Wholesale Ted Review: The Ecomm Clubhouse


She has a pretty successful YouTube presence and a decent blog. Of course, all of this is part of the sales funnel for eComm Clubhouse, their latest product that will teach you to be successful in the world of e-commerce.

She previously advertised for a course in Amazon FBA, but it looks like the focus has shifted to the Ecomm Clubhouse and it appears to be a Shopify-approved course.

We'll take a look at all of this (and a little bit more) in this Wholesale Ted test to see if you should invest in the company's dropship club.

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Who is Sarah Chrisp?

Sarah is from New Zealand Frankly, it is quite difficult to find so much information about her beyond what she talks about on her website. She claims to have opened several e-commerce stores and is now spending her time servicing and jetting with private jets around the world.

Most people who find Sarah will find her through the YouTube channel she runs. Here she gives a lot of advice on how to run a successful e-commerce business, although, as you may have guessed, the bulk of this information is aimed at getting you to sign up for your membership program. eComm clubhouse.

As I have already said; The whole company is called Wholesale Ted. Although Wholesale Ted claims to make money in several ways, including Amazon FBA.

Is wholesale Ted just a scam?

She claims that she has. This has something to do with retro games in the past, but we currently have no indication that they currently make money differently than with Wholesale Ted.

That being said, I think Sarah is quite unique in her teaching style.

However, they have the advantage that they have their own YouTube channel. This means that you get a feel for whether you can harmonize with your personality or not. This can be online training, but you still have a learning style that needs to be followed so that you can properly absorb the information.

eComm Clubhouse Review

The eComm Clubhouse is the subscription package from Sarah. You get back $ 67 a month, though a cheaper trial version is available for $ 1 to test some of the material.

The eComm clubhouse is (mostly) a video-based course. Everything is presented by Sarah, and you should have a rough idea of ​​her optimistic personality in her YouTube videos before signing up for her course.

The eComm clubhouse provides information on the different steps Sarah indicates to help you run a successful eCommerce business:

This course focuses exclusively on running a shop through Shopify and assumes that you are interested in either one Drop shipping or printing on request, You also need to have some cash to run paid advertising.

This means that eComm Clubhouse may not be the right option for you if you are not interested in it and want to take a different route with your eCommerce business.

The course is updated regularly, although some people can claim that it is not updated often enough to justify the regular fee. However, most people will also say that you get a lot more information in the course than in some other mentor courses out there.

Is it worth?

I think the monthly payment for training really adds up and limits your budget. Although $ 67 isn't that much, you've paid a little over $ 200 in 3 months, and if you quit, you'll lose all training.

An alternative to consider

So let me ask you that – don't you just want to pay a one-time fee and still get updates, support and mentoring? Would you also like to learn from a guy who actually has profitable e-commerce businesses and has provided evidence with his students?

That's why I keep suggesting – Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

It will only refund you a one-time fee of $ 197 or $ 297 for the "Ultimate" version.

From what I've seen so far, there is MUCH more training in Ecom Elites Ultimate than in the Ecomm Clubhouse.

Things you'll learn in eCom Elites:

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