Zen Titan 2.0 Review and Bonus


Zen Titan 2.0 Logo smallproduct: Zen Titan 2.0
kind: Software + Training
price: 9.95 USD
Creator: MemePlex – Chris X

Zen Titan 2.0 consists of 4 software tools and a WordPress design combined with a PDF document and training videos to enhance your video marketing campaigns. Use the tools to easily find a hot YouTube niche, keywords to use and the best products to advertise, create your product ratings (in text and video format) and your professional animated rating videos on your own blog and on YouTube display.

4 Tools + Theme + Training for Amazon Partner and Video Marketing Software

Zen Titan 2.0 review and bonus

What is Zen Titan 2.0?

Zen Titan 2.0 is the latest Titan package. A completely new package created by Chris & Ken, Memeplex Limited.

You've probably seen some of their packages before T-shirt Titan 1 + 2. Partner Titan 1 + 2, and Video titan x,

How does Zen Titan 2.0 work?

STEP 1 – Browse the niche database "Zen Affiliate" and choose from over 100 niches where you can search for free YouTube.

STEP 2 – Find out about the top products in this niche – and create a campaign in the "Zen Affiliate" software. Optionally, rotate this data to create instant affiliate ratings. Then export 5-10 products to a "campaign file" (for example, "top laptops 2017.zip").

STEP 3 – Import this campaign file into Zen Video software to create your video review that you can upload to your blog or YouTube, etc.

STEP 4 – Import this campaign file into the WordPress "Zen eCommerce" design to build your affiliate website with all your reviews.

Step 5 – Use the Zen Keyword Tool to find thousands of profitable ecommerce keywords that will give you free traffic.

What does Zen Titan contain?

  • Zen Affiliate web-based app with 3 elements: 1) Search the database of niches and Research YouTube videos with another Tool Tube Titan (not included) Video Titan 3.0). 2) Add products (manually). 3) Create a campaign after changing the product details.
  • Zen Video Creator desktop software.
  • Zen theme. A premium WordPress theme to build your e-commerce / affiliate shop with content.
  • Zen keyword software. A tool to easily find keywords.
  • Training videos – how to use the software and benefit from video marketing today.
  • A 39-page PDF. A quick guide to using the Zen Titan system.
  • Additional videos with "secret" tips and tricks.
  • 5 complete bonus systems to profit with Video + Facebook, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing …
  • PDF training (over 100 pages) on Profit in 2017.
  • Extra bonus: T-Shirt Titan 1.0 (see below).

Description of the three main tools:

# 1 Zen Affiliate App

Use this tool to find Amazon, ClickBank, and JVZoo niches with the greatest potential for profit.

Simply enter your keyword and the software will display relevant Google AdWords and YouTube data for further investigation.

Zen Niche's example

Research tab to quickly add partner products.

Then click to export the Campaign Zip (after optionally rotating text) and prepare for the next step.

Zen affiliate Example

# 2 Zen Video Creator

This tool will create your partner review videos in one minute using the campaign file you just created with Zen Affiliate. It includes editable template videos for Amazon partners, 6 royalty free music tracks, 10 wallpapers, and more to make your videos fast with professional animations.

Zen video example

# 3 Zen Theme

This premium ecommerce WP theme is not only a topic that allows you to view your affiliate products, but you can also import product reviews directly from Zen Affiliate and create your complete ecommerce evaluation site.

# 4 Zen keywords

A simple tool to find all kinds of keywords that you can use in your description and reviews. Zen Keywords contains over 20,000 BUYER keywords for the top 100 Amazon niches.

Zen Keywords

So what about the functionality of these software tools?

I tried these tools myself and was a little disappointed with the manual work that still needed to be done with 3 different tools, the web-based Zen affiliate app, the desktop Zen Video Creator and the Zen Keyword app.

Extra Bonus: You get T-Shirt Titan 1.0 for free,

What do you get with T-Shirt Titan 1.0?

4 software tools and 8 hours of training to kill with T-shirt sales:

  • The tea searcher Here you will find proven t-shirt designs on eBay. Zazzle, Facebook and many others.
  • The idea generator The car generates over 100 proven design ideas in every niche in less than 60 seconds.
  • The car designer This will automatically create uploadable PNG design images in seconds.
  • The car model tool That way, you can automatically create Facebook ad images that have unbeatable clicks.
  • About 8 hours training videos, Niche selection, search for designs and management of Facebook ads.
  • ON Quick Start Guide It shows you how to get started within minutes.

The software tools are web-based. This is how you can access it via your browser. Thus, the software works on both Mac and PC as well as on tablets and smartphones.

I particularly like the Facebook Ad Creator tool, which lets you choose "real models" to showcase your designs with professional and beautiful-looking backgrounds.

In summary, Zen Titan 4 provides you with software tools, a premium WP theme, and interesting training on how to end it with affiliate and video marketing. And as an extra bonus there is T-Shirt Titan 1.0 for free.

Are there any defects?

In my opinion, Zen Titanium is not the best product in the Titan range.

The niche search tool gives you instructions on which products to promote, but it contains only a few of the most popular niches / products.

The Zen Partner app for entering your product details, which you can later use in Zen Video Creator and / or import into your WordPress blog, takes manual time and you can only add one product description and 3 pros and 3 cons.

The built-in spinner is also very simple and often gives unwanted results.

The Zen Video Creator looks good at first glance, but you can only create more or less the same video style with (animated) image and displayed functions.

The Zen theme is a simple WooCommerce theme.

After all, the Zen Keyword Tool is new compared to the first version and an easy to use tool.

Although all the tools work, I do not think many users will use them often after trying them for themselves.

Still, Zen Titan 2.0 can help you get started (if you're a newbie) and help you find products that can be promoted.

Why should you buy Zen Titan?

If you watch the training videos and use all the bonus materials, you will get some useful tips and best practices on affiliate and video marketing. So this is a product that I would buy mainly for the bonuses.


For a limited time only Zen titanium costs only $ 9.95.

However, the price is expected to rise soon to 19.95 USD (before it will continue to rise).

You will receive access to the training and software tools for a one-time payment. No monthly fee.

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsells and OTOs

The first OTO is Zen Titan PRO ($ 27.00 per month).

Zen Titan PRO is an additional service with additional training and software features. You get all these extras:

  • Zen Video Creator PRO, preloaded with 30 additional professional animations for maximum customization.
  • Ready for you affiliate niches.
  • Zen Affiliate PRO, preinstalled with 100 proven products instantly for maximum profits.
  • Extra advanced video training modules.

This upsell is not required for the standard version software tools to work properly. It is only for those who want to take their knowledge of their affiliate and video marketing campaigns to the next level and want to get really good inside information as well as additional animations and templates.

As a second sale you can get Video Titan 3.0 for $ 25.00.

My Zen Titan Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link (just click on one of the links on this page), you will receive


A great plugin to create engaging T-shirt contests.

And you get:

  • Million dollar YouTube niches. Inside, you get 50 powerful YouTube keywords with 8 million views. You can clone these campaigns … or target some of the niches where ads are not showing, so there's no competition!
  • CB100. A daily updated database of key ClickBank products and tables. View gravity, title, product preview, description, niche … filter by product age, commission and more!

You can also choose a product for each Upsell you buy GeorgesDeals.com,

And you get 50 bonus points (and an additional 70/60 points if you buy upsells 1/2) that you can exchange for great WP plugins, courses, and other information products Choose your bonus,

Choose your bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily, I add new bonuses. You can redeem your bonus points at any time. They will be precious forever. So you do not have to hurry to turn them into bonuses. Unused points will be saved to your account (until used). The animated image below shows some of the bonuses you can choose.

Choose your bonus demo

To receive your bonus points, simply send your receipt (Email protected) and I will activate your bonus points and send your bonuses within 24 hours.

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