WP Content Ranker Review and Bonus


WP Content Ranker Logo Smallproduct: WP Content Ranker
kind: WordPress plugin
price: $ 17.00- $ 37.00
Creator: Abbas Ravji

WP Content Ranker is a WordPress plugin that helps you with search engine optimization. How? Search the top 10 websites in Google for keywords you enter and see all the details you need to beat your competition. Probably the best and easiest SEO tool on the market, you have to see!

New Onsite SEO & Competitor Analyzer Tool

WP Content Ranker Review and Bonus

What is WP Content Ranker?

WP Content Ranker is a WordPress plugin for SEO on site. It allows you to reverse the top 10 competitors for each keyword on Google. Everything from the WordPress post editor without having to open any other tabs in your browser.

By using relevant LSI terms and other (curated) content used by the top rankers, your goal is to outperform your competitors or at least improve your search rankings.

After installation, the plugin creates a menu / widget in the upper right corner of the WordPress editor.

The widget contains 4 main modules (and one adjustment module):

WP Content Ranker Module

  • Analyze module.
  • Spin module.
  • Syndicate modules
  • Additional reading module.

Analyze module

WP Content Ranker example

With this module you can reverse engineer the top 10 ranking websites in Google for EVERY keyword. Just enter your keyword (phrase) and it will …

  • Show SERP data Find out how easy or difficult it is to create a ranking. SERP data includes: number of competing sites, post authority, domain authority, MOZ rank, average number of backlinks, keyword difficulty (for the keyword WP Content Ranker see figure above).
  • Display related keyword terms (LSI),
  • Show individual post / page text with used external links and anchor text,
  • Show title for all top 10 URLs that you can drag and drop into your own post.
  • Show headings (H1, H2, H3, H4) for all top 10 URLs that you can drag and drop into your own post.
  • LSI keywords for the most commonly used keywords (Words with one, two, three and four phrases).
  • Check the occurrence of the most commonly used keywords and drag and drop them into your blog content.
  • Show all images used in the top 10 URLs (with drag and drop function).
  • Show all videos used in the top 10 URLs (with drag and drop function).
  • Show all used ads in the top 10 URLs (with drag and drop function).
  • (Enterprise Upgrade) Show Metadata (URL, Description, Tags) for every top 10 url.
  • (Enterprise Upgrade) Displays PA, DA, MOZ rank and backlink numbers for each top 10 url.
  • (Enterprise Upgrade) Yahoo and Bing Top 10 results, Same information, but not only for Google results.
  • (Enterprise Upgrade) URL analysis, Enter the URLs for the posts / pages (up to 10 URLs) that you want to analyze (instead of the top 10 URLs for your typed keyword).
  • Download results as CSV,

So to summarize …

With the WP Content Ranker analytics module, you know exactly what your competitors have done to rank on page 1, and you can display specific terms that are critical to your rankings on Google.

And the software is designed to let you create (drag and drop) optimized content that Google loves using (curated) content from the top 10 websites.

You can even test your blog content to make sure you have used all of the main keywords (related LSI keywords) in your content.

Of course, with the ultimate goal of creating content that increases targeted traffic to your website, increases engagement and ranks higher.

Of course, you do not want to just copy all sorts of content from the top sites to create your own content. This way, Google will punish you for using duplicate content (at least if you don't point to your source).

There is no better way to use and not just copy and paste the terms and content, but to rewrite the content in your own words and still use all the relevant terms in your content.

Or you can rotate your content …

Spin module

This is a nice additional module with which you can save your selected content as your own content. However, WP Content Ranker can only be integrated into both Turn the Rewriter or the best spinner. Both are paid tools. If you want to use them, you need to buy one of these tools from the vendors.

Since I'm not a fan of spinning content, I will not use this module myself. But maybe you have no problems and can use it for your private blog network or second level blog posts.

Syndicate modules

As far as I know, it's just an enterprise feature. With the module you can automatically syndicate your content to 3 social sites (Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr). And what's fantastic, you can syndicate any number of your WordPress posts at once with one click.

Additional reading module

This module allows you to add a styled, interactive, and dynamic tabbed section to your post. Use this option to display additional written content on the topic of the post and / or display visual images or embedded videos.

A great add-on for adding content and relevant keywords (LSI) that you can't or don't want to use in your blog article, as this content can and will be read by search engines.

The dynamic part results from the random presentation of the content. You simply choose how many rows and columns you want to display, and the software fills the table randomly with the content you select.

How does the WP Content Ranker work?

Just install the WordPress plugin once and choose / set your preferences for:

  • General Settings. Choose your Google location. Set the minimum number of keyword phrases to use, add keywords to the Ignore list, set the minimum / maximum image size, set the Additional Reading settings for topics / styles, and add proxies (if you do) want to use them).
  • API settings for MOZ. To view the SERP data, you must connect WP Content Ranker to the free MOZ API. It's very simple, just add your API ID and secret key.
  • API settings for Spin Rewriter or Best Spinner account to use the Spin module.
  • Syndication settings for social media integration (Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter) – only applicable if you bought the Enterprise upgrade.
  • Keyword Difficulty Color Settings – Applicable only if you have purchased the Enterprise Upgrade.

From this moment on, a new widget will appear in the post editor (in the upper right corner). After clicking on one of the 4 modules, a new pop-up window will appear, in which you can resize and move your screen as you wish to work with the selected tool.

Within the analytic engine, all you have to do is select what you want to see and drag and drop the items you want to use in your own content.

Watch the full demo video of Abbas Ravji:

Are there any defects?

WP Content Ranker can be used by any blogger and is particularly suitable for niche SEO marketers who want to bring organic (free) traffic to their websites. And almost a must for anyone who wants to set up private blog networks with easy-to-create hyper-relevant content.

Although most functions work and can be used in the text editor (in your WordPress post editor), some only work in the visual editor.

Not a big deal, but just to keep it in mind (I almost never use the Visual Editor – so in the beginning I thought the software had some bugs).

Because you "scrap" content from Google searches, Google may no longer see the results for your IP address if you use this plug-in too often. In this case you have to use a proxy server (luckily you can easily do this in the settings). So that's not a big problem.

Note: If you normally use this plugin, you probably don't need a proxy server at all.

The (dynamic) additional reading tabs work, but are delivered without CSS table settings. Therefore, you must add / change the padding, orientation, and / or width settings (in the text editor) to ensure proper viewing.

Besides, I have not found any major flaws in the software.

Why should you buy WP Content Ranker?

Because there is no other WordPress plug-in that is so easy to use and allows you to parse the top 10 content pages for any keyword. Contents (texts, images, videos), LSI keywords and settings that you can use in your own blog post with drag & drop. As a result, your rankings will improve dramatically and you may be able to outperform your competitors.

What I really like is that you can do it all yourself in the WordPress post editor. You do not need any other software and do not need to open your browser with additional tabs.

The integrated spinning, additional reading and syndication modules are fantastic additional marketing functions.

A high quality app for all niche marketers who rely on organic search engine traffic.


You can choose from 3 licenses. Choose a website (Starter License), 3 websites (Growth License) or by far the best deal for that WP Content Ranker Expert – Unlimited number of websites License.

The price for the expert license is $ 37.00 (but can be increased anytime).

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee with no questions and you will receive lifetime updates.

Upsell or OTO?

The first and only upsell is WP Content Ranker Enterprise ($ 29.00- $ 37.00). With this upgrade, you get all of these additional features:

  • View metadata (URL, description, tags) for each top 10 URL.
  • Show PA, DA, MOZ rank, number of backlinks for each Top 10 URL.
  • View data not only for Google, but also for the top 10 results from Yahoo and Bing.
  • URL analysis. Enter the URLs for the posts / pages (up to 10 URLs) that you want to analyze (instead of the top 10 URLs for the entered keyword).
  • Install on unlimited sites (including rights to install on paid client sites and sites that you browse).
  • Syndicate your posts on 3 social sites (Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr).
  • Free software lifetime updates (the main front-end supports one-year updates).

For me, this upsell was a breeze. (Yes, I bought the upgrade myself)

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