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You may be here because you searched for Will Haimerl's course – the online store accelerator. Before you decide on this course, read my review first. I trust that after reading you will make a more informed decision as to whether or not to bite into the bullet.

Will's course is for those who have an online store that is tired of Facebook advertising. According to Will, Facebook ads are "sketchy" lately, so his focus is on Google Shopping ads and more to put you on the right foot.

Beginner Friendly – If you're new to the game, Will will not leave you with a blank face on this workout – it's 100% beginner friendly.

So what do you do if Facebook ads are not shown? Will's three areas of attack are Google Shopping Ads, Influencer Marketing, and Email Marketing. Whether this is a replacement for Facebook ads remains to be seen.

The price is not cheap and you're probably here because you want to know if it's worth the $ 997 price. I can tell you that there seems to be a lack of content. I expected much more for what you have to pay for.

If the content is good, the amount should not matter, just like anything else. Let's continue with this review and discuss what you get for your money.

Who is Will Haimerl?

Will Haimerl is a PPC coach who has trained over 8000 affiliate marketers. His focus was on Google AdWords, MSN Adcenter, Yahoo Search Marketing and more.

He is not a 19-year-old beginner on a Youtube channel who has decided to join the course bus and has his credentials to facilitate online learning.

His course is on Teachable, a fantastic platform that many creators use today.

The modules in the Online Store Accelerator

There are 8 modules in total in this course. All training is done with video, which is pretty common these days and probably the best way to learn if you ask me.

Let's take a closer look at what's in each module:

Module 1 – Welcome Videos

In this module you will find the typical introductory video welcoming you to the course. He also has a mindset video (thankfully not a complete module), how to join the private Facebook mastermind group, and another video about PPC.

Right away, Will talks pretty straightforward and says things like "leave your excuses at the door" and the like. Sometimes people need a bit of encouragement and I prefer to charge you with eye-catching cars and dreams. He keeps it real. Here's how the format is structured for each module.

Module 2 – Preparation

The topics in this module are quite typical for setting up an ecommerce business except the platform you're supposed to use. More below.

  • Basic PPC settings
  • Stripes & Paypal
  • Domain Names – Buy & Choose
  • Logos – Creation & Upload
  • Create a Gear Bubble Pro Store account
  • Create an About Us page
  • General store VS Niche shops
  • Setting overview

The only thing that struck me most about this module was that I expected your typical Shopify setup, but you will not get that. Will suggests the use of GearBubble.

I've never used Gearbubble before, as my ecom projects started a few years ago with only Shopify. My "guru coach" at that time only taught with Shopify, that was all I really knew.

You're probably in the same boat and do not even know what Gear Bubble is. From my research it is not as customizable as Shopify and it is expensive. I found some comments online and maybe it's a topic for review in the future. So if you expected to use Shopify with Will's course, you seem to have been unlucky!

Module 3 – Products

There are about 15 videos in this section and they are all relatively short and average about 5 minutes long.

There are 2 types of products This will teach you how to market in your business.

# 1 – on request

Will goes deeper into Gearbubble and why he uses it. With Gearbubble Pro, you can customize items like hats, shirts, caps, leggings, necklaces, etc. and Gearbubble as needed. Personally, I think PillowProfits is a lot better and although there is a charge of $ 29.99 a month, it's still way cheaper to spend $ 297 a month on GearBubble.

# 2 – Private Products

These are the Ali Express products (or Etsy, Ebay, etc.) that you can use with Gearbubble if you do not want to print on demand. Oh, and you will not be able to use Oberlo with Gearbubble if you ask yourself.

Here are some of the other topics in this module:

  • Creating designs with Photoshop & WordSwag
  • Find products on AliExpress, Ebay, Gearbubble &, Pinterest
  • Set a designer
  • Keyword Considerations
  • Outsourcing to Fiverr

Module 4 – Google Shopping Ads

This section has an average of 16 videos of 5 minutes in length. Given that this is the method that Will uses for advertising, I was surprised how quickly you can go through this module. You may think that's a good thing, but I'm afraid the expected level of detail was just not there.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Create a list of negative keywords
  • Conversion pixel
  • Create your Google Ads and Merchant Center account
  • Create target terms
  • Correct rejection of feed
  • Create a common budget
  • How to manage campaigns
  • This is how you aim for individual products
  • Review your website on Google

Module 5 – Retargeting with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

This section is a basic Facebook module that shows you how to set up your own shop page, set up your Business Manager and create your shop ad account with the FPTraffic tool, add your FB Pixel to your store, and people to do it bring to like your page. Etc.

This is not a full Facebook module, as you will find in something like this eCom elitesbecause the focus is on retargeting once someone visits your page in Google Ads. You can trough this module with a cup of coffee.

Module 6 – Influencer Marketing – Open Market

Will shows you how to find influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat Instagram and more. Now I do not know how old this training is, because influencers have beaten themselves to marketers and make these things no longer free. I really do not think they were ever as sure as free marketing is.

Maybe if you gave away the product in exchange for a review, but if you send your influencer an AliExpress worth $ 1, they'll just laugh at you. So, although he does a pretty good job of showing you how to find influencers, you have to expect to spend some money.

Module 7 – Email Marketing?

In this module you will learn how to set up a very simple email campaign. There are only 6 videos, all based on Mailchimp.

There is not much to see here, so I have nothing to report. Just a tiny module dwarfed by other courses with an e-mail marketing module. There is a lot missing in this section, and Will seems to be almost bored with producing content at this point.

Module 8 – Course Summary

There's nothing to learn here except a summary of the course and the hint that you need to take massive action. It's like a little piece of thinking that tells you to keep trying, not giving up, and so on.

Online Store Accelerator Conclusion

This completes my review of this course. Can I recommend this product for the current price of $ 997? Of course not. I also see no way to get a refund.

I think it's a good introduction to eCom with strategies other than Facebook, but it's very watered down and seems to be rushed just to cope. You can easily complete this course in one day, and once you have completed all the modules, buyers will feel remorse – trust me.

Is there an alternative to this course?

The good news is that you have two fantastic options that I can recommend, if you buy one of them I can sleep well at night knowing that you are in good hands.

My first choice is Ecom Elites Ultimate.

This is created by Franklin Hatchett, an e-commerce champion, the winner of the 2 Comma Clubs. His course has well over 170 videos that completely surpass Wills course. He goes through everything from Facebook ads (through the massive FB module) to Instagram ads and an e-mail marketing module. This includes SEO training, Chatbot training, Google Shopping and Ads training, funnel training, and more.

All this for only $ 297. Read my review of Ecom Elites here.

Buying a course to learn Ecom does not break the bank. Of course, many developers will put together remanufactured crap from the internet, throw a big prize, and hope someone buys something.

People like Franklin and Tristan are here to stay. They deal with their students and offer a lot of value. They also have a reasonable price for their courses so that almost anyone can afford them. At ecom you need some money to invest in your business. It would be a shame to put a Grand on a seat if the bulk of it could be used for advertising if you buy a cheaper and better seat – as crazy as that sounds!

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