vooPlayer 4.0 Review and Bonus


VooPlayerproduct: vooplayer
kind: Video player
price: 14-day trial, then $ 397.00 a year, or $ 47.00 a month
Creator: IMW Enterprise

vooPlayer is a cloud-based smart video player that lets you play any video you want with plenty of options for security, interaction, and monetization just the way you want it. It's just the best video player on the market. Period. Worth seeing!

The cloud-based video player # 1

vooPlayer Review and Bonus

What is the vooPlayer 4.0?

vooPlayer 4.0 is the latest version of this cloud-based smart video player, allowing you to play any video you want, with plenty of options for security, interaction and monetization, just the way you want it.

There are three ways to host your videos:

  • Free hosted by vooPlayer (cloud hosting). Simply upload your videos and benefit from the worldwide fast CDN delivery (up to 50 GB per month).
  • Hosted by services like Amazon S3 or Dropbox. For example, use your free basic Dropbox account for free cloud hosting.
  • Use a video sharing platform other than YouTube or Vimeo (called hybrid hosting). Best of all, the vooPlayer removes ads, related videos, and player branding!

How does the vooPlayer work?


Just follow these 4 simple steps:
Step 1: Select your video and make your basic settings,

There are 3 ways to create / select a video. Upload a video from your computer, use a video URL, or start recording with your webcam.

Yes, you can record in vooPlayer! Therefore, you do not have to use it Camtasia or another screen / webcam recorder. (Plus, the new video is instantly saved and hosted by vooPlayer, there's no need to save, download, and upload a recording to vooPlayer.)

Instead of just one video, you can mass-import your videos from YouTube (or any CSV list of video URLs).

In the Preferences, whether to name your video player, select your welcome screen (also called a thumbnail) (upload your own, or choose one of the screenshots created by the software), adjust the Settings of your video player (size (video and control bar) and skin colors (play button, control bar colors) and more …

Step 2. Adjust the settings and add superpowers, There are so many advanced settings and features that I can not mention and describe them all on this page. At the bottom of the comparison table you will find all functions.

Here I just want to mention the most important and latest features in vooPlayer 4.0:

  • Streaming Display ™ with Smart Date Scheduling. Run automated, timed webinars on any video. Yes, you can use this option for evergreen webinars!
  • Timed opt-in overlay within a video (works with any autoresponder).
  • Timed action calls. Direct your audience exactly where they want to go with a clickable action call embedded in your video.
  • OnFinish actions. Determine exactly what happens after your viewer watches the video to the end. Redirect them to any URL or show them another video or CTA, restart the video, and so on.
  • Remarketing Intelligence ™ for video. Only collect the viewers who actually watched your video for your next remarketing campaign. Do not spend money on people who did not watch your videos but clicked away (without interest).
  • Share-gate options. Make a viral buzz about your video by asking the visitor to share your video on Facebook to watch the video or continue watching.
  • Continue playback. Gives your visitor the ability to start video playback exactly where the visitor left off on a previous visit.
  • Automatic break. Make sure your visitors watch your video by automatically pausing the video as soon as it disappears from their browser. And start playing again when the video is visible again.
  • A / B video split testing that even works on Facebook's newsfeed.
  • "Tap to call me" buttons. Let your phone ring with new cords with these click-in buttons.
  • Security protection. Protect videos from being downloaded, shared, or stolen by restricting access to only domains in which videos can be played. You can even protect videos with a password to share with your team or customers. And limit the number of viewers to play videos only once to create a sense of urgency.
  • Set a pay-per-view lock and accept payments within the player.

Step 3. Publish your video, You can Publish your video anywhere, On Facebook, on your blog / website, name it. Just use the embed code and place it anywhere.

Step 4. Analyze, monitor and improve your video results, With the excellent analysis, you know exactly what your viewers like. How about Heatmaps. Show trends. appealing graphics. regional distribution? Everything contained in the software. And the best you can split test your videos… even in your Facebook Newsfeed!

Think about how your conversions will shoot to the moon with vooPlayer.

With vooPlayer you do not need a service like Wistia. Simply compare vooPlayer yourself with other services …

vooPlayer Comparison Chart 1

vooPlayer Comparison Chart 2

vooPlayer Comparison Chart 3

And the good thing is that all features have been integrated into the video and can not be changed by the viewer. And it's almost impossible for someone to download or demolish your videos using vooPlayer!

vooPlayer is a dream for video marketers. It's different than anything on the market today.

The only video player that comes close to vooPlayer is PressPlay.

vooPlayer vs PressPlay

Press Start is another cloud-based video player with many features, but lacks some of the advanced features of vooPlayer.

PressPlay comes with a Video Landing Page Builder in the software and a WordPress integration plugin that is missing from the vooPlayer.

If you already have another (video) Landing Page Builder (as WP Profit Builder 2.0. Successful architect or InstaBuilder 2.0) you do not need this "extra" feature.

However, VooPlayer offers so many more features that are unavailable to PressPlay, such as Remarketing Intelligence ™, Hybrid Video Cloud Hosting ™, Evergreen Streaming Display ™, Facebook Video Split Testing, Thumbnail Generator, and advanced analytics.

Overall, I prefer vooPlayer 4.0.

Are there any shortcomings of vooPlayer?

Well, the software and features are really fantastic. It is the fourth version with over 20,000 satisfied users. The software is getting better.

I tested some of the new features but did not have time to test all the new features. But I expect them to work just like the ones I tested.

Besides the excellent support, there are many detailed tutorial videos, and the software is easy to use after watching these tutorials.

And every Tuesday, there's a live call where you can ask questions, get feedback, and share ideas. You can also become a member of the vooPlayer community, where power users often help others by sharing their ideas and winning videos.

Yes, I'm really impressed with the software.

Why should you buy vooPlayer 4.0?

Because it's the best cloud-based smart video player on the market. There are so many features that allow you to monetize your videos and connect with your viewers. It is almost unbelievable that a single software tool offers everything. Especially if you have the special …


The monthly fee for vooPlayer is $ 47.00 per month or $ 397.00 per year.

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