WP Blazer Suite 3.0 Review and Bonus


WP Blazer Suite Logo Smallproduct: WP Blazer Suite
kind: Cloud-based app + WP plugin
price: $ 27.00 a year or $ 67.00 once
Creator: Cindy Donovan and Girithara Prakash
With WP Blazer Suite, you can manage, automate and secure all of your WordPress sites in one central dashboard. It offers great features like quick install / update themes / plugins, (cloud) backup / clone / reinstall, posting content to posts / pages, managing comments, creating users, SSL setup / management, pixel management, auto social Approvals, SEO Site Auditing, Malware Scanners and Security & Safety Monitoring.

All-in-One-WP Multi-site management app

WP Blazer Suite

What is WP Blazer Suite 3.0?

WP Blazer Suite 3.0 is the latest version and easy to use Cloud Solution that allows you Manage, automate and secure all your WordPress sites from one central dashboard,

This is a huge time saver if you want to install or update multiple plugins and / or themes, manage comments, or publish content to multiple sites from one central location. No need for individual enrollments and repetitive boring time-consuming tasks.

However, the WP Blazer Suite also gives you all the other necessary WordPress administration tools, including cloning and backup, SSL setup and management, pixel management, auto-sharing, SEO site scanning, malware scanning and security monitoring.

How does the WP Blazer Suite work?

To add your WordPress site to your dashboard, you must first install a plugin on each site. (You only have to install and activate this plugin once)

Then just add the website address of the WordPress site you want to add to your main dashboard.

Now the software will create an API activation key that you must enter in the WP Blazer plugin.

From that moment on, you no longer need to log in to the single WordPress site and manage everything from one central dashboard (which can be accessed from any device with a browser).

And as a great extra feature …

WP Blazer Suite allows you Create "groups" of websites,

Now you can do a task for a group of sites at the same time. Just choose what you want to do for this group and it will happen for all the sites you choose.

Key features of the WP Blazer Suite

The previous version 2.0 already had these great features:

(+) One-Click Bulk Updates on the WordPress Website.
(+) Activate / deactivate / delete WordPress plugins / themes.
(+) User-friendly Central Administration Dashboard (SaaS platform).
(+) Scheduled backups for your WordPress sites.
(+) Instant WordPress backups at the click of a mouse.
(+) External remote backups, including Amazon S3, FTP and email.
(+) Publish new content on multiple blogs at the same time.
(+) Approve / Moderate comments for ALL blogs in one place.
(+) Instantly create new WP users in multiple blogs.
(+) Group your websites to make management easier.
(+) Bulk Action Tools (Upgrade, Install Plugins / Themes).

But in the latest version 3.0, these new extra features have been added:

(+) Easy setup and management of SSL.
Add (+) pixels in multiple blogs.
(+) Social Share Auto Posting Facebook & Twitter).
(+) SEO Site Auditing.
(+) Clone your WP sites.
(+) Installation of your clones.
(+) Operating time monitoring.
(+) Malware scanner.
(+) 1 Click WP Admin Login.

And if you want to upgrade WP Blazer Pro (the first upsell after you first bought the main frontend), you will get these extra features:

(+) SEO tools for easier Google traffic (keyword research, ranking, tracking, etc.).
(+) Clone post / page.
(+) Social Media Tools (Viral Traffic & Analysis).
(+) Instant Social Share on Pinterest and Google Plus.
(+) Cloud Media Storage for more goals (Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace, Windows Azure).
(+) Install WordPress on your servers.
(+) 1 Click Mass Action for Dashboard.
(+) Larger backup (up to 10 GB).

And if you upgrade to WP Blazer developerYou can also manage your customers' websites and take advantage of these extra features:

(+) Manage UNLIMITED number of clients.
(+) Own client report area.
(+) Set up unique backup areas and different S3 / Azure / Dropbox accounts for EACH client.

Watch the demo video below:

In summary, WP Blazer Suite is a unique WordPress management, automation, security, and backup / cloning tool packaged in one easy-to-use, central dashboard accessible from your browser.

Are there any defects?

The application works as shown in the video.

There are other (free) solutions or plugins that can perform certain tasks of WP Blazer Suite, such as: For example, copying existing WordPress sites (or a clean template) and installing them in the new domain (using File Manager or FTP Transfer). Use free plugins to back up. Or use the import / export function for posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.

However, these solutions take more time and have other disadvantages. For example, probably not all of your WordPress setups will be the same. With WP Blazer Suite's easy selection and grouping function, you can easily decide which plugins and themes to install.

Overall, WP Blazer Suite saves a tremendous amount of time and lets you perform many different tasks from one central dashboard for all your WordPress sites.

Only one thing to consider …

When you use a cloud-based platform for your main dashboard, you rely on the hosting, bandwidth, and accessibility services provided by WP Suite Blazer.

In my opinion, the provider is reliable, uses adequate hosting and offers excellent support. However, it is always possible that there will be temporary downtime (as may happen with any hosting).

Because your WordPress sites are all hosted by your preferred provider, you can continue to access your sites the normal way (in the event of the provider's system downtime).

(If you're looking for a complete WordPress solution on your "own" server, not a cloud-based solution, you can check this WP Empire Builder 3.0)

Why should you buy WP Blazer Suite?

If you have multiple WordPress sites, you can save time now and make sure all your WordPress sites are properly set up and updated as quickly as possible with just one click of a button. It's the perfect tool for WordPress management, automating, securing, and simultaneously backing up / cloning multiple websites, eliminating the hassle and hard work that you would otherwise have to do manually (and repeatedly). A hugely time-saving and excellent tool to manage all your WordPress sites from one central location.


You can get WP Blazer Suite for an annual fee of $ 27.00 or a one-time fee of only 67.00 USD,

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsell or OTO?

The first upsell is the opportunity to get that WP Blazer Pro Upgrade ($ 37.00). Now you get all sorts of extra features (see "Main Features" above).

The second upsell is WP Blazer developer (67.00 USD). Now you can manage all your clients and
Set up a unique backup space and various S3 / Azure / Dropbox accounts for EVERY client. It also gives you access to a dedicated client reporting area.

As a final upselling, you can get that WP Blazer White Label Rights, Either you can simply rename the plugin ($ 97.00) and sell it to your customers and grant access to this plugin. Or you purchase the full rebranding rights for $ 97.00 per year and sell WP Blazer Suite as a complete suite with all product levels.

With both white label rights, you can rename and sell WP Blazer as your own product (or service) and keep all the money yourself.

This is one of the best software with white label or resell rights I have seen this year. Highly recommended.

My WP Blazer Suite Bonus

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WP Blazer Suite vs. WP Suite

WP Suite vs. WP Blazer Suite Comparison

Another more or less similar tool that lets you manage all your WP sites from one central dashboard is WP Suite. See the details below:

WP suiteJVZoo Top PickWP suite ($ 34.00- $ 37.00)
Creator: Ankur Shukla
Bonus: 10 WP plugins + 70/70/70/100 bonus points

(Web App + WP Plugin) Easily manage all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard. Huge time savings!

WP Suite Pro (47,00 USD)
WP Suite Premium (47,00 USD)
WP Suite developer (47,00 USD)
WP Suite Reseller (97,00 USD)

You can also choose 1 product for each product in the funnel you buy GeorgesDeals.com

The main differences?

WP Blazer Suite has some features (such as Malware Scanning, Bulk Actions, 1 Click WP Admin Login) that are included in the main front-end and for which you need the same features when you purchase the WP Suite Pro version ,

In addition, the WP Suite lacks some additional features that have been integrated into the WP Blazer Suite, such as: Backup / clone, SSL setup and management, adding pixels, auto-posting of social networks, SEO site review

Overall, then WP Blazer has the best and most featuresBut maybe you do not need those extra features and are only satisfied with the main front end of the WP Suite (and save money by paying just $ 37.00 instead of $ 67.00 for WP Blazer).

similar products

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