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price: 47.00 USD
Creator: Dwayne Golden
Webinar Fusion Pro is a web-based webinar platform service that uses Google Hangouts technology to offer you and your attendees a hassle-free webinar experience no matter where you are or what device you are on.

New webinar software with Google Hangouts

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What is Webinar Fushion Pro?

Webinar Fusion Pro is a web-based webinar platform service that is used Google Hangouts the latest technology for a stress-free webinar experience, no matter where you are or what device you are on.

Why not just use Google Hangouts?

One of the most important aspects of running a webinar is getting in touch with your attendees and then reaching them.

Google Hangouts is an amazing broadcast system, but all it does is broadcast. You do not know who you are talking to. Once the hangout ends, these contacts will be lost.

Webinar Fusion Pro turns Hangouts into a complete, professional webinar system. With WFP you can use your own branding and set up your entire marketing funnel around your webinar.

Main Features of Webinar Fusion Pro?

  • Plug and play simplicity – Set up Hangouts in your browser on your dashboard.
  • Create professional webinar pages As lead capture / registration (with countdown timer and embed registration button), thank you, live and replay pages.
  • Integrated with all major autoresponders,
  • Invite past participants without having to subscribe, Simply select your previous participant groups and invite them with one click.
  • Maintain completely Branding control,
  • Fully customizable messages before and after the webinar,
  • Chat feature, With chat controls for administrators and participants. You can insert links in the chat.
  • 2 screens and chat display side by side, Instead of switching back and forth, you can view your slides, chat features, and webcam at the same time.
  • Divert participants en masse to offers, Show clickable real-time offers next to the chat field.
  • Unlimited storage space for recordings, Hosted for you on reliable cloud servers.
  • Share webinars with other WFP users, Use simple unlock code to use webinars other than your own.
  • Can be used for paid webinars, Simply set your fee per participant.
  • Detailed analysis,

And the best part is that Google Hangouts are free. You can participate in your webinars and up to 10 presenters unlimited.

The software has a simple but effective interface that anyone can work with.

Is it really that simple? Would you like to see a short demo?

Other comparable products

There are other webinar software suites that also use Google Hangouts or YouTube Live as their recording / streaming service. All have the same purpose of creating a marketing funnel around the actual event.

If you're using Google Hangouts for your webinars / events, you definitely need one of these suites. But what works best for you?

Most platforms have all the "basic" functions such as creating live and evergreen webinars, integrated email notifications with autoresponder integration, life console with chatbox option, time-controlled events and social media integration as well as (basic ) Analysis functions.

For more advanced (and more expensive) webinar platforms, read my reviews above EasyWebinar. Webinar JEO, and WebinarJam,

Are there any defects?

In order to really get the most out of WFP, you definitely have to buy that Enterprise Plus upgrade, Why?

Because you can not use Webinar Fusion Pro for recorded (evergreen) webinars (your own or others' with the simple one-click-share feature). One of the best features of Webinar Fusion is the ability to monetize recorded webinars. Thanks to the time-controlled chat and scarcity functions and the clever way in which your webinars are displayed, your visitors cannot differentiate live webinars from recorded ones!

So you only leave money on the table by not using any evergreen webinars in your marketing funnel.

The sales side (and the video) are also less structured. In fact, it's hard to see what you're getting in the WFP Enterprise and WFP Enterprise Plus versions. But that's why you're here;).

There are no templates for your pages to choose from. However, as a bonus (during start time), you will receive a high conversion template for each of these pages: Sales, Lead Capture, Thank You, and Registration Page. However, you can easily create your own pages and add the embed codes (to have complete control over what your pages will look like).

Why should you buy Webinar Fushion Pro?

Because it's the cheapest web-based solution for setting up and managing your webinars with Google Hangouts. You don't have to install anything and can access your dashboard from any device. Your records are hosted for you on reliable cloud servers. And during this special introductory phase you will receive access and lifetime updates for a one-time payment of only …


You can get access Webinar Fusion Pro for a monthly fee of 47.00 USD,

Upsells and OTOs

There are 3 upsells. The first is the Enterprise Plus upgrade ($ 77.00). As said above, must have an upgrade.

Additional functions if you buy them WFP Enterprise Plus upgrade:

  • Host unlimited Recorded webinars and Functions at all times,
  • Scheduled time releases chat and offer features,
  • Share webinars with other WFP users, Use simple unlock code to use webinars other than your own.

The second OTO is the opportunity to get access to a High converting webinar (97,00 USD). This recorded webinar earned developers thousands of dollars every time they ran it. In short, you have the right to rename it and use it as your own. So that you can earn money with it.

As a last Upsell you can become a member of. Become The Fusion Club ($ 197.00 per year or $ 37.00 per month). Every month, you'll receive content that will help you grow your business through webinars. The content varies from month to month and includes: proven high-conversion squeeze page templates, webinars recorded by DFY, the invitation to become a beta tester for new software.

My webinar Fushion Pro Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link (just click on one of the links on this page), you will receive 80 bonus points (and another 100 points if you also buy one of the Upsells) that you can change for great WP plugins, courses, and other informational products Choose your bonus,

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Comparable products

If you'd like to do webinars with Google Hangouts and consider an alternative for Webinar Fusion Pro, read my review EasyWebinar,

Or read my reviews about Webinar JEO and WebinarJam,


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