Ricky Mataka
Viral Content Profits is a combination of WordPress plugin and theme that allows you to create unlimited content-curated viral websites within minutes. Once set up, it automatically publishes new (drip feed) video blog posts on autopilot. Easy way to monetize by displaying Adsense ads on your website.

Create monetized video blogs in minutes

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What are the benefits from viral content?

Viral Content Profits is a combination of WordPress Plugin and theme easy to create unlimited Content curated viral websitess within minutes. Once set up, it automatically publishes new (drip feed) video blog posts on autopilot.

How does it work?

After installing the theme / plugin, you must first set up your one-time (API) connections with Facebook and Flickr and enter your Adsense code. (It may look difficult, but it's actually very simple and can be done in a minute. Just follow the steps in the short tutorial description.)

Now you are almost done. Only one thing left to do. Select your keywords (and the optional category) and set the frequency by which your content is dripped.

The video content is automatically taken from the three main video platforms: Youtube. Daily exercise and Vimeo, And the (related) featured images are from Flickr. For correct SEO, title, description and keywords are automatically added as meta tags.

You can automatically upload your post to Facebook to make it even more viral. (Just choose the right Facebook fan page)

The way to monetize Your new website will show (Adsense) ads for your content. Again, you do not have to do anything. The theme automatically shows your ads at high conversion and proved to be the best places to add (above / below the post and in the upper right corner).

In theory, you can create unlimited video blogs for any topic or niche you want. Simply rinse and repeat.

Viral content benefits from features

Main features of the profits from viral content

  • Highly monetized and tested theme for maximum income.
  • Automatically create curated viral posts.
  • Upload videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion to your posts.
  • Add beautiful Flickr images as a featured image.
  • Drip Feed Scheduler.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Auto posters on your Facebook fan page (s).

Watch the demo video for Viral Content Profits:

The topic is modern and easy to navigate. Your visitors will find and enjoy your viral content and can easily share it using the social network buttons.

Are there any defects?

Well, the software does exactly what was described above. In this way, you can easily set up several websites curated with viral content (videos) in any niche within a few minutes.

If you use Flickr for your featured images (recommended for proper curating), you will always get a more or less related image. However, note that this is not a thumbnail of the actual video.

The main question is: Do you get enough (viral) traffic to your site?

Automatic posting to your Facebook fan pages and organic search results helps you in some ways, but is that enough? Or do you need other sources of traffic?

My advice is to always post your posts on more social bookmarking sites.

Or you can get more traffic to your blog by creating "social connections". One way to do this is to buy the first upsell heroes tower, With Hero Tower, you can create Facebook fan pages that generate high traffic. Mix these pages with your VCP content and send your fans to your video blog.

If your website is not found by search engines or through viral sharing, I would choose a different niche or topic (your niche may be too competitive or too broad). And since you can set up this type of website in just a few minutes, you don't waste much time trying it out. (Note: You can set up this type of blog on a separate domain or use subdomains!)

Why should you buy Viral Content Profits?

Because with VCP you can set up new video blog websites extremely quickly. It is a once set up and forgotten system with an integrated, demonstrably convertible monetization option (Adsense or your own ads). You don't need any experience, and even a novice can create this type of video blog in minutes.


During the starting phase, the price is for Profit from viral content is only 97.00 USD, This is a one time payment for unlimited personal websites.

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsell or OTO?

The first OTO is heroes tower ($ 67.00 one time fee). A great tool to easily create and forget Facebook fanpages syndicated with viral content from other fanpages. In other words, you can access great content from others. When you combine VCP with Hero Tower, you have all kinds of viral content on your fan pages (not just video content).

The second upsell is Optimize Hero (47.00 USD). This software tool is intended for Facebook advertisers who want to share the test and manage their campaigns to the maximum. You can easily split your ads into demographic and interest segments. A huge time saver and a very powerful tool. A must for serious Facebook advertisers.

The bestseller is Social Xploder ($ 147.00). This system has never been made publicly available (only through webinars with a retail price of $ 297.00). It is a complete system for setting up and managing all content-curated automatic blogs in one dashboard. It is very easy to use and has some features like Article Curator & Deployer, Affiliate ID Manager, Keyword Organizer, Keyword Finder, Auto Scheduler, Domain Finder and much more. Check out this upsell if you really want to easily build your website empire.

My viral content benefits from the bonus

If you buy via my affiliate link, you get 80 bonus points (and another 100/80/150 points if you buy the upsell 1/2/3) which you can exchange for great WP plugins, courses and other information products Choose your bonus,

Choose your bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily, I add new bonuses. You can redeem your bonus points at any time. They will be precious forever. So you do not have to hurry to turn them into bonuses. Unused points will be saved to your account (until used). The animated image below shows some of the bonuses you can choose.

Choose your bonus demo

To receive your bonuses, simply send your receipt (Email protected) and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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How do I get my bonuses?
Just send in your purchase data (Email protected) and I will activate your bonus points and send your bonuses within 24 hours. Read more about my Guidelines and FAQ on bonuses,

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