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Webinar JEOproduct: Webinar JEO
kind: Web-based software
price: $ 37.00 per month or $ 297.00 to $ 397.00 per year
Creator: Walt Baybliss
Webinar JEO is a new advanced web-based webinar platform for setting up and managing unlimited webinars with unlimited participants. This platform does not use Google Hangouts, but a newly developed streaming software. No more time delays between the actual presentation and the time your visitors see your webinar! Webinars are automatically recorded and hosted on reliable cloud servers (Amazon S3). Use Webinar JEO for live and evergreen webinars (i.e. recorded webinars). Great and cheaper alternative for GoToWebinar.

New SaaS webinar platform without using Google Hangouts

Webinar JEO review

What is JEO webinar?

Webinar JEO is a web-based webinar platform that allows you to run super-fast and hassle-free webinars. Since it is web-based, you can access your platform from any device and browser. You can have unlimited webinars and unlimited participation in your webinars.


Yes, because your webinar will be hosted for you Amazon s3 Cloud server. All webinars (by different administrators) are run on a separate server and the bandwidth required depends on the number of subscribers. Your webinars run quickly and smoothly.

Of course, Webinar JEO offers all the necessary features such as live and pre-recorded webinars, professionally designed webinar page templates, 3 visual modes (camera, whiteboard and screen), public / private live chat boxes (with ready-made answers) and live Push notifications and media elements (clickable buttons, polls and votes), multiple presenters / operators and more …

The main feature with other webinar platform services is that webinar JEO does not use Google Hangouts as a recording / streaming service.

Webinar JEO comes with its own webinar newly built webinar recording system like GoToWebinar.

Main disadvantage of using Google Hangouts

If you have ever attended or used a webinar system, Google Hangouts (to like Webinar Fushion Pro. WebinarJam or EasyWebinar 4.0), then you would have noticed that Time Delay Approx. 20 to 30 seconds between the actual time the presenter shows / tells his "story" and the time the participant / viewer sees and hears your presentation.

This can be very annoying, especially if there are many interactions between the participants and the organizer.

With Webinar JEO there is no time delay!

It's super fast and easy to use from a simple dashboard.

Main functions of JEO webinar?

  • Live webinars or recorded "evergreen webinars", Recorded webinars may be previous live webinars or any video.
  • Easy-to-manage dashboard with web-based live interface, Simply give your webinar a name and select the date and time. The software automatically creates a registration link for you.
  • Simple invitation module for participants with reminder / confirmation messages, Simply select your previous event attendees (or use your autoresponder email list). For evergreen webinars, you can even set several future days and times that your visitors can choose to watch the webinar (or you can give them the optional option to watch the webinar now).
  • 3 visual modes (Camera, whiteboard, screen). Easily switch between your webcam, the interactive whiteboard (with drawing tools and the ability to view images), or your screen (just choose an open tab in your browser).
  • Public or private live chat with ready-made answers and highlighted color features.
  • media elements as CTA buttons and surveys / polls.
  • Live push notifications,
  • Unlimited webinars and unlimited subscribers, For you on reliable cloud servers (Amazon S3) hosted.
  • Automatic webinar recording (hosted for you),
  • Integrated with all major autoresponders, The system can now be integrated with AWeber, InfusionSoft, Sendreach, ImnicaMail, MailChimp, Icontact, GetResponse and Sendlane. However, as a buyer, you can request support to add your preferred autoresponder (if not listed). (Integrations with ClickFunnels and LeadPages will be added shortly.)
  • Add unlimited moderators to a call,
  • Integration with the payment gateway, This will allow you to charge your webinar content or sell tickets for your events.
  • Add a LIVE YOUTUBE broadcast,
  • Turn your webinars into public Facebook events,
  • Detailed statistics and analysis,
  • New: Facebook Live Integration Stream your webinar on Facebook Live the moment you hold your webinar.
  • New: meet JEO, Now you can view multiple people on the camera at the same time (with chat enabled or disabled).
  • New: Mobile apps for Android and IOS,

The software has a simple but effective interface that anyone can work with.

But to give you as much information as possible. Watch the most recent recording of a live webinar, in which the author Walt Bayliss shows all the features of the JEO webinar platform by actually using it.

Are there any defects?

If you compare Webinar JEO with other popular webinar platforms based on Google Hangouts, some of these platforms have more branding options or additional templates (for webinar registration, live presentation, and thank-you pages) and / or more options Send preset reminders and follow-up emails.

For example, the standard registration page looks professional, but is very simple and you can only add your own video on this page (there are no templates).

Fortunately, you get a (free) WordPress plugin that allows you to use the registration form on your own registration page and add more content to convince your visitors to attend the webinar.

Or just buy that Webinar JEO template package Upgrade ($ 97.00). Now you get 3 up-converting templates for your registration, a live webinar presentation page and a thank you page.

Since Webinar JEO can be integrated into all major autoresponders, I don't think it's a big gap that you can't create all kinds of reminders and follow-up emails in your webinar dashboard. You can easily do this with your autoresponder.

(On the other hand, the invitation module for selecting the previous participants is fantastic!)

Although there are no more time delays (like Google Hangouts), there are delays when you switch from visual mode (from camera to whiteboard or screen and vice versa). A change takes about 2 to 3 seconds. Not a big deal, but only you know.

Another thing to know. Before you can show your participants your browser screens, you need to install an additional (free) browser extension.

This is a one-time task and easy to do (clearly explained in the tutorial video). The only thing is if you want to invite a guest speaker who wants to display his screen, he should have this browser extension installed. (So ​​if you are hosting a webinar with multiple speakers, I strongly recommend that you test it beforehand by running a short test webinar.)

Is Webinar JEO as good as GoToWebinar?

Yes, I think it's even better. There are no participant restrictions and Webinar JEO offers much more advanced features.

If you know that GoToWebinar charges a monthly fee of $ 299.00 (and you can only do this with a maximum of 1,000 participants), that's a lot.

Why Should You Buy JEO Webinar?

Because it's the best web-based solution for setting up and managing unlimited webinars with unlimited participants (without using Google Hangouts). You can host both live and evergreen webinars and it has all the features you would expect from a webinar platform. The system is robust and your recordings are hosted for you on reliable cloud servers (Amazon S3). And during this special introductory phase you can benefit from a special discount for grandfathers …


You can get access Webinar JEO for a monthly payment of $ 37.00 or an annual payment of $ 397.00.

Limited time offer $ 100.00 discount

If you are lucky, you can get access this way for only $ 297.00 per year Special link,

So don't wait too long until you know that this deal is over.

Upsells and OTOs

There is only one upsell. You can buy this Webinar JEO template package Upgrade ($ 97.00). With this package you can add your own branding and make your webinar more professional. Get 3 fully customizable templates for your registration, live webinar and thank you pages.

My webinar JEO bonus

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